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Dear Fellow Bird Lover,

Is your bird a feather picker?  A feather stripper?  A feather chewer?  Is it naked except for some down or some feathers it can't reach?  Or is your bird just plain naked?  Has it chewed a hole in its chest or elsewhere?  Do you have a collar on it trying to prevent its plucking?  Does your bird act itchy?  Is your bird on prozac or other mind altering drugs?

Are you distraught and concerned about your bird's health?  Have you tried the conventional veterinary testing routine to the tune of several hundred or even thousands of dollars and your bird's test results say it is healthy, but that you can see there is something seriously wrong?  Have you ever seen a naked bird in the wild?   

Well, finally you can relax.  There is hope.  You have come to the right place on the internet to help you and your bird cope with this very serious medical problem that is peculiar to captive birds today.   We have helped hundreds of bird lovers the world over help bring their little bird back to health and full feathers like a normal bird is supposed to be.  Chances are pretty good that we can help your bird too.

No one really knows for certain what causes this disconcerting abnormality of feather picking.  Some professionals think it is a mental condition, hence mind altering drugs are prescribed.  Others think it must be a physical problem so tests of all types are performed on the bird.  Sometimes these tests will show some type of minor health conditions which are easily corrected, but the bird still continues to pick and be uncomfortable.   However, most of the time test results are completely inconclusive, but your bird continues to pick and pick.

Our theory is that the mind and body work together, so one needs to work on remedying both what is causing the bird mental anxiety and what is causing the bird physical anxiety.  We begin by asking a series of questions:  

  • How long has this feather picking been going on?  

If your bird has been picking only for a short period of time, naturally it is much easier to get to the root cause and correct this situation than if your bird has been picking for several years.  We have actually solved a bird's picking that had been going on for over eighteen years, so the sooner you "go after the problem", the better and faster your bird should get some relief.  Don't wait until it becomes a really ingrained habit.  We compare this chewing with a person chewing their finger nails or even smoking.  The longer the habit has been pursued, the longer it takes to break the cycle.

  • How old is your bird?  

Usually the younger the bird the easier it is to get this problem unraveled.  But this is not always the case.  Sometimes younger birds are more highly emotional than an older bird and can be more of a challenge.

  • Has anything changed in your bird's environment which may have triggered this condition?  

In almost 80% of the feather picking cases, there has been some change in the bird's environment which triggered its picking.  The family may have moved from their prior home to a whole new climate as well as a whole new home's layout.  Birds are funny in that they like things just the way they like them as they became accustomed to them and once you make a change in their environment, they express their dissatisfaction with you and your choices by picking their feathers.  Some will scream bloody murder, but usually it is feather picking even to the point of mutilating themselves.  Sometimes even moving across the room presents a problem to a bird.   

About a Featherless Parakeet:  You may remember me and the little parakeet I contacted you about by the name of Timmy.  I rescued him from a very nasty situation along with an African Gray named George.  Timmy was totally featherless.  I purchased from you your product that you insisted would make Timmy grow feathers again.  Guess what????  It did!!!  Thanks so very very much.  Deb P., Avonmore, Pa.

Maybe the bird lost its mate or even a death in its human family.  Even a dog or cat or other animal family member's passing can cause great anxiety for your bird and set it off.  Your son or daughter leaving home after high school graduation has been known to create problems with a bird's comfort.  For every bird, there are untold numbers of possible emotional reasons why it manifests its anxiety by pulling out its feathers.  

  • Is your bird acting itchy and seems to appear as though bugs are crawling all over it? 

  Normally, when this is the case, most people check for feather mites or other parasites.  Most of the time after treating the bird with toxic chemicals to kill the mites [which by the way, you almost have to kill your bird in order to kill the parasite (not a good idea)] the itching continues or even becomes worse.  Many times after this course of treatment, the bird becomes a self-mutilator.  Now what do you do?      

  • What type of diet does your bird have?  

Does it have a variety of fresh foods from which to choose or is it merely seeds or pellets?  The basis for excellent robust health is fresh wholesome nutrition.  If an animal is continually fed processed foods without the opportunity to be able to choose fresh berries, sprouts, fruits, nuts, vegetables without chemicals, then its health can be adversely affected resulting in feather picking among other maladies.  

All of these questions and answers have significant implications for which remedies we would recommend.   

First, in all instances, we recommend aiding the body by aiding and boosting the immune system.  If your bird has a very strong immune system, gradually all the other systems of the body will come into excellent health.  Does this mean that your bird is not healthy?  Well, yes and no, mostly no.  A healthy bird has a full set of feathers.  If your bird is featherless or on the verge of featherless, then,  no, your bird is not healthy.  It needs some assistance in either absorbing the nutrition you are providing or boosting the immune system to remedy any other physical problem that may not be readily apparent.  

