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Bird sickness is becoming more and more of a problem due to our increasingly toxic environment.  All of us bird lovers  desire to do the very best we can to prevent bird illness.   At last there is a natural way of preventing, maintaining and remedying bird health problems.  

The Avian Medicine Chestâ„¢ is the first company to aid thousands of bird lovers from all over the world in solving bird illness using Mother Nature's own natural products. 

Natural/herbal medicines formulated specifically for birds achieve more immediate, more complete and longer lasting health in a shorter period of time than any other remedy.  All bird lovers need to know there is a safe, stress-free alternative approach toward your little feathered friend's health and vitality using Mother Nature's own products with the Avian Medicine Chestâ„¢.  

Learn about herbs, vitamins, minerals for your birds.  Discover the secrets to excellent bird health.  CLICK HERE to sign up for your free monthly newsletter. Your bird will be happy you did.

I just can't keep quiet any longer. I'm so indebted to the Avian Medicine Chest and to a woman I know only as Rose, but thank God for them both. We love our birds and they mean the world to us, breeders and pets alike, they are our joy.
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