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I own a second hand shop in TX, USA, and shortly after opening my shop in June 2003, I got two puppies (both girls and from the same litter) to help me keep watch. They are a Lab/Chow/Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix, born on 19 April 2003. They were 3 months old when I got them, now 10 1/2 months.

The larger of the two, Sadie, has always displayed some limping on her right hind side, and after having her x-rayed, the vet announced she had a bad case of hip dysplasia. He recommended some pain killers and some other medicine (pills) as a regular regimen for her to take. He also advised me of my other girl, Mae, probably having or developing the same ailment, as these dogs are prone to this disease.

Well, my very straight hair curled at the amount of money I was going to have to put out on a regular basis to maintain a constant treatment, and since Sadie and Mae are the first canines I've ever had, and I don't know much about these kinds of things, I decided to educate myself.

Most places I went to didn't have all that much to offer, except some superfluous description/explanation, and of course the same high priced stuff that sells everywhere else. But then I found "The Pet Medicine Chest". The name literally jumped at me. I did a search on "Hip Dysplasia" and was directly led to "Hip Dysplasia Aid". What I read made sense, but the true test would be to use it and see...

I mix the powder with warm water, then add some of their regular dog food and let it soak a little while. The first time I gave it to them, both their heads went into the bowl and didn't come out until the bowl was 'clean'. The second day, the same thing, as well as the third day.
But after the third time of getting their daily dose (I give it to both, since Mae might develop the disease as well, and this might help to prevent it from getting as bad as Sadie's condition), something happened with Sadie that had never been the case in her short life so far. When I came to open up shop the very next day, as always, much excitement and tail wagging. But for the first time EVER, Sadie got up on her hind legs. She had NEVER done this before. Wishful thinking? Now I know it is not.

From here it went all uphill. Sadie had been in pain a lot, I know, because trying to keep up with her sister in running and playing, I had noticed she had laid down a lot. Trying to get up seemed to be a chore, and it hurt my heart to watch her dragging herself up on her paws. And getting into my vehicle to go swimming and roaming at the lake meant putting her front paws up into the vehicle, and then lifting her hiny and pushing her in the rest of the way. Not any more! She readily jumps in just like her sister Mae now. In playing and roughing around, Sadie had never been much of a challenge for Mae, though Mae is the smaller of the two. Now, at times, I watch Sadie chasing Mae (what a switch). She now gets the exercise she needs without the pain, and boy do they run. It's just a joy to watch them both.

I've also given a cup full of Hip Dysplasia Aid to friends of mine who have a 5 year old lab, who's getting "fat" (due to lack of exercise, due to pain-a devil's circle), and they made it a point to come and tell me that after three days of giving her the medicine she was out in the back yard running and playing with their other two dogs, as if she were a pup-- something she had not done in a long time. This medicine is short of a 'Miracle', and anyone who reads this and has a dog with this ailment, I can only say "Try it, you will not regret you did!"

My sincerest THANKS to the family at Pet Medicine Chest!
Christel Johnson, Nolanville, Texas


Haley (dog) had a bad start in life with abuse and neglect with her previous owner, until she was 5.  Then we adopted her from a local dog rescue organization.  We fell in love with her instantly and she's been spoiled ever since.  She is loved so much by both of us, we don't know what we'd do without her.  She's our "little girl".

Her mom makes her everything: she's made a car seat for each of the cars, about 12 crocheted sweaters, and Halloween and Christmas costumes.  She wears them all proudly.

She eats all natural foods and is a regular user of Canine Medicine Chest's products to keep her healthy and toxin free.  She's 9 now, and we hope she'll be with us for many years to come.  We love her so.

Nicholas (cat) was adopted at 5 1/2 months old from the local shelter.  He eats all natural foods and takes all the formulas his canine sister does to keep him healthy and toxin free.  He will be 1 year old and has gotten a lot bigger and much more handsome!  He still has a lot of energy even though he's getting older, but that's Nicholas, and we love him!

