Feather Mites/Lice/Fleas

is a safe all natural prehistoric fossilized glacial deposit powdery substance that when sprinkled on your bird’s food adds enormous nutritional value in the form of trace minerals to your birds diet and at the same time will completely clean your bird of internal and external parasites. Unlike poisons like Ivemec, Worm-Out™ could be used every single day of your birds life and it will never never harm your bird. It gets rid of feather mites, air sac mites and fleas when sprinkled on the birds back. Of course when your bird then preens, it will ingest this and rid the intestines of parasites as well. When the parasite (either the worm or mites) ingest this substance, it will cut the insides of the parasite up causing the parasite to die, but will not harm your bird in any manner.

Worm-Out wholesales for:

Small  $10 for small
Medium  $20 for medium
Large  $30 for a wide mouth gallon jar

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