Ear Infections

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Dear Fellow Dog Lover:

Has your dog suffered from ear infection after ear infection after ear infection?  Are you sick of giving your dog antibiotics and other expensive toxic drugs while your precious dog still has chronic ear infections?  Have you two had enough abuse? 

At last you have reached a site where you will finally learn how to get your dog some relief from chronic ear infections once and for all.   What we are about to discuss here is not something new, not a new drug, not something that is a wish and a promise, but a centuries proven method provided by Mother Nature to clean up ear infections and keep your best friend's ears infection-free from now on.

With the Canine Medicine Chestâ„¢'s over forty years of experience in dealing with a whole variety of ear infections in the canine family, we have found that the ROOT CAUSE of ear infections almost always start with an imbalance of bacteria in the dog's body.  What do you mean by bacteria?  Is this good or is this bad?  What causes this imbalance?  What can I look for to know if my dog has an imbalance or not?  If my dog does have an imbalance, what can I do about it?  How do I know it is corrected when it is supposed to be?          

All warm blooded animals need a proper bacterial balance of good bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in their body.  Studies have shown the proper normal balance to be approximately 80% to 85% good bacteria cohabitating with 15% to 20% of pathogenic (bad) bacteria throughout the entire canine body.  An example of pathogenic bacteria is E coli, salmonella, clostridium.  When a blood test or swab testing indicates an abundance of pathogenic bacteria such as E coli, it merely means that the pathogenic bacteria has grown "out of whack" with the balance it should be for proper health.

Pathogenic bacteria can cause a myriad of health problems that have a bacterial root.  Now, as you know, what most conventional veterinarians in the United States do is prescribe an antibiotic.  What an antibiotic does is KILL ALL THE BACTERIA in the canine's body, not just the pathogenic.   This causes your dog to have what is known as a "sterile gut/body", which in and of itself causes a myriad of problems.

When a puppy is born, it is born with a "sterile body".  When a puppy begins to breath oxygen on its own, then the gut begins to develop pathogenic bacteria and good bacteria.  When a puppy nurses from its mother, the mother's colostrum (her first 48-72 hours of milk is not milk, it is colostrum) will quickly help balance the gut of her puppies so that the 80-20 or 85-15 percentages are achieved for essential digestion and excellent health.

When an antibiotic is used, it causes another "sterile body affect".  However there is usually no mother from which your dog is nursing, so the antibiotic has an even more detrimental affect.  Since the antibiotic kills off all the bacteria in the gut, serious digestive problems can now occur as digestion requires a properly balanced gut.  Loss of appetite can occur.  Diarrhea can occur.  Another of these serious side effects of antibiotic use is chronic ear infections.   

Why do chronic ear infections occur as a result of overuse of antibiotics?  Our Doctors use this analogy:  "Bad bacteria is like bad news.  Bad news always travels faster than good news.  So too does bad bacteria.  Bad bacteria always travels faster than good bacteria".  Whenever a sterile body is available to pathogenic bacteria, it is an open invitation to quickly take over the weakest parts of the body the fastest way possible.  If the ear has had a problem, then the problem will just become worse and worse and worse as you and your beloved dog can probably attest.

This is why you will see an improvement in the ear infection shortly after administering the antibiotic as the antibiotic kills off both the pathogenic bacteria and the good bacteria that is in the ear, but your dog's relief is short lived.  The next thing you know, usually within two to four weeks, your dog is back scratching worse than before and you were doing everything you and your vet know how to do.  Your poor dog is now more uncomfortable than ever.  

So now what does your vet recommend?  Steroids, you guessed it.  Does this get rid of the problem?  No, it normally gets even worse because steroids can have lasting damages to your dog's liver and kidneys.  And you thought you were doing something good!  Makes you sort of sick doesn't it?!   


  • First,  you need to rebalance your little friend's body with good bacteria that has been killed. 
  • Second, you need to re-boost the immune system that has been severely suppressed            and stressed by the continual use of antibiotics.
  • Third, you need to eliminate the fungus that the pathogenic bacteria has matured into within the ear canal.
  • Fourth, you need to bring oxygen into the ear to help heal.
  • Fifth, you need to get the toxins out of your dog's ears and entire body.


For over 125 years, Europeans have tackled bacterial imbalances within the body by using only Probiotics not antibiotics.  Probiotics flood the body with good bacteria pushing out the pathogenic bacteria leaving the body and the gut with a 100% balance of good bacteria.  Is 100% good bacteria a good thing?  Absolutely. especially in light of the serious imbalance that has been in the body creating complications for so long.  You cannot overdo good bacteria when an animal is fighting a pathogen within its body.  The good bacteria will naturally also help boost the immune system.    

The pathogenic bacteria leaves the body via the urine, the feces, the ears.  This is why you will smell the most foul smelling wastes from your dog than you have ever smelled before.  This is exactly what you want to smell as the body is pushing the infection right out of the body, not pushing it deeper and deeper into the body where two or three weeks from now, you will see your dog in misery again.  Get that infection OUT once and for all and keep it out.

This Probiotic approach of flooding the body with powerful good bacteria has been used for a very long time and as you can see is in sharp contrast to the antibiotic (killing) approach of conventional veterinarian practice, where all the bacteria is indiscriminately killed leaving a sterile body and consequential side effects.  