Darlene and Mike F.
Indian Orchard, MA


Hi Canine Medicine Chest and Rose,

I am happy to report that my dog Skipper is doing well at overcoming the nasty and supposedly terminal squamous cell oral tumor he was recently diagnosed with. If all went according to the allopathic predictions he would be gone by now. (Dx 2/22/02, given days to a few weeks). As the accompanying photo shows, he is far from gone, and is, in fact, acting like a pup again. 

I have a few questions however. 

1. He hates the taste of the herbs. I get them in him twice a day hidden in his food, but would love to give him more. Any suggestions? He won't eat or drink if it is too strong or in his water. Hamburger is one help, but he is still showing allergic reactions to beef, even though he has apparently overcome all of the other allergies. So I have to be a bit judicious with burger. I do have him on the BARF diet now, and mix up the raw meats including ground turkey. With this and your herbs, he is doing great. Any suggestions to help me dose him more would be appreciated. I have tried the eyedropper method, but he really fights me even though he is a well trained dog. Answer--we have found Gerber Lamb to be really helpful to a little toughie.  The lamb seems to be a stronger taste and smell and dogs do like it too.  Any type of gravy that you make from meat drippings dogs seem to love.  It doesn't matter how you do it, just do as often as you can and without stress to either of you.

2. His stamina is still off. He has been quite an energetic dog until this problem emerged. His energy is better, and his interest in playing and romping improved, but I wonder if you can help me understand the stamina loss. I have him on Tumor Supplement F, Sarcoma Supplement, Tumor Supplement A, ProBac, the vitamins, Systemajuv and minerals, and a couple antioxidants the wholistic vet gave me. I have had him on these for about 4-5 weeks now. I wonder if it is just that he is fighting a major cancer, and his energy is elsewhere occupied (in the healing)?  Answer-- absolutely you are 100% correct in your assumption.  His body needs rest and more rest.  The body truly heals when he is at absolute rest.  You need to try to curtail his activities so that he can rest for as long and as often as he can.  This is excellent.  Or am I missing something that would help.---rest, rest, rest is very very important.  He has been detoxed once already.==he needs several more two week detoxing cycles.==   I also have Oxyjuv for topical use.

3. The tumor was the size of two walnuts. It is now the size of one.   It seems to be encapsulated and emerging through the gum more, but rather looks as if it gradually working its way out. Is this possible?  Answer-- absolutely, it has to go away somewhere and you are seeing how powerful herbs are with your own eyes.  Have you had anybody with this size tumor? I am wondering how long it may take?  Answer--yes, and larger too.  Can take 2-3 months depending upon the size and how long it has been there too.   It is an ugly thing, but is definitely smaller in bulk even though it looks like there is more surface on one side, and a LOT less on the other. Any other ideas?  Answer--just keep on letting the herbs work on that tumor.  There is normally more under the skin than on the skin surface, so it takes time to get it all out.  Just keep on keepin' on. 

I am also taking him for acupuncture biweekly and doing acupressure daily. He also gets lots of love and hands on healing. He doesn't seem to have pain, and remains a good natured and loving dog. (If I could stop stepping on his tail when I have to put pills down his throat!! That does raise the trust issue for a few minutes!)

I am open to any suggestions.  Answer--just keep on and be sure to keep detoxing him and nutritionally supplementing him.  You need to clean that blood that has been loaded with contaminants for many many years.  Nutritionally supporting him will re-nourish all his body cells that have not been getting good nutrients due to all the contaminants.  The blood can only contain so much.  Now you are replacing the filthy dirty blood with good nutritional food to support his entire body.  Detoxing gets to the root cause of his health problems. 

I took him to his regular vet tonight who is very allopathic but also very open minded. He thought he looked wonderful, and had already outlived his life expectancy with flying colors. I just want to be sure I am not missing anything.  Answer--both of you are on the right track now, just stay on this train!!!!


Thanks again for your help, I am placing another order for the herbs. Best wishes, Jahn Forth-Finegan


Thanks for your support, he is doing GREAT! He is cancer free, healthy and full of pep and life. I cannot thank you folks enough. I also have him on the canine vitamins and probiotics besides the tonics. He has been detoxed and is now maintained on the vitamins, probiotics, and Systemajuv.

I have sent others to your site for help and hear great things from them too. Thanks for being there.

Warmest and grateful regards, Jahn


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