Metal Poisoning

Dear Fellow Bird Lover,

You have just located the most important site on the internet for promoting the health and well being of your bird all the while using Mother Nature's recipes.

Have you "landed" here because your bird continually chews the metal on its cage?  Has your bird or your friend's bird been diagnosed with zinc poisoning?  Are you researching what you can do about zinc poisoning (or other metals) without hurting your bird and without hurting your pocketbook?  Is there really a way to "fix" this critical health condition?

Yes, there most definitely is a way.  A very safe, stress free way for your bird.  A very inexpensive way for you.  A way that is done with Mother Nature's own remedies.  Our doctors have been clearing up metal poisoning conditions in birds and other animals for over forty-five years.  Please CLICK HERE NOW for a complete detailed discussion to learn more about these toxic conditions and what can be done. 


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