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The mother dog who is in excellent physical, mental and mineralized condition will have little if any difficulty giving birth to her puppies.   Nutritional supplementation is absolutely essential for the health of the mother and for the babies developing within her uterus.  Physical exercise is especially important for the mother to keep her muscles honed and toned.  All of us know that all babies take a lot of minerals out of the mother's body.  When minerals are depleted, a variety of individualized changes will materialize in the mother's physical and mental condition.  

A mother can have a significant personality change as these lack of minerals now affect her mental health.  She also can suffer serious bone loss as the babies are needing these minerals in their physical development during gestation.   Consequently her longevity and quality of life can be severely compromised.  

In recent years several of our breeder customers have added a natural supplement to give to their mother-to-be before breeding, all through gestation, during nursing and well after the puppies are weaned in order to restore the mother's bone and muscle structure.  Additionally the babies are healthier if the mother is healthy and getting all the nutritional requirements that her body needs in this time of stress.

This natural  supplement--Whelping Aide™--containing minerals, herbs and amino acids has been shown to: 

  • Aid the mother with muscle contractions and in her ability to deliver her puppies. 

  • Helps tone the uterus before and after birth. 

  • Stimulates and increases milk production.  

  • Reduces the need for a cesarean section in hundreds of cases.

  • Promotes rapid healing of any torn muscle tissues 

  • Provides more readily available minerals passed on to her puppies in her milk

  • Enhances puppy growth and development.

If your mother dog has had birthing difficulties in the past or if you wish to PREVENT birthing complications, then as a serious concerned dog breeder, you definitely need to consider providing this wonderful essential product to your mother dog's daily food or water intake.  You will be amazed at the difference in her health and in your puppy's health. CLICK HERE for more details.


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