Chronic Sickness

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Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

So your precious dog has been sick for months and months or possibly even years.  There is no way you are willing to give up on your doggie.  You have tried all the drugs the Vet has prescribed.  Your dog is fed up with you stuffing chemicals down its throat and might even be to the point of not eating anything you are giving because he/she no longer trusts you.  Now what are you going to do?  Let your doggie die?  Never!

Your beloved companion might have been diagnosed with cushings disease, addisons disease, diabetes, arthritis, auto-immune dysfunction, chronic wasting disease, this disease, that disease and the list goes on and on.  You are at your wits end.  Your dog is sick of being sick.  You are sick because you are trying anything and everything and your dog is getting even sicker.  Your Vet wants to put your precious furry friend down.  Now where do you turn?  What can you do now?

Relax, you have just found the most important site on the internet to help you help bring your little life long companion back to health, vitality and happiness.  If  you took the effort to research and seek us out, you are our kind of person.  One who cares so much for the welfare of their dog, that they will do whatever it takes to bring their dog back to health in spite of all the "expert help" you both have been given.  

Guess what?  It doesn't take nearly as much as you might think.  It takes:

  • Diligence on your part. 
  • A fresh perspective about animal health--eliminating the concept that drugs are the road to health that all of us have been led to believe over the past forty to fifty years and which you see with your own eyes how well they don't work.
  • The initiative to make the changes that are essential in the recovery of your dog's health and well being and to stick with those changes.  
  • It does NOT take a lot of money either.


First, you need to bring your dog's immune system that has been so severely suppressed back up and into good working condition.  Without a strong immune system any animal's health is compromised.

Second, you need to rebuild all the flora that has been killed in your dog's gut and the rest of its body due to antibiotics, stress and other toxic drugs.

Third, you need to clean up your dog's contaminated blood that has been circulating within its veins for months or years causing these constant health conditions.  Contaminated blood cannot carry appropriate nutrition to the cells in the body.  You need to clean the blood.

Fourth, you need to provide home-cooked, fresh wholesome food for your dog.  The foundation of excellent health is excellent wholesome nutrition and you need to provide this as though your dog is your hospital patient.



Step One--The Immune System 

After weeks and months of toxic drugs and other chemicals being given to your doggie, its little immune system is severely suppressed.  Is it possible to rebuild the immune system?  Absolutely it is possible.  You may have heard of the herb Echinacea which has been used for hundreds of years in North America to boost the immune system.   We use this and others that have been shown to boost the immune system. 

The medicinal qualities of herbs such as Echinacea, Poke Root along with a host of others from North America have been extracted from the plants in the form of a liquid tincture.  This herbal remedy tincture with the synergy of the specifically Canine formulated herbs has been shown to aid dog's with serious health conditions in a relatively short period of time.  

What you do is to give your dog these herbs--usually seven to ten drops at a time--either directly in your dog's mouth or mixed in its food a minimum of three to six times daily for as long as it takes to bring your dog back to health and then some just to make sure.  But, you say, "my dog is such a picky eater now because of all the toxic crap that I had to put down it's throat, that I really can't seem to get anything into its mouth anymore".  We have had many customers tell us that in the beginning this is exactly how their dog reacted.  However, within a day or two, their dog actually cooperated because it seemed to know that the herbs were helping it.

Even so when first starting, we have found that going to the grocery store and buying ground beef, ground lamb or chicken and putting the herbs and the other things we will discuss here all together in a gravy does the trick.  The lamb particularly seemed to disguise the herbs very well.  After a day or so, squirting directly into your dogs mouth, seems to work the best as you know how much he is getting and of course, how often.


 Step Two--The Essential Flora

Your dog has probably had every antibiotic the Vets know about given to it.  This in and of itself has killed all the flora in your dog's body.  The use of antibiotics leaves an animal with what is called a "sterile gut".  This means there is zero bacteria in your dog's gut.   In addition to suppressing the immune system, these antibiotics have caused your dog to become malnourished because without essential pathogenic and good bacteria, a dog cannot digest and absorb its food, no matter how much it tries to eat.  Lots of time a dog becomes fat because it feels the need to eat and eat and eat as its body is calling for a particular vitamin or mineral which is actually missing in its diet.  

