Going Light or Fading Away Syndrome

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AT THE AVIAN MEDICINE CHEST™ ...............we strongly believe this very serious problem is not a “disease”.   From our experience, we believe it is a serious nutritional deficiency caused by the gut shutting down thus resulting in the body’s inability to absorb the nutrients that are available to the bird. The birds seem to eat continually and still get thinner and thinner and more debilitated as the days go on. Unfortunately most bird owners do not see this happening right before their eyes because it is such a gradual process and the bird continues to eat which to most people connotes good health. Usually only in the final stages does the bird refuse to eat. Actually the bird is literally starving to death. The gut must be reactivated.

Our experience indicates the main cause of this going light problem is a lack of trace minerals in the diet and a lack of good floral balance in the gut both of which facilitate the absorption of nutrition. Both of these basic causes are easily prevented and with proper care can be restored within your bird’s body and returned to robust health albeit it takes about sixty days.

In order to reverse this debilitating situation and to “restart the gut”, which we ourselves have personally experienced first hand with our own birds, we recommend providing your birds the following nutritional supplements on a daily or at the minimum three days a week basis.

Trace Minerals are considered a key element of life (right there with oxygen and water) by nutritionists and absolutely essential for good health. According to the USDA and the UN studies, l00% of the essential trace minerals that are necessary for good health are not in the soil, thus not in the plants, and thus unavailable for bird and/or human consumption causing untold chronic diseases and sickness throughout the world. 

Trace Minerals must be reintroduced into the body in order for the gut to reactivate along with the good flora. These trace minerals are in concentrated liquid colloidal form and need to be combined with the ProBac Adultr™ or with the ProBac Chick™to bring your birds back to health.  Without minerals, the bird's body cannot properly absorb vitamins and other nutrients.

Concentrated Trace Minerals are in liquid form and are dispensed with included dropper. Normal dosage is three drops per gallon for chicks and five drops per gallon for adults.

Concentrated Trace Minerals wholesale for:

Small  $25 for one ounce
Large  $55 for four ounces.

A highly potent microbial for the adult bird that enhances the natural bacterial activity in the digestive system and boosts the immune system. ProBac Adult™ improves the enzyme system within the digestive tract therefore improving the bird’s nutritive uptake thus improving the bird’s immune system.

ProBac Adult™ is a powdered substance containing 20 Billion colony forming units per gram of good bacteria. It has been used in the bird industry in Europe since 1874 and hence does NOT require refrigeration. 

ProBac Adult™ is used either in the water, the soft food or both. We recommend 1/8 teaspoon to a cup or less of water or sprinkled in the soft food on a daily basis until your bird is extremely healthy and then we recommend this to be used one or two times a week to maintain your bird’s excellent health. 

ProBac Adult™ wholesales for:

$20 for 2.5 ounces
$40 for 20 ounces
For very serious problems with an individual bird the recommended recipe is: 1/4 cup of warm water, 10 drops of Concentrated Trace Minerals, one teaspoon of ProBac Adult™ or ProBac Chick™ (this is more powerful and essential for really serious situations--see Chick Products). Mix well then administer as much as the bird will take six to eight times daily for three to five days with an eye dropper, then three times daily for another ten days. Thereafter Concentrated Trace Minerals and Pro Bac Adult™ need to be administered in the water or food daily.

Flock treatment for preventing the above condition would include five drops of Concentrated Trace Minerals, one teaspoon of ProBac Adult™, one teaspoon of Avian Vita Pak™ and one gallon of water daily for at least sixty days, preferably longer as the birds nutritional needs are so much greater at this point.  Once the birds are restored to health, then the ProBac Adult can be administered two to three times weekly.

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