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I thought you might like to see what your products have done for my 10 yr. old pet hyacinth named Iris.We have been using the Probac Adult, Vita Pak and Trace Minerals for about 3 months now. Iris went thru a period when she refused to eat unless I was in the room with her. Since we put her on the Avian Medicine Chest regimen she has started to gain weight and is looking great! Thank you for all the help you have given me, and thank you for your products!


IRIS - Hyacinth Macaw

Joyce Howland
Breeder of the Magnificent Hyacinth Macaw

Spencer--he has been on his herbs for 7 weeks and there is just a glow about him.
Thank you 

I am Kiwi, a Hahn's macaw. 
I was hatched July 3, 1998. 
I live with Cheryl and Gary 
in Houston, Texas. 

I am the smallest in the macaw family, but I don't act like it. I am 12 inches tall 
and weight 135 grams.


Jake, one of our 
umbrella cockatoos..

Carolyn Cotterill 
from New York


David Gilley
Palmer, Alaska

Joe Taylor from Wells, Maine.  His two constipated ostriches were saved with our Impaction Remedy.  His little parrot is a customer too



Wilma Redler formerly from Omaha, Nebraska now from Manila, Philippines little bird named Sharon.  Sharon was two years old when she was given to Wilma because of her "ugliness".  This is a before and after shot of "Sharon".  Together with lots of love, a good diet, a much better environment, and Fungus Supplement, Calm Supplement, ProBac and Trace Minerals, little Sharon is now a fully feathered well adjusted little birdie.   It took eight months, but the results are worth it.  Sharon and Wilma both are happy.  Check out Sharon's nanny (the monkey)!!

From Stormville, New York, Pete Fratangelo's beautiful Spat pigeon.  Yes, pigeons are birds too!!!   Avian Medicine Chest's products make all birds healthier

December 1999

June 2000

Sharon from Greater Omaha Bird Club started these starving birds on ProBac for 30 days, then she introduced Systemajuv.  Sharon would put this on an apple or piece of bread and hand it to them each morning before she fed them.  They have now been on a good mix diet with pellets along with fresh cooked vegetables.  After 10 months, they are on the road back to health. Thank God we have people like Sharon and Carol in this world to rescue this type of beautiful bird.

Dick Hermann from Stacy, Minn. has this beautiful young Bald Red Hen-- rare breed as they have twice as many feathers as a common pigeon. Note the "boots" feathers on the feet and the "rose" which surrounds the eyes.  The boots and the rose are both trimmed for showing.

Sandi & Stanley Pichon's of Lousianna little Demitri who really is a girl.  She likes a taste of Coke once in a while Demitri is a Maluccan  Cockatoo who loves fruits, vegetables and a great variety of juices and nectars.



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