Fertility Problems

Dear Fellow Bird Breeder,

Is your female laying clear eggs?  Are you dealing with hatching problems?  Chicks that are small and not doing well?  Is your male shooting blanks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are happy you are here.  You have just found the most important site on the internet in dealing with reproduction problems without using toxic, problem causing drugs.  You are taking a pro-active approach to your bird's health issue and you are to be congratulated on your intellect and your determination to keep your birds healthy.  You are our kind of person.

Whenever a male or female bird are having reproductive problems, we always look at the foundation of what is going on nutritionally with the bird first.  As you will read in all of our discussions, we strongly believe the basic key element of all health is excellent, fresh, wholesome nutrition.   If an animal is unable to ingest fresh wholesome nutrition because it is not available to them, then there is no telling how many health maladies this animal may suffer, including fertility problems.   Every cell in every animal's body needs to be nourished with fresh food every single day in order for optimum robust health and vitality of that animal.  Not to mention what needs to be passed on to the young in order to have healthy chicks.

What do we mean by fresh food?  Food that has not been processed--meaning food that has not been previously cooked, then preserved "fresh" with chemicals and preservatives and GMO's.  Cooked food is cooked food.  If you are giving your animals food from a commercial bag, 99% of the time this is cooked food that is loaded with preservatives to "keep it fresh".  In effect, this is leftovers that you are feeding your bird. 

It is extremely important that your birds have fresh wholesome seeds, fresh vegetables and fruits of all kinds.  It may take a week or ten days to get the hang of what your animal likes, but ultimately it costs less in food bills and Vet bills if your animal has the cleanest (meaning chemical free) freshest food you can provide.  

A MOTHER'S NEEDS               

When a female lays her egg, her chicks gain most of their nutrition from her and what she has ingested for the past several months.  Obviously having a female in top most physical condition is paramount if you want supreme quality chicks.  As a breeder, you know that good blood lines containing the sound fundamentals of any particular bird breed are very important.  However, experience has shown, that without superb nutrition, good blood lines are almost for naught.

Continuing our discussion from above, even the best foods available today are lacking in essential minerals and vitamins.  Why is this?  Because the soils in the United States are completely depleted of one of the foundations of all health--trace minerals.  If the trace minerals are not in the soils, then the minerals are not in the plants that are harvested from that soil.   Thus these critical minerals are lacking in all the foods our animals eat and what we ourselves eat.  This is one reason for the rampant health problems in our nation today.

In the 1930's, a USDA study was presented before Congress reporting that trace elements are 60% depleted in the soils within the United States.  In 1997, the World Health Organization did a similar study of the soils in the United States and found that American soils were 100% devoid of any trace minerals.   

The way farmers re-mineralize their soils is by spreading dried seaweed and/or specially ground glacial deposited rocks on their soils so that their plants can assimilate and utilize these critical minerals.  Interestingly enough there are Attorney Generals in several Midwest states that prohibit persons from selling these ground glacial rock powders to farmers.  Farmers here in Iowa have to go as far away as Utah and Idaho in order to be able to purchase the glacial crushed rocks containing trace minerals to put on their soils in order to be able to produce plants that contain everything an animal body needs.  A farmer cannot buy glacial rock dust in Iowa.   Wonder why this is?  Think about it for awhile and you will know the answer.  Is this not reflected in the physical  and mental health in our society?

Trace Minerals are especially important for the breeding mother and father.  Without trace minerals, the body is unable to absorb enough vitamins in order to be able to pass these vitamins and minerals through to her chicks.  In fact, without the body being properly mineralized, giving your bird vitamins is basically a waste of effort, time and money as the body cannot absorb what it needs to absorb to achieve excellent health.  Trace elements (as they are also known) are one of the foundations of life like oxygen, water and food.     

Trace minerals are known to affect enhanced mental acuity as well as enhancing the body's ability to absorb vitamins and macro minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, thus creating more physical prowess in chicks and adult birds. 


It is equally important that the male be given trace minerals for his cells to be as strong as the mother's in order to produce really good offspring.  His cells need to be completely nourished just like the mother needs to be very well nourished.  If the male is fully nourished, then the chances of him being able to impregnate a female or several females is greatly enhanced.  For those of you who have a very special male bird and wish to continue his blood lines, glacial trace minerals are a critical addition to his nutritional uptake.