Second, we recommend you reduce your bird's anxiety levels in a two fold manner with two natural remedies that will assist the bird's mental anxiety without making your bird a zombie, without becoming a drug addict, without falling off its perch and without affecting your bird's ability to "be a bird".  Our experiences over the years has shown one needs to assist the different brain waves associated with emotional problems.  

Over the years, different herbs have been shown to have different emotional healing properties.  Many people have heard of the Bach Flower Remedies.  Dr. Bach was a physician in England in the 1940's and 1950's who got tired of the toxic drugs that were being administered to people for most illnesses.  Dr. Bach quit his practice for several years to do research in the healing components of flowers that most English people grew.   He found that certain flowers helped different medical and psychological problems in their own individual way.  After several years of research, Dr. Bach then went back into his practice and began prescribing flower remedies for a variety of mental and physical ailments.  Lo, and behold, the flower remedies worked.  These remedies are known as the Bach Flower Remedies.

Our professionals did basically the same thing, only this time their research was done specifically for animals, not humans.  Their research has culminated in three different remedies for three different levels of emotional troubles that can be experienced by a bird.  Our remedies are specifically formulated for birds, not humans.  As such, these natural remedies have been shown to be more affective when used for our beloved pet birds rather than using products that have been created for humans.

Our three main remedies created specifically for birds are:

  • Calm Supplement™
  • Anxiety Supplement™
  • Nervous Supplement  

Calm Supplement™ is a formula specifically developed with flower remedies for the "least traumatic" emotional problems.   The bird's brain wave patterns are disrupted in a less dramatic way, but none-the-less are disrupted.  Certain flowers have been shown to help these patterns. 

Anxiety Supplement™  was developed for the bird who is so accustomed to its former way of life, that it has difficulty coping with its daily life now.  For example, it may have lost its mate causing a bird to grieve.  Or moved to a new home or climate or a new room, but in any event a new situation that did not formerly exist in its life.  Many times things change in our lives like working more hours or even less hours and these changes will directly affect our birds.  Any little change will affect different wave patterns in a bird's brain which will manifest itself in the bird pulling on its feathers just like people do chewing fingernails or smoking or other antisocial behavior.  Once these habits get ingrained, it takes a little more "power" and effort to stop them, but it can be done by modifying the brain ways with herbs, not drugs.     

Nervous Supplement™  is a tincture for the really serious neurotic bird.  The bird who is a chronic screamer, or a serious self-mutilator, or who has really been picking at itself viciously for years.  Nervous Supplement™ has been shown to help many many birds.  However, for the bird who has been viciously picking itself, we recommend that you observe your bird closely to see if it seems to be itchy.  If this is the case, then we highly recommend that you clean your bird of chemicals and heavy metals as these are the classic symptoms of toxic poisoning as a direct result of an overload on your birds filtering systems of liver and kidneys.  Most of the time, cleaning the bird's filtering systems which will in turn will clean the blood once again has been shown to be extremely beneficial in alleviating feather picking and/or chewing.   

Third, we recommend that you begin by adding Calm Supplement™ and Anxiety Supplement™ and ProBac Adult™ or ProBac Chick™ (depending upon your bird's age and health) all together and at the same time in your bird's food and/or water.  We say both food and water when the situation is severe and you need to get the healing energies of the herbs into your bird's body right away. Otherwise, adding to its water is all that will be necessary.   

The reason we recommend adding these to your bird's water is because the key to getting these natural remedies to work well is the frequency of ingestion, not the amount of ingestion.   As the healing energies begin to wane, it is best to be able to add more.  Thus, each time your bird drinks, it will get more of the herbs.  If your bird is not a big drinker, then add some nectar from the health food store to its water.  Or add in a teaspoon of lime, grape or orange juice.  Birds like a variety of tastes just like people do.  One of these juices is sure to increase your birds moisture intake and with it, the herbs.

You will notice that we say to begin with Anxiety Supplement™ and Calm Supplement™ and ProBac.  The reason for this is that our years and years of experience has shown that these three remedies together seem to really aid this feather picking problem.  Just using Calm Supplement™ and ProBac has shown to help many cases, but we have had consistently more success when one combines the three--Anxiety Supplement™, Calm Supplement™ and ProBac Adult™--together and at the same time.  

You will also notice that Nervous Supplement™ is recommended, but not in the beginning unless your bird is a clear cut mutilator or clearly is absolutely neurotic.  If you know for a pretty clear fact that your bird is a neurotic case, then by all means include Nervous Supplement™ along with Anxiety Supplement™ and Calm Supplement™ and ProBac Adult™.  Add all four all together and at the same time to your bird's food and/or water.  