When a dog is malnourished, the immune system also becomes impaired.  If this discussion is new to you, you are now are beginning to see how all the parts of the body interrelate to one another.  How important wholesome nutrition is and how important it is to be able to absorb that nutrition.  If the bacteria in the dog's gut has been destroyed, it does not matter how good or how much your dog's nutrition is, it cannot absorb that nutrition.  

In order to restore and balance the bacteria that is missing in your dog's body and get its intestines absorbing its food once again, you need to add in billions and billions of colony forming units of good bacteria.  Lots of people say, "yes I always give my dog yogurt whenever it has antibiotics".  Yogurts do not contain nearly enough good bacteria to even begin to restore what has been killed.   If you want your dog back to health, then you must restore the gut with billions of good bacteria, not hundreds of thousands or even millions, but billions. 

This is such an easy, inexpensive, fundamental step, it makes us sick to see all the suffering that is happening in our pet population because of ignorance and arrogance on the part of the practitioners that push these toxic antibiotic drugs.   In fact, most countries outside of the U.S. do not give antibiotics to their pets at all.  They give them probiotics to get rid of bacteria problems.  Probiotics flood the body with good bacteria and leave the gut 100% loaded with positive bacteria.  These probiotics will then push the pathogenic bacteria OUT of the body via the feces and urine in a matter of days.  Shortly thereafter the body becomes flora balanced as the pathogenic and the good bacteria balance one another out as nature has done forever.   

We have a more fully detailed discussion on the importance of bacteria in your dog's body on this site entitled Bacterial Problems.  CLICK HERE to read this discussion and learn more about bacteria conditions and how they affect your dogs health. 



Since the day your dog was born, it's body has endured and absorbed thousands and thousands of toxins into its body. What do you mean toxins?   Drugs, vaccinations, chemicals and pesticides that are sprayed on your lawn or parks, emissions from cars and trucks, cleaning chemicals used in the home or kennel, chlorine, fluoride, and on and on are all toxic substances.  

Toxins are impurities that the filtering systems of the body tries to eliminate so that these impurities do not get into the blood stream. Once contaminants are in the blood stream, the body begins to lose nutrition. The blood is either able to feed the body with good wholesome nutrients, or it is feeding the body with contaminates ultimately causing serious health issues.

The liver, kidneys, and lungs are the primary filtering systems for the blood in the body. If these filtering organs have become overloaded, then your dog will have ongoing chronic health problems.  When the filters in anything becomes clogged, then the machine (body) cannot function properly. Your dog's body is no different that a well made machine. If the machine is not maintained properly and not cleaned regularly, then the machine will break down. This is common sense for all of us.  But who ever thought about the necessity of cleaning your dog's filters?  

For over forty years, our doctors have been preaching the importance of cleaning the internal body (de-toxing) to prevent contaminated blood from circulating and circulating within the body.   In June of 2000, the New England Journal of Medicine published a report indicating  that 80% to 90% of today's health problems stem directly from toxins in our environment.   At long last the established medical people are starting to understand the gravity of toxic substances in the body. 

What most of us have never thought much about before, at least to any extent, is that this toxic environment--air, water and food--are so full of chemicals, that our bodies are constantly being bombarded. This puts continual enormous stress on the filtering systems to try to keep our bodies clean internally. So too is this process for your dog.  Now, when these filters become full, where do those toxins go? To other places in the body--the other organs, the joints, the brain, the skin etc.--to cause all kinds of health complications.

