Veggie Cleaning

Bird lovers know that birds have an extremely keen sense of discerning toxic substances.  You no doubt know the canary in the coal mines story and why miners take birds into the mines with them--to warn them of noxious gases coming from the bowels of the earth.  

Birds who won't eat fresh fruits and vegetables are trying to tell you something--"there are chemicals on this and I won't eat it".  Now you can solve this problem for your bird and both of you will be happier. 


Veggie Cleanse™ is a concentrated product made of natural enzymes developed specifically to remove pesticides and other toxic chemicals from the vegetables and fruits that you prepare for your birds.  

These microorganism enhancers, that when mixed with water, will biologically remove toxins from your pet's fresh food sources.  

Mix one capful to one gallon of water, soak the vegetables and fruits for twenty minutes, rinse and then use or store.  Also increases the length of time the vegetables will stay fresh in your refrigerator.  

Comes in quart, 1/2 gallon and gallon sizes.

Quart: $28.00
1/2 Gallon: $48.00
Gallon: $88.00

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