Sometimes a combination of Nervous Supplement™ and Calm Supplement™ and ProBac will help give your bird some needed relief.  Other times, Anxiety Supplement™ and Nervous Supplement™ and ProBac are the ones your bird needs.  

How does one know for certain?  You don't.  Every single bird is different in what combination will actually work for its particular problem.  This is the reason why we have the small sizes and the large sizes.  You will want to start with the small sizes of each remedy to make sure what combination of remedies will help your bird without spending a lot of money.  Once you have determined the combination of natural remedies that appears to help your bird the most, then you might consider the more economical sizes.

Suppose your bird is one that needs Anxiety Supplement™, Calm Supplement™ and Nervous Supplement™.  Can you overdose your bird if you use too much of these remedies?  Sure, if you give them the whole bottle at once, but if you follow directions in giving him/her ten to twenty drops of each remedy in its water, then normally an overdose is not an issue.  Being a zombie normally isn't an issue either.  What normally happens is that whatever stress your bird has been feeling is minimized now and it can carry on in a normal avian fashion.  Normally, you can begin to see positive changes in your bird within two to three weeks.     

It is quite interesting to see how Mother Nature's natural remedies really can help a bird with chronic feather picking.  If you think your bird could use some help from Mother Nature, then CLICK HERE for more details.

There has to be a physical or mental reason why your bird is a chronic feather picker.  Once again, you don't see sorry looking feathers or no feathers at all on birds in the wild, so why is this happening to your bird?  Take the time to help your bird with natural, not chemical solutions.   CLICK HERE  to give your bird some desperately needed relief.   

Don't wait.  Call us during normal business hours 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time in Logan, Iowa for a Private Consultation at (712) 644-3535 at absolutely NO CHARGE. 

Don't make your bird suffer one more miserable day.  Your bird depends upon you to help it get out of this bad situation.  Bring your bird back to its beautiful, full feathered little self.  CLICK HERE NOW.


As an added bonus, as long as limited supplies last, we will send you fifteen recent back issues of our FREE NEWSLETTERS along with your order.  This $149.95 value is yours FREE if you act today.  

  • Learn the inside secrets about the different herbs for various bird health problems.  
  • Discover tips from us and other bird lovers about how to raise happy healthy babies.  
  • Understand the importance of good wholesome nutrition for your bird and where to get that good nutrition.  
  • Learn how to stop viral infections before they even start and much much more.

Stop your bird's suffering and learn about herbs for birds at the same time.   Let us help you help your best friend.   Call immediately or CLICK HERE now.  Your bird's health depends upon you.  Show him/her you can be trusted to take good care of him/her.  Both of you will be happy you did.


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Click to go to our Frequently Asked Questions Page for answers about how to administer herbs, dosages, storage of products, etc.

What Others Say

Enclosed is a check for a small bottle of Calm Supplement™.   I cannot believe the difference when my cockatiel uses it and when he doesn’t.   It is a miracle!!  Thanks again.
Ann M. T......Rutland, Vt.

About feather picking------Just wanted to say thank you. I ordered from you over 1 month ago for our feather picking blue and gold Tweetie. So far he is doing great... We see new feathers now and his attitude is even better. He don't seem as nervous as he
use to be.. This fellow has had one bad life until now, we rescued him from an abusive life. Thanks again for the help. I just made a reorder and I can't wait to see what the next several months holds in store for him.  Thanks a million.... Debbie S.
, Greenville, S. C.

Let's start with how pleased I am that you've finally been acknowledged by the Quaker Parakeet Society I've belonged to for many years and sung your praises.  Next, to let you know that despite still have two pluckers (of 7 Quakers), the combination of solutions has definitely decreased the severity and I am thankful for that.  Diane B., Magnolia, Tx.

Thank you!!  Your products came last week and there is a world of difference in our cockatoo!   She is eating & happy and I’m happy too--not anxious and worried and frustrated.  The ProBac Adult™ and the Calm Supplement™ are the best products in the world.  I called my friends in Georgia who directed me to you to thank them too.
Stephany B., Dunnellon, Florida

I can’t believe how well my birds traveled and adjusted to their new home in West Virginia from New York, City.  It has been a month since our move and the birds are still doing really great!  Thank your doctor for making the Bird Calm™ and the ProBac Adult™.
George M. , Salem, West Virginia

My bird has been using the Bird Calm™ and ProBac Adult™ for the past six months and he is doing fantastic after being a feather picker for years.   Thank you so much for having a natural remedy available.  I don’t like drugs and what they do to birds.
Kathy E., Memphis, Tenn.

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