In addition to glacial trace minerals, the mother and the father breeders need to have all the natural vitamins and macro-minerals that are necessary for excellent optimum robust health and vitality added to their diets.  Most people tell us, "Yes, I know this and I have been giving my breeders vitamins with minerals all along."  But are these natural vitamins?  Their next question is almost always, "Aren't all vitamins natural vitamins?"  Sounds like it ought to be this way doesn't it.  Unfortunately, however, almost all the vitamins and minerals that are added to our pet's food today are synthetic vitamins and even synthetic minerals.  They are not derived from plant sources which are absorbable by the body, but rather these synthetic vitamins are derived from petrochemicals.  In other words, the same "stuff" we put in our car is being added to our pet's food.  Why is this?  Because "real" vitamins and absorbable minerals cost more money, that's why. 


We have far too many conversations with breeders from all over the country stating how their breeder birds seem to have clear (infertile) eggs.  What do we think is the causing this problem?  Is it hormone difficulty?  What do you think it is?  What can we do?

First, from our experiences over the years, it has been a nutritional problem.   However, in recent years, we have been noticing more and more breeders are getting fewer than normal chicks from the mother.   Now, when the parents are well nourished and this problem continues, there has to be a cause.  

Our take on the actual root cause of this phenomenon is that birds' blood today is so loaded with toxins from all the vaccinations recommended for this disease or that disease, chemicals to get rid of fleas, mites, this worm, that parasite, etc., toxic drugs for this or that problem, that the cells are not able to be nourished.  There is only so much space in a blood cell.  If the blood cell is loaded with toxins and not nutrition, then the body cannot be nourished.  Consequently, the parents produce fewer chicks, inferior in size chicks and even sickly chicks.  

We have spoken with people who have brought home a newly weaned little chick who is constantly scratching, or its eyes are watering, or it had parasites of some sort etc.  Why did this happen in such a young chicks?  Because the mother passed on the toxins or parasites etc. that are in her system.  As important as these eggs are to your hen and to you, they are really considered waste by the female bird's body.  Toxins are pushed out of the body with waste, thus toxins can very definitely be in your hen's eggs.  Obviously toxins can kill a developing chick.  Genetically modified foods contain "built in" toxins that may have an affect on your chick population. You need to clean momma and poppa's (yes, poppa too) of toxic wastes before you put them together for mating in order to NOT pass these conditions on to the chicks.  

Obviously what every breeder wants from their excellent blood line parents are extremely healthy chicks with excellent formation and with as many of these as the parents can produce.  With a clean internal environment that is free from toxic and foreign substances, this can and is being accomplished by bird breeders all over this country and in Europe.


If you truly want to end the problem with your bird's fertility.  If you want to have robust healthy chicks and if you want as many of these as your female can safely procreate without her losing her own health and vitality, then the following is what the real winners on the show circuit do:

  • First, they clean their parents of the chemicals and heavy metals that are circulating within their circulatory system on a biannual basis.

  • Second, they supplement their birds with natural vitamins, minerals, natural hormone balancing herbs and with trace minerals.

  • Third, they provide a combination of raw and cooked vegetables of all kinds and fruits of all kinds, seeds of all kinds and a great variety of sprouts. 

  • Fourth, they provide digestive enzymes to enhance the nutritional uptake of the birds nutrients.

  • Fifth, they have discontinued the toxic practice of drugs and chemicals. 


How do you clean the parent's blood of chemicals and heavy metals?  By de-toxing them at least sixty days before you put them together for breeding?  We have a full detailed discussion on toxins and how to remove toxins from the avian body safely, quickly and inexpensively.  CLICK HERE for this discussion.


For centuries, it has been shown that there are certain plants and minerals that can and do enhance/balance the hormones of both the male and female to achieve optimum fertility.  Many years ago, our doctors incorporated these plants and minerals along with natural vitamins and minerals a bird's body needs to accomplish robust health, vitality and libido.  We recommend a serious bird breeder supplement the parents before at least sixty days before mating season with a specifically formulated natural vitamins, minerals and herbs that have been shown to aid the hormone balance of both male and female.

Because the chicks will drain the mother of all her nutrients, it is critical for her to be supplemented year round to keep her bones and muscle structure in excellent condition.  Could this be overkill?  No, not if you have a special female and you want great chicks.  The hormone balancing will help keep her on an even keel, while the minerals and vitamins will continue to build and build her bones and muscle tissues.  Glacial Trace Minerals are critical for her conditioning and need to be included as we discussed above.   CLICK HERE for more details about these natural supplements.


