Bacteria Problems

By using this highly potent combination herbal remedy you will completely rejuvenate the body’s entire systems, which may be infected by bacterial, viral, or toxic organisms. Systemajuv™ helps rid the body of bad bacteria, detoxifies the body, and builds up white blood cell count, helping fight infections all at the same time. This is recommended for both adult birds and chicks as well. If you see your bird is droopy, at the bottom of the cage or just not very interested in getting involved in their life, Systemajuv™ seems to turn the bird around and gets them going again.

Put 4-7 drops directly down the throat four to six times a day for two or three days (more if necessary) as well as put 2-3 drops in their water and/or soft food. Continue in their water or food for another five or ten days to make sure the bird returns to health. Systemajuv™ can be administered indefinitely to quickly improve the immune system and to nurse a bird back to health quickly.

Results are much better in a shorter period of time if paired with the ProBac Adult™ as this allows for a greater absorption of the herbal remedy. Systemajuv™ is a liquid dispensed by included dropper.  

Small  $18 for one ounce
Large  $62 for four ounces
 A highly potent microbial for the adult bird that enhances the natural bacterial activity in the digestive system. ProBac Adult™ improves the enzyme system within the digestive tract therefore improving the bird’s nutritive uptake thus improving the bird’s immune system. Extremely helpful in combating chronic bacterial problems. Essential after any use (not recommended) of antibiotics. We recommend the Systemajuv™ and ProBac Adult™ as probiotics of choice for any and all bacterial problems.

ProBac Adult™ is a powdered substance containing 20 Billion colony forming units per gram of good bacteria. It has been used in the bird industry in Europe since 1874 and hence does NOT require refrigeration. It is used either in the water, the soft food or both. We recommend 1/8 teaspoon to a cup or less of water or sprinkled in the soft food on a daily basis until your bird is extremely healthy and then we recommend this to be used one or two times a week to maintain your bird’s excellent health.

Flock treatment can be administered by adding one teaspoon of ProBac Adult™ and 20 drops of Systemajuv™ to a gallon of water daily for ten days to two weeks. This will clean everybody up and boost every bird’s immune system.

Combining Systemajuv™ and ProBac Adult™ has been shown to promote a very rapid recovery from a whole host of different ailments. Boosting the immune system to do the job it was designed to do by healing the body is the key to recovery. 

Small   $20 for 2.5 ounces
Large   $40 for 20 ounces

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