Unusual Problems

When a person's cherished little feathered friend has not been feeling well or has been diagnosed with a dreaded unusual health problem, it is as traumatic to all those who love this little pet as well as for your bird.  When this little animal can't really tell you what is hurting it or what it is feeling, then it makes it all the more stressful.  As pet lovers who have been through this trauma ourselves, we understand your feeling of frustration and anxiety very well. 

If an inexplicable illness should ever enter your pet's life, please feel free to contact us via email or by phone or mail.  We will do the very best that we and our professionals can do to help your little bird and you get through the difficult situation.

Our phone number  is (712) 644-3535.  Call us. 

Our email address is:  birdhelp@petmedicinechest.com

Our regular address is:   Avian Medicine Chest™, 3443 Highway 44, Logan, Iowa  51546

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