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Dear Fellow Baby Bird Lover,

Does your new baby have a slow crop?  A completely stopped crop?  Now what?  Antibiotics, never!!  

You have just reached the premier site on the internet to help you get that baby back to health and get it back quickly.   As serious bird raisers who have experienced all these problems ourselves, we are happy you found us!

What causes crop problems?  What are you doing wrong?  Actually, it's not you, this issue is something that happens in nature when a mother cannot nurse her young and help them balance their little gut.  Yes, but obviously a baby chick does not nurse, now what?

All warm blooded animals--birds, puppies, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, calves, foals, etc. including people--are born (pips) with what is known as "a sterile gut".  This means there is no bacteria at all in the digestive system as well as the rest of the body.  As soon as this newborn begins to breath oxygen, bacteria--both good bacteria and pathogenic bacteria--begins to develop and spread throughout the gut.  This is how Mother Nature intended it to be.  What sometimes happens is that the pathogenic (bad) bacteria will grow in the gut faster than the good bacteria will.  This causes an imbalance creating a stomach ache or diarrhea among other things, and causes your new chick to be unable to digest its food.   

We have a saying here at the Avian Medicine Chest™... "Bad news travels faster than good news doesn't it?  Well, so does bad bacteria."   Pathogenic bacteria will take over the gut quickly if the mother is unable to help balance the pathogens to a normal range of 15% to 20% pathogenic bacteria and 80% to 85% of good bacteria.   Pathogenic bacteria include E-Coli, salmonella, clostridium and others.  If these pathogens get the upper hand in the gut, then your baby and any bird baby will experience crop problems to varying degrees.  

If your mother bird was able to nurse her young, then this is less likely to happen.  For the first 72 hours of nursing, a nursing mother aids her babies in establishing the proper balance of bacteria in the gut while helping to establish the immune system with her colostrum production.  Unfortunately birds are not able to do this as they do not have mammary glands and of course do no nursing of their young.  Pigeons have an exception, they produce what is called "pigeon milk" for their young.    

In addition, if the parents have an imbalanced digestive system, then they can and will pass this imbalance on to their babies as they feed them.  Proper balance in the gut is essential for absorption of food and water, otherwise the bird can eat and eat and never gain weight or thrive.  Obviously it is important that the parents have the proper ratio of good bacteria to pathogenic bacteria in their gut before they begin their jobs of feeding their young.  CLICK HERE  to learn how to establish the correct bacterial balance in the parents before they begin feeding their young.  


Our philosophy is to prevent crop problems from happening in the first place by adding probiotics to the parents feeding program.   However, if your baby has an existing condition, we have an excellent solution--an herbal remedy called Systemajuv™.

Systemajuv™ is a combination of herbs that have been shown to help with bacterial, viral, mild toxic conditions and to aid the immune system.  When one squirts this  liquid tincture directly into a baby's stopped or congested crop several times daily, the synergy of the herbs has been shown to aid the body in getting the crop moving again and getting the baby's digestive system functioning.  Normally this process will take from two to three hours to get the crop moving again.  

The North American herbs contained in Systemajuv™ were selected years ago because they have been shown to aid with bacterial infections, viral infections and toxic conditions.  A stopped or slow moving crop can contain all three of the above conditions with the basic foundation being a bacterial imbalance as the original root cause.  These infections can quickly spiral out of control especially with baby birds.  Coupling selected herbs with an extremely potent probiotic which contains colostrum helps to provide immunogolobins and antibodies that have been shown to  bring baby chicks back to health quickly.             

Once the chick's crop is moving and it is feeding time again, then we highly recommend that you balance its gut by adding probiotics to the hand feeding formula or to the food you are giving the parents to feed their young.  Providing good bacteria on a daily basis, (in fact several times a day is even better), you will prevent bacterial conditions from developing.   In addition, your babies will assimilate their nutrients better, thus they will grow with more vim and vigor.  Please take a minute and read the testimonials on the bottom of this page to learn what others have discovered about using an herbal remedy to bring their chick back to health.


Why use probiotics and not antibiotics?   Antibiotics KILL ALL the bacteria that has developed in the gut now once again leaving a "sterile gut".  A sterile gut does not allow the body to absorb its food as your chick needs the proper balance of good and bad bacteria in order to break down and digest its food.  On top of this, antibiotics suppress the newly developing immune system.  Just when your chick needs all the help it can get from its struggling immune system, antibiotics will suppress that critical healing system.  

