Constipation/Digestive Problems

From time to time a dog will have constipation problems.  It is extremely important to get the intestines and colon to moving quickly in order for this system to not shut down thus causing further complications.  No, your dog does not need an operation to remove a blockage.

We have an herbal liquid tincture remedy called Constipation Remedy that causes the intestinal walls to gently heave and ho dislodging the blockage.  At this crisis time, your dog will need more fiber in its food to now pull this blockage through and out of the body.  This fibrous food supplement is called Digestive/Bowel Aide.  You would add this powdered supplement to your dog's daily food along with a beef or chicken or pork gravy mixture to make it more palatable to your dog.  

Once you have the blockage moved through, it is very important to continue adding the fibrous supplement to your dog's daily diet in order for the intestines and bowel to heal properly and prevent this distressful situation from happening again. 

Dogs who are fed a raw meat diet exclusively and older dogs are especially prone to complications of the digestive system because of the lack of fiber in their diet.  Supplementing a teaspoon of Digestive/Bowel Aide to your dog's daily diet can make a world of difference in its ability to enjoy life.  We saw this in our elderly dog as it promoted his mental well being and his dignity in being able to move his bowels without complications on a regular daily basis.  


A natural liquid remedy developed specifically to aid the dog who is already constipated.  This liquid herbal remedy causes the intestinal walls to gently move and dislodge the compacted waste to facilitate a bowel movement safely usually in a short period of time.  

This enables the dog to reduce straining thus preventing further complications such as a prolapsed anus or hemorrhoids and fissures.  This remedy is ideal for an elderly dog who is having difficulty moving its bowels.  This is a remedy and not a prevention.  The Digestive/Bowel Aide is our prevention supplement.

Administered directly in the dogs mouth as often as necessary for immediate results.  

Large: $52.00
Small: $18.00

A combination of stone-ground herbs formulated specifically to prevent constipation and the resulting complications such as blockage, malnutrition, fissures, hemorrhoids and general discomfort due to the dog's inability to move its bowels on a regular basis.  This ailment creates not only physical stress on the dog, but psychological stress as well and tends to disrupt the entire household.

Digestive/Bowel Aide™ is a powder. Recommended 1/2 to 1 teaspoon sprinkled in the dog's soft food on a daily basis for best results for preventing constipation problems from developing.  Works excellent when added to a gravy mixture, then added to the food.

Large: $25.00 for 20 ounces
Small: $15.00 for 2.5 ounces

PRO BAC ADULT - is a highly potent microbial for the adult dog that enhances the natural bacterial activity in the digestive system. ProBac Adult improves the enzyme system within the digestive tract therefore improving the dog’s nutritive uptake thus improving the dog’s immune system. Extremely helpful in combating chronic bacterial problems. Absolutely essential after any use (not recommended) of antibiotics. We recommend the Systemajuv and ProBac Adult as probiotics of choice not an antibiotic for any and all bacterial problems.

ProBac Adult is a powdered substance containing 20 Billion colony forming units per gram of good bacteria. It has been used in the dog industry in Europe since 1874 and hence does not require refrigeration. It is used either in the water, the soft food or both. We recommend 1/4 teaspoon to a pint of less of water or sprinkled in the soft food on a daily basis until your dog is extremely healthy and then we recommend this to be used one or two times a week to maintain your dog’s excellent health and to absorb the nutrients you are giving him.

Group treatment can be administered by adding one teaspoon of ProBac Adult and 20 drops of Systemajuv to a gallon of water daily for ten days to two weeks. This will clean all the dogs up and boost every dog’s immune system.

Combining Systemajuv and ProBac Adult has been shown to promote a very rapid recovery from a whole host of different ailments. Boosting the immune system to do the job it was designed to do by healing the body is the key to recovery. 

ProBac Adult wholesales for:

Large: $40.00 for 20 ounces
Small: $20.00 for 2.5 ounces
It is critical that the digestive system be functioning properly in order for your dog to absorb its nutrition in order to feed all the cells in the body.  A dog struggling with elimination and digestion problems is definitely an unhappy dog, just as a person is miserable when this same condition exists.

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