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The time has come to change to a more natural approach toward dog health care. For years and years, natural remedies have been shown to achieve more immediate, more complete and longer lasting health, vitality, quality and longevity of dogs lives.  

The Canine Medicine Chest™ is the first company in America to incorporate only all natural herbal products for dogs of all sizes and breeds.   The dog health problems discussed and the herbal remedies involved, have been shown to be extremely successful year after year in restoring dogs to health and maintaining good health.  

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About Hip Dysplasia---I own a second hand shop in TX, USA, and shortly after opening my shop in June 2003, I got two puppies (both girls and from the same litter) to help me keep watch. They are a Lab/Chow/Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix, born on 19 April 2003. They were 3 months old when I got them, now 10 1/2 months.

The larger of the two, Sadie, has always displayed some limping on her right hind side, and after having her x-rayed, the vet announced she had a bad case of hip dysplasia. He recommended some pain killers and some other medicine (pills) as a regular regimen for her to take. He also advised me of my other girl, Mae, probably having or developing the same ailment, as these dogs are prone to this disease.


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