More and more successful show people are providing raw food diets for their birds.   Others are cooking their own home made foods.   They have found the ease of and importance of providing food the way birds have been eating for thousands of years.  They have seen the results in their birds health and vitality and happiness and are determined to carry this through.  Most of them tell us that it was a bit of a chore in the beginning, but now they wouldn't change back to their old commercial foods way for anything.  For more information as to suppliers of raw foods or special natural bird foods, click onto our Bird Link Partners, then click onto Raw and Organic Food and contact them directly.  You will be happy you did. 


Digestive enzymes are very important to aid a bird in its maximum utilization of its nutritional uptake.  If you are feeding fresh wholesome, non-contaminated with chemicals and pesticides food, most digestive enzymes that an animal needs are in these particular foods and supplementation would not be necessary.  However, today, most warm blooded animals need help with their bacterial balance in the gut. This is particularly important if your birds are in a serious breeding situation for the health of the chicks.  We use enzymes that were originally developed in Europe and have been used for almost 130 years.  For a further discussion about enzymes and what we use and recommend, CLICK HERE.


Why does one need to eliminate the practice of vaccinations for their bird?  Vaccinations are the process of putting foreign matter into the body supposedly so the body will build an immunity to whatever the vaccine is.  All of us know that birds survived for centuries without vaccinations.  How do you suppose that happened?  They had a strong immune system that's how.  Whenever a foreign matter is introduced to the body, the immune system now has to work overtime in trying to eliminate the foreign matter.  Does this really make a lot of sense to continually stress the immune system year after year with more and more toxic matter introduced by you?

Meanwhile the immune system also has to contend with the toxic environment we have today--toxic water, toxic air with less oxygen, toxic foods.  This immune system overload takes it toll on all birds and even more so on the reproducing avians.  In fact much of these toxins will end up in the reproductive system.  One needs to free their mind and their birds of this modern day plague. 

Doesn't it make more sense to build the immune system, rather that stress it?  Our philosophy is there are two keys to health--one, excellent fresh nutrition and two, a strong immune system.  With excellent nutrition, you will achieve a strong immune system.  In the beginning you may need to support or boost the immune system with specific herbal supplements, but after that, maintaining a strong immune system and eating well are the keys to health.


Chemicals to rid parasites such as using a chemical in the nest boxes, need to be absolutely eliminated from every bird's health program.  When natural remedies have been available for centuries to eliminate spiders and other insects as well as worms and protozoa too, why would one use toxic chemicals?  It is because of ignorance and not knowing.  If you knew there was a method of getting rid of parasites that did NOT harm your bird and, in fact, would add enhance your birds diet at the same time,  you would use it wouldn't you?!  It is not because a person doesn't care.  It is simply that natural remedies have not been allowed to even be discussed in bird health care until relatively recently.  In fact, most Vets do not even know that certain natural remedies for parasite control and elimination have been around for centuries or even what they are.  They only know what they have been taught in school.  Who do you suppose writes the books? 

Only those who have educated themselves on the ways of our ancestors and history know that natural parasite control is entirely possible.  Natural means are certainly not taught in U.S. colleges.  Organic farmers have had to educate themselves on the way and means to keep their animals free of toxic chemicals.  If they can do, it we know you can too. 

We know for certain that breeders who have taken steps to educate themselves on the dangers and maladies of chemically induced illnesses and who have subsequently taken steps to eliminate these toxic substances have the best results when it comes to their birds reproduction and their baby chicks.  The difference in their birds is virtually night and day as to what it was before.  Learn what they already know, CLICK HERE.


Did you know there are natural remedies for getting rid of bacteria, viruses, and fungal conditions in your birds environment and cages?  That certain microbes extracted from specific plant sources have the ability to eliminate viral and bacterial conditions?  That you can actually spray and clean your bird's cages while they are still in the cage?  You don't have to remove your birds from their cages, their nest boxes or even from their room.  Products that have been formulated over fifty years ago.  Life can actually be easier on you and your birds while at the same time, more sanitary.   To learn more, CLICK HERE

If you are tired of blank eggs and weary with giving chemicals to your birds and not getting results, then CLICK HERE  to order or call us to order or have a FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION at (712) 644-3535.  Call us during normal business hours from 8:30 to 5:00 Central Time in Logan, Iowa.  


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