On the contrary,  probiotics are 180 degrees opposite an antibiotic.  A good powerful probiotic will flood the gut with 100% good bacteria and push the pathogenic bacteria right out of the body in the feces and urine.  This is why you will smell a very bad odor for about twelve to twenty-four hours after administering the good bacteria.  This is what you want to smell---the toxic bacteria getting eliminated from the body.  Using probiotics, the gut is 100% loaded with good bacteria which helps take the stress off the immune system.  Probiotics help the chick get its digestion reactivated, thus it is able to get some strength from its nutrients and now it is on the road to recovery while leaving the developing immune system to continue its important job--protecting the baby.  

Probiotics and their use in combating bacterial infections of all sorts, are one of the best kept secrets in this country.  If you can bring your little bird back to health quickly with a probiotic, then why would you use an antibiotic that kills good bacteria and suppresses the immune system on a brand new baby bird especially with all the side effects?  People in other countries have been using probiotics as their choice for prevention and remedy of bacterial infections for years and years.  Our philosophy takes this natural approach a step further in that we use both herbs and probiotics to aid an animal with any kind of bacterial, viral or mild toxic infection.  

We have found that the combination of herbs and probiotics is crucial in dealing with the health of animals as animals are "masters of camouflage".    Most every animal tries to conceal its health problem because it instinctively does not want to become prey to another animal.  Birds are especially prone to this.  Usually by the time you see a sick bird, you don't have time to waste to get this test or that test.  You need to act now.  This is why our Doctors formulated Systemajuv™ because the herbs synergy will work on a bacterial, fungal or viral problem immediately.  This is why Systemajuv™ and ProBac Adult™ or ProBac Chick™ are our "remedy of choice" in combating almost every health condition that birds encounter.  Could you use the adult probiotics for a chick?  Of course you can.  The probiotic for chicks is more potent than that used for adults so you would need to use more ProBac Adult™ than normal.  

Interestingly you cannot overdo the probiotics for either chicks or adults.  The pathogenic bacteria quickly reestablishes itself, thus the body gets into proper normal balance within a day or two.  Remember the good news/bad news scenario, this is quite accurate even though it is simplified.

From time-to-time we have people say to us, "Birds don't get probiotics in the wild, why is it necessary to give them probiotics?"  This is true.  When the baby chick is not doing well in the nest, the mother or father will fling it out of the nest and obviously it will die.  Now you can certainly do this too, but our readers are here to save a baby and give it a chance to survive.  None of our customers want to see their bird parents fling the babies out of their nest although several people have actually witnessed this and have rescued a baby and then fed it with a hand feeding formula to become a perfectly normal adult.  The antibodies and immunogolobins in the ProBac Chick™ readily helped the baby get back to normal.   

If you want to prevent bacterial imbalances or if your chick has a slow crop or a not-moving at all crop, then CLICK HERE NOW to get your chick quickly back to health and for more details about Systemajuv™ and ProBac Chick™.      


Was the humidity too high in your incubator?  Is your new chick sluggish and getting off to a poor start?  Was this a "breach hatch"?   Relax, there are herbs that can help these conditions too. 

Generally when a chick has been incubated in humidity that is too high, it will look bloated like a little balloon.   What you can see is not a bad as what you can't see inside.  When a chick is developing in the shell, too much humidity does not allow the internal organs to fully develop as they are "floating in water".  What this does is cause a chick's liver and kidneys not to be fully developed.  This of course affects the chick's health because toxins begin to build up rather than expelling them.

Have you heard of a child that is jaundice when it is born?  This is basically the same thing, the child's liver and kidney functions are not fully developed, thus the child is usually given a blood transfusion.  You don't need to take nearly these drastic measures for your chick.   Merely place five to ten drops of an herbal tincture called Elimasac™ (eliminates a yolk sac problem)--which will activate the liver and kidneys and gets the body functioning the way it is supposed to in cleaning the blood.  Now, the baby can begin to receive nutrition from its yolk sac as nature intended.   Frequently administering these herbal drops--five to six times a day right on the baby's skin--has been shown to be a wonderful remedy for the chick who looks like they just won't make it.  Our own experience and our customers' experiences with saving "wet chicks" with this herbal tincture has been wonderful.  If you want to save a wet chick, CLICK HERE.  

