Chemical Poisoning

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You have probably reached us because you or a friend of yours has a bird that just may have been accidentally poisoned with fumes from paint, or the use of a teflon pan may be giving off fumes and may have killed your bird or even the use of certain fireplace logs or candles may be giving off fumes and affecting the health of your birds.

Birds that have been exposed to a house fire have inhaled serious ultimately fatal toxins.  Birds who have been living with a smoking family have inhaled the toxic second hand smoke and need to have their lungs and other vital organs cleaned if they are to enjoy health and longevity.  

Chemical poisoning is a serious and usually fatal problem to any bird.  Birds are some of nature's most susceptible animals when it comes to chemical poisoning.  Birds are able to detect fumes faster than most of man's scientific instruments.  For this reason, birds are still used in coal mines today to help miners detect lethal toxic gases that may be emanating from the bowels of the earth.  If a bird becomes overcome with these gases and dies, it is only a matter of time before the miners can suffer the same fate.  Hence the extreme value of the "canary in the coal mines" warning the miners of imminent danger.

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