What causes an imbalance of bacteria?  There are many causes.  Any kinds of stress either emotional or physical will cause bacteria to become imbalanced.  Even weather changes can affect the bacterial balance within your dog's body.  If your dog eats the standard commercial dog foods that are made from cooked dead animals that have been fed antibiotics to try to keep them alive, these foods are loaded with antibiotics that are now ingested by your dog.

How do you know if your dog has a bacterial imbalance?  If your dog has bad breath, it has a bacterial imbalance.  If your dog has chronic flatulence, it has a bacterial imbalance.  If a dog has colitis or other kinds of digestive disorders, it has a bacterial imbalance.  If your dog has diabetes, arthritis or other debilitating chronic illnesses, it has a bacterial imbalance.  In fact almost all illnesses stem from a bacterial imbalance in that the body cannot absorb the nutrients you are providing thus hindering your dog's body in its quest for robust health and vitality.  Without excellent nutritional absorption, the body eventually fails.

With a body flooded with good bacteria, your dog is able to absorb more of its food--the number one key to excellent health.  At the same time, your dog's immune system is boosted, thus its ability to fight off an infection is enhanced.   Your dog's coat is shiny and full.  Its teeth are white and healthy with very healthy gums.  Your dog's eyes are bright, clear and very alert.  All in all a bacterially well balanced dog is a very healthy dog.  

For our dogs, we have been using an extremely powerful probiotic that originated in Europe over 125 years ago.  It is called ProBac Adult.  We add this powder to our dog's daily food or water three days a week for routine health maintenance.  If however, a dog is fighting an illness of any sort, we use it twice daily in the food and water for at least thirty days.  Then once our pet is back to normal, we go back to the three days a week schedule.  

For any dog that is under any type of stress--athletic stress like hunting or agility training, traveling on the show circuit or moving to a new home, any type of "non-normal" situations, balancing the bacteria within your dog on a daily basis will make all the difference in the world in its ability to ward off pathogenic invaders of its body.  Once again, our philosophy--prevent, prevent, prevent is the key to protecting your dog and its sometimes fragile body.


As studies have now shown, the continual use of antibiotics has a devastating affect on the immune system.  Each time you use an antibiotic, the immune system gets further and further suppressed.  In order to quickly solve this problem and get the immune system up to its task for which it was developed, Mother Nature has supplied a variety of herbs.  

In North America, Echinacea is one of the more important immune boosting herbs.  Mullein Flower, dandelion, alfalfa, red clover and sheep sorrell  also contain immune boosting properties.   The immune system must be strong in order to rid the body of any type of infection.  Hence our emphasis on boosting, not stressing your pet's immune system.  In times of serious illness, it is more important than ever to have a strong immune system and to keep that immune system strong.  Mother Nature's herbs formulated specifically for the canine body have been shown to boost the immune system quickly.


A mature bacteria frequently develops into a fungus which in most cases becomes known as a yeast infection.  Such as is almost always the case in an ear infection--it becomes a yeast condition.  In order to get a fungus/yeast infection out of the ear, you need to create more blood flowing to the ear to bring the toxicity to the surface.  This will enable the dog's body to then excrete the fungus out of the ear.  At this point you will see extremely black/brown smelly mucous oozing from your dog's ear.    

Here again, this is exactly what you need to see happen.  The body is pushing the infection OUT and away from the ear.  Sometimes it will take a week or so in order for this process to begin.  The reason for this is that the overuse of antibiotics has pushed this ear infection  deeply into the body.  The longer you have been fighting an ear infection, the longer you have been using antibiotics, the longer it takes to get clean blood to this area and get the body pushing the infection to the surface.  Also the longer it takes to finally clear the ear canal.  Normally this process will take from three to six weeks to clear the ear.


In order to facilitate bringing the ear infection out and to the surface, experience has shown that adding botanical microbes that facilitate oxygen growth in the ear canal tends to accelerate eradicating a chronic ear infection.  Pathogens cannot live in an oxygen laden environment.   

Botanical microbes that produce oxygen has been shown to aid with the drawing of the infection out of the ear.  At the same time oxygen will help prevent pathogenic bacterial or viral properties from entering the ear from the outside while healing.     


The final step in eradicating chronic ear infections once and for all is to remove all the toxic build up of drugs, chemicals and heavy metals from your dogs ears and entire body.  Once again Mother Nature has provided for our dogs with natural and herbal remedies.   

In order to achieve health and vitality, the liver, kidneys, lungs and all other tissues must be free of heavy metal and chemical contaminants.  This is easy to accomplish, extremely safe, and very gentle on a dog's delicate systems.  You merely add liquid tinctures that have been specifically formulated for the canine body to your dog's daily water for several two week cycles.  Allow the body to rest for five days in between cycles and then do another two week cycle.   

Your dog is now back to the way it was when it was born into this world.  Free of contaminants (usually, unless the mother was ill).  Thus your friend now has the opportunity to be with you in good health as long as possible.   


  • Replace and balance the bacteria that has been killed off by all those antibiotics.  

  • Boost your dog's immune system using herbs that Mother Nature grew for your dog.  

  • Purge the ear of the fungus and yeast infection that stubbornly refuses to let go of your dog.  

  • Create oxygen within your dog's ear to help cleanse that persistent ear infection.   

  • Flush out toxins that have built up in your dog's body that manifests their presence in your dog's ear.  

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