The most common problems resulting from toxins in your dog that are being diagnosed (labeled--in order to be able to "legitimately prescribe" another toxin--a drug)  by today's allopathic veterinarians are: 

  • Arthritis--the toxins go to the joints
  • Renal failure--the kidneys can not longer function properly as a result of toxic overload.
  • Liver failure--the liver cannot function because it is full of contaminates. 
  • Breathing difficulty--the lungs are full of contaminates causing oxygen deprivation among other difficulties.  All of us know oxygen is paramount to health.
  • Tumors--the body is trying to push the toxins out of the body.  It has found a weakness in a particular tissue and now you see the tumor with your naked eye.  Cysts are resulting.
  • Skin problems--the skin is the largest organ of the body, hence the first clues of toxic overload usually appear as skin problems and itching.
  • Cancer--contaminated blood will cause irregular cells which is how cancer is medically described.
  • Ear problems--continual use of antibiotics and other toxic drugs will cause severe ear issues.
  • Diabetes--as a result of nutritional deficiencies.
  • Epileptic seizures--the toxins have reached the brain tissues.
  • Addisons disease--the immune system is severely compromised.
  • Cushings disease--the adrenals can no longer function properly.

In fact most every diagnosed disease has as its root cause--toxins.  These toxins are  circulating within your dog's body with every single beat of its little heart.  If you will clean up your dog's internal body, then maintain its internal cleanliness on a regular basis, your dog can return to health and stay that way. 

You will read and hear that genetics cause these conditions.  That your dog's parents or grandparents had these conditions and they were now passed on down to their offspring.  Unfortunately, this is starting to be true as the toxins cause multiple problems with every single cell in the body because nutrition cannot reach all the cells in the body as it is supposed to, thus creating ongoing physical and mental health issues.  


Step Four--Nutrition for Your Dog

Cooking for your dog is something most people do not do.  However, if you really wish to have a dog with absolute health and vitality, you are going to have to take this necessary step.  Dogs will eat just about anything that is fresh, wholesome raw or cooked.  It takes about a week to get into the routine, but after that, it becomes as second nature as cooking for yourself or your family.   

Dogs will eat oatmeal, cream of wheat, breads, scrambled eggs, raw eggs, cottage cheese, meats of all kinds either raw or cooked.  Try both ways and see what your dog prefers.  They eat vegetables of all kinds--corn, peas, carrots, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, literally any vegetable that is available.  Sometimes you need to cook them, then blend in blender and then add to the meats with pasta or rice.  You will need to experiment some to find out what your doggie likes best.  Fresh food, not processed food is the most important consideration.  The enzymes in this fresh food is what your dog needs. 

Studies have shown that an animal that is deprived of certain nutrients such as certain trace minerals or macro minerals or certain vitamins will exhibit signs of a particular nutritional deficiency and, in many cases, will then pass this deficiency on to their offspring.  The frightening part of this scenario is that good wholesome nutrition containing everything the offspring's body requires may still not reverse this "inherited" condition.   This premise is the fundamental reason why we strongly feel that glacial trace minerals and natural vitamins are absolutely essential for an animal's health program coupled with good home cooked organic fruits and vegetables and free range or organic meats. 

Synthetic vitamins are NOT absorbable and will continue to cause deficiency after deficiency in animal nutrition.  The food our animals eat is not fully what the body requires quite simply because the land upon which this food is grown is devoid of the majority of the nutrients that the plants need.   Thus, if the soil is deficient, the plants that grow upon it are deficient, the animals that feed upon it are deficient.  Hence the food we eat and what our pets eat is deficient.  We have a serious Catch 22 here, stemming all the way back to the farmer that produces this deficient food.  All of us need to be aware of this situation and need to take steps to protect ourselves, our family's health and our pet's health.

The way a farmer can add the missing ingredients into his soils are basically two fold.  One, by spreading dried seaweed on his soils or, two, by spreading crushed glacial deposited rocks onto his soil.  When this is done, the plants are able to absorb the minerals the way nature has done forever.  When the farmer harvests his crop, the essential minerals and vitamins are in the plant.  This is quite simplified of course, but basically this is how Mother Nature works and needs to work.  The interesting thing is, is that the Attorney General from most of the farm belt states can put you in jail if you sell crushed powdered glacial rock to a farmer.  When this process is so essential, why do you think this is?  Think about it and you will know.


Does Your Dog's Age Matter?

It stands to reason that the older a dog, the more toxins are in its system and the more health problems.  Can a person really get their elderly dog back to health?  From our years of experience, we have found that if the dog is not "on its deathbed" and you have not waited until the last possible resort, then yes, your dog could quite possibly be brought back to health.  Just so you know, it is really in your hands if your dog will return to health or not.  You must be diligent, you must decide that you are not going to allow anymore invasions of your dog's body, i.e. surgeries, no more toxic chemicals, no more toxic drugs (you MUST wean them off slowly--you can't go "cold turkey" on most drugs).  You have to change everything you have been doing up to this point.  

