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Want to know how to increase your bird's water intake???  Add so lime juice to its water.  Make sure it is enough to flavor its water.  Don't add any sugar, this suppresses the immune system.  This really works.  Some birds like lemon or grapefruit too.  Try squeezing different juices and see which one your birds prefer.


Give your bird nectar that you get from the health food store.  Buy a couple of different varieties and see which one your bird likes the best.  Make sure it is organic.  Some grocery stores carry these organic nectars as well.  What your bird doesn't drink, you drink.  They are great!

How do you know if the cage your bird is in is made of zinc??   Take a magnet and see if it sticks to the cage.  If it does, it is probably zinc or galvanized metal of some sort.  This is what you want to avoid.       

During hurricanes, tornados or other very bad weather conditions,  it is best not to cover your bird.  Birds need to know what is causing the noises and the barometric changes.  We know of several instances where the owner thought they were protecting their birds by covering them and they died of shock and fright.  Let them see what you are seeing and they will be better able to deal with the changing conditions.   Several people in Florida lost some of their most precious birds because they covered them during the past hurricanes. Even one man lost all 50 ostrich chicks (3-6 months old) when he had them all fully protected in a closed up barn.  The others (same ages) who were in a three sided barn ALL survived because they were able to deal with what was happening around them. 





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