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This is from James and Pauline H. of Hilliard, Florida

I just can't keep quiet any longer. I'm so indebted to the Avian Medicine Chest and to a woman I know only as Rose, but thank God for them both. We love our birds and they mean the world to us, breeders and pets alike, they are our joy.

The first time we had contact with Medicine Chest was about four years ago. We had a baby Indian Ringneck, who got galvanized poisoning. He had no use of his legs, couldn't perch and was not eating. Most of the time, I just held him. We were told he would never be able to stand and we would be better off having him put sleep. My husband got on the internet and found Avian Medicine Chest. He phoned them and God let Rose answer the phone. She was very caring and told us to put him on Alloy Cleanse, Hemotox, Metaltox and ProBac Chick. We did exactly as she said, plus I massaged his little legs and feet five times a day in very warm water. He walks, climbs, talks and gives great kisses. He is our miracle baby and such a blessing. Without the medicine and Rose keeping in contact with us, he would have died. That's only our first experience.

Next, we have a beautiful Moluccan Cockatoo, that has won many Best in Show and Division plaques and blue ribbons. He suddenly began to pluck his beautiful peach chest feathers, again back to Rose. This time it was Calm Supplement, An-X and ProBac Adult. It didn't happen overnight, but in weeks, it did happen. He is back to a beautiful full feathered peach sweetheart. Again, rose walked us through the process, always uplifting and sensitive to my problems.

Next, our gorgeous Magna DYH Amazon, this really freaked me out. She began to mutilate her toe, tearing the meat away from the bone. Again, in tears, Rose listened and told us what to do. ProBac Adult, Systemajuv, Heal Supplement and Calm Supplement. She had completely torn all the meat off her toe with only the bone showing. My husband amputated the toe, using the same medicine in a couple of weeks we were able to put her back with her mate, talking, singing, and eating, and now are in the breeding state. Our talented and beautiful Magna is doing great.

Just one more I think you should know. These are all Amazons, Blues, DYH, YH and Orange Wings. Their eyes started swelling and running. Soon their eyes were almost completely closed and they were not eating, just sitting there. I was sure we were going to lose them all. We took them to the Vet; she did a blood workup, said she thought they had a parrot disease, even though the blood test were negative for everything. She told us to keep them on the antibiotic she had given us. My husband contacted Medicine Chest and our "Rose", which we should have done in the first place. She told us to spray Terra Cleanse on their eyes as often as possible and put some in their water and to use ProBac Adult, Systemajuv and because one of our Orange Wing, Sassy, was having difficulty breathing, to put Fungus Supplement in her water. I am so proud to say that all our Amazons are doing just fine. Their eyes are big, bright and clear, eating well, talking and singing.

These are just some of the problems we have faced with our beloved birds, I really could go on. We owe so much to Avian Medicine Chest and our Rose, that Thank You, Thank You, doesn't seem adequate for giving us our babies back and peace of mind. Our birds mean everything to us and without your remedies and Rose, I can only say God bless you both for caring and sharing to help God's most beautiful creations. Your love for them and us has brought us through some very trying times. I would gladly shout it from he roof top, that anyone who has a problem with their avian pets should and must get in touch with Avian Medicine Chest and a wonderful loving woman named Rose.

In HIS Name and with much love and gratitude, we remain grateful,

Pauline and Jimmy H., from Hilliard, Florida

**Editor's Note, Pauline and Jim have been customers for many years and have many beautiful birds as you can see from the pictures. This letter is lengthy, but necessary to print entirely in order for you to understand how important these wonderful birds are to this lovely couple.

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