If you have a critically ill dog, then you must cook for it, not fill it with the toxic foods it has eaten all its life.  If you can do this, then with Mother Nature's remedies from the Canine Medicine Chest™ you have a pretty good chance of improving your dog's health. 

Drugs and natural herbal remedies cannot work well together.  You must make the decision as to what is best for the health of your dog.  You must take control of your dog's health and well being.  We can help you with the remedies that have been proven to work over and over with thousands of dogs, but the ultimate welfare of your cherished dog lies in your hands.

For those of you with younger dogs and even puppies, you can prevent the ravages of chemical substances and toxic drugs.  You can prevent chronic illness from even beginning with your puppy if you take the time to learn how you can take care of your precious puppy without using drugs and chemicals.  Yes, this is possible and has been going on for hundreds of years.  

You just need to take the time to learn.  This is why we have an in house publication called Natural Notes and Antidotes that we send to all of our customers two or three times a year.  We feel it is important for you to know as much as you can about what natural remedies can do for your dog.  All of  us have to learn by starting somewhere, so we send you all of our back issues with your first order, then keep you on our "snail mail" mailing list for all future publications.   In these publications is a section called "Recommended Reading" where we list books that you may wish to purchase at your local book store and add to your library.  In your research, you have come to the right place on the internet.  Our professional's and our products have helped thousands of dogs over the years.  We are absolutely certain we can help your beloved friend.  

You must begin a well developed program to clean your doggie's internal body, provide it with nutritional supplements that will aid in preventing nutritional deficiencies, and balance its little body on a regular basis.  Your dog does not have to be one of the statistics with a debilitating disease.  Get going now, and your dog can live a long and healthy life.  It's your decision!

You can correct bacterial imbalances without antibiotics.  You can boost the immune system regardless of what anyone may tell you.  A strong immune system is critical to robust health and vitality.  CLICK HERE FOR A BACTERIA DISCUSSION  --about good and bad bacteria  and what you can do.

You can clean your dog's liver, kidneys, lungs and other tissues of the body very easily, without stress for either of you, and without a lot of cost.   CLICK HERE FOR A DETAILED DISCUSSION ON TOXINS  

You can provide well balanced completely natural nutritional supplements that have been formulated specifically for your puppies or your mature dogs.  To learn more information about natural supplements,  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.  

You really can get rid of worms and other parasites like fleas or fur mites or protozoa like giardia without using toxic chemicals.  CLICK HERE FOR A DISCUSSION ON PARASITES. 

You can clean your puppy's litter box without using chemicals.  You can clean urine stains and smells without chemicals--you will be using microbes--what organic farmers have used for years instead.   CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Chronic illnesses are completely preventable.  It is so sad for us to talk by phone and by email with people from around the country who have been treating their beloved little dog with all kinds of drugs, all kinds of toxic chemicals to get rid of fleas, all kinds of vaccinations, all kinds of allergy shots, blood tests one after another and on and on.  These people are at their wits end.  Something has told them that this is not necessary.   That's why they arrived at our door.  For your dog's sake, we are glad you are at our door too.

No chemical and no drug can make an animal well.  Drugs and chemicals may mask the symptoms for a short period of time, but they will not make an animal well.  The only thing that can make an animal well is good nutrition and a strong immune system.   Mother Nature has provided what your dog needs.  It is time for you to learn and implement the program that will restore your dog's health. 

Take a moment and click onto the detailed discussions above.  Be sure to read our Testimonial page here   for real life unsolicited stories about some of our customers and their own experiences bringing their dog back to health using Mother Nature's own products. 

If you prefer to call us, by all means do so during normal business hours from 8:30 AM to  5:00 PM in the Central Time Zone.  We are located in Logan, Iowa.  Or if you prefer, email us at   We are certain we can help you and your cherished companion.  Your dog's health quest is in your hands, make the most of it.



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