When you have a chick that is having difficulty with its crop, you don't have time to waste.  Get Mother Nature's herbal remedies working immediately with your baby, CLICK HERE NOW.

What about that chick that won't take to weaning and refuses to eat on its own?  We have many many breeders who have encountered this issue and have found an answer with fresh stone ground herbs.  CLICK HERE for more information.

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Click to go to our Frequently Asked Questions Page if you have detailed questions about how to administer herbs, dosage, storage of products, etc. 

Letters from some of our customers:

A Blue and Gold baby that was supposed to die----I have to write you with this story, as a person always hears about these amazing stories and when it finally hits home it's truly amazing! I just started breeding birds (macaws) and my very first chick needs to be assisted in hatching (lucky me) and so I do this very intense procedure (successfully, I might add).  Well, needless to say it doesn't end there, now we have an unabsorbed yolk sac!! Well I take this little guy to the vet as I knew nothing about unabsorbed yolk sacs. The Vet did what he felt could be done and told me that there was nothing else that could be done as he had a serious bacterial infection and he was to young for antibiotics, that he did not expect him to live but a day or two! 

So heart broken I go home with my poor helpless little blue & gold and when I got home I thought to myself, what about all those wonderful stories I read about from Avian Medicine Chest™?  So I started the little guy on Systemajuv™. I put it in every feeding and I am so happy to report that he is " 3 weeks old" and he is getting bigger every day, thanks to your product! So much for the Vets who "THINK" they know everything!  I paid the vet almost $100.00 to tell me there is nothing  that can be done and $18.00 for a bottle of wonder stuff that saved my babies life!  I also took my mini macaw to the vet for a check up (she was a new purchase) and the vet told me she had a major respiratory infection and she needed to start these long treatments, well I'm sure you know what I'm going to tell you.  

Yes I put her on Systemajuv™ for 3 weeks and she is totally healthy now! The vet called me one day to see what I was going to do about treatment for Sally and I told him she was fine and told him how I did it, needless to say he wasn't very interested in what I had to say. I am so happy  that I came across your web site!  Thanks for all your newsletters, I reread them often. Thanks again.  Roxanne McL. from St. Louis, Mo.

Saving Chicks---Patrick M. from Suffield, Ct. started using ProBac Chick, Systemajuv, Elimasac, Trace Minerals, and Super Vita chick four years ago.  He used to raise 2 out of 20 to 25 babies which was discouraging after so much effort and work.  Now after using the above products, 95%-98% of his chicks live and thrive.  Pat says to tell everyone and to use the Fertility Enhancer, trace minerals and ProBac Adult with the parents too.  These make all the difference in his aviary he says. 

Trouble with a baby weaning?-----CC Babin. from Northern Florida solved her love bird's not wanting to wean problem by sprinkling Botanical Bird Food on their millet and egg food.  They started munching right away and were weaned in three days.    Botanical Bird Food is excellent whenever a bird is not eating.  They seem to know the herbs and amino acids in there are just what they need.  


About Crop Problems-----Zoraya from Miami, Florida had two baby cockatiels that had a sour crop and were very droopy. "I gave them Systemajuv™ directly in their mouths, on their backs and in their hand feeding formula.  Almost immediately the crop started to move and after four days, they were back to health.  One was very skinny and after four days he was no longer skinny and in fact catching up with his clutch mates.  I just wanted to say, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you"..  

About Bacteria Problems----- I bought a BIG bottle of the Pro-Bac Adult a few years ago and I can't tell you how wonderful it is.  All my birds get a sprinkle on their soft food once a week.  I add it to the egg food I give my breeders, and mix it into my hand-feeding formula.  Since I began using the product, I haven't had any problems with sick, slow-cropped chicks.  All my babies are "fat and sassy" and their parents are just beautiful. 

 Last April, the college where I work accidentally received 75 day-old baby chicks.  I took 15, and a colleague took the rest.  I mixed the Pro-Bac into their water every day for ten days (I did this because shipping is very stressful).  Well, I didn't lose any chicks, but my colleague lost several before I gave him some of my Pro-Bac.  He said it did the trick!  Neither of us are plagued by the nasty bacteria that infect the local farm-raised hens.    I'll be buying more Pro-Bac in a few months because I'm getting low.    Thank you,  Jana R.

Protect your babies with Mother Nature's help.  CLICK HERE.  

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