Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are caused by a myriad of problems. Antibiotics frequently disturb the appetite of a dog because they kill off all the bacteria in the gut which in turn kills the appetite. ProBac Adult™ solves this problem quickly.

Toxins in the food are another problem and the dog’s nose is able to discern these. Just as easily as a drug sniffing dog can detect drugs, other regular dogs can discern toxins. Systemajuv™ aids in cleaning the liver of this problem. One needs to get to the source of the problem either by changing food or cooking for your little pet. Organic dog food companies exist for a reason. We suggest you contact them and get your dog on a good wholesome food program.

To solve an eating disorder problem, we recommend the following products:

PRO BAC ADULT - is a highly potent microbial for the adult dog that enhances the natural bacterial activity in the digestive system. ProBac Adult improves the enzyme system within the digestive tract therefore improving the dog’s nutritive uptake thus improving the dog’s immune system. Extremely helpful in combating chronic bacterial problems. Absolutely essential after any use (not recommended) of antibiotics. We recommend the Systemajuv and ProBac Adult as probiotics of choice not an antibiotic for any and all bacterial problems.

ProBac Adult is a powdered substance containing 20 Billion colony forming units per gram of good bacteria. It has been used in the dog industry in Europe since 1874 and hence does not require refrigeration. It is used either in the water, the soft food or both. We recommend 1/4 teaspoon to a pint of less of water or sprinkled in the soft food on a daily basis until your dog is extremely healthy and then we recommend this to be used one or two times a week to maintain your dog’s excellent health and to absorb the nutrients you are giving him.

Group treatment can be administered by adding one teaspoon of ProBac Adult and 20 drops of Systemajuv to a gallon of water daily for ten days to two weeks. This will clean all the dogs up and boost every dog’s immune system.

Combining Systemajuv and ProBac Adult has been shown to promote a very rapid recovery from a whole host of different ailments. Boosting the immune system to do the job it was designed to do by healing the body is the key to recovery. 

ProBac Adult wholesales for:

Large: $40.00 for 20 ounces
Small: $20.00 for 2.5 ounces

SYSTEMAJUV - by using this highly potent combination herbal remedy you will completely rejuvenate the body’s entire systems, which may be infected by bacterial, viral, or toxic organisms. Systemajuv™ helps rid the body of bad bacteria without “killing the good bacteria too”, detoxifies the body, and builds up white blood cell count, helping fight infections all at the same time. This is recommended for both adult dogs and for puppies as well. If you see your dog is droopy, lethargic, gone off feed and generally not feeling well, Systemajuv™ seems to turn the dog around in a matter of days and gets them going again.

Put 4-7 drops directly in the mouth four to six times a day for two or three days (more if necessary) as well as put 7-10 drops in its water and/or soft food. Continue in its water or soft food for another five to ten days to make sure the dog returns to health. Systemajuv™ can be administered indefinitely to quickly improve the immune system and to nurse a dog back to health quicker.

Restoration of excellent health can be achieved more quickly if Systemajuv™ is paired with the ProBac Adult™ as this facilitates are greater absorption of the herbal remedy. Systemajuv™ is a liquid dispensed by included dropper. 

Systemajuv™ wholesales for:

Large: $62.00 for 4 ounces
Small: $18.00 for 1 ounce

CONCENTRATED TRACE MINERALS - these aid in the digestive system being able to absorb the food and vitamin nutrients you are giving your dog. Without minerals, particularly trace minerals, the gut does not fully absorb the vitamins you are administering and in fact the lack of trace minerals can cause the gut to shut down completely and your dog can slowly starve to death if this should happen. For breeders of specialty dogs, this is an extremely important consideration for the mother dog. Puppies from mothers who have been fed trace minerals in their diets consistently produce extremely healthy, robust puppies. This product is a highly concentrated colloidal liquid dispensed by included dropper. Five drops per gallon is all that is necessary for excellent health. Trace minerals in the body has been shown to ward off chronic illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis.

Wholesales for:

Large: $55.00 for 4 ounces
Small: $25.00 for 1 ounce

CANINE VITA PAK - designed for the adult dog. This product is an all-natural, combination of essential vitamins, minerals, potassium and botanicals that are necessary for the over-all good health of your mature dog. Used daily along with your dog’s feed intake, this product strengthens your dog’s immune system and resistance to disease and increases general good health. The biggest comment we receive from customers is “why add vitamins and minerals since all the food manufacturers say the nutritional requirements are in their feed?” Our answer is that 40% to 60% and sometimes more of the nutritional benefits have been cooked out of the food going through the pelleting process as it is a high heat process. The pellets (dry food) are basically “left overs” if you really think about it. That’s why we still recommend supplementing your dog with natural vitamins and minerals.

Canine Vita Pak™ is a powdered substance added 1/4 teaspoon per quart of water daily.

Large: $40.00 for 20 ounces
Small: $20.00 for 2.5 ounce

The above four items will restore your dog’s appetite and return it to excellent health and are essential in this endeavor. For further enhancement and to make sure your best friend is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs, we of course recommend that you give your little friend the Canine Vita Pak™ or the Super Vita Puppy™ depending upon its age in its water or in the soft food. This way you can be assured that you are doing all you possibly can in providing your pet with the most and the best in natural nutrient supplements. If your dog is a “junk food or people food eater”, then for sure supplementing it for optimum health benefits is necessary.

Make your dog a bouncing bundle of energy and happy once again. Eliminate that pesky eating disorder with ProBac Adult, Systemajuv, Concentrated Trace Minerals and Canine Vita Pak™. Add to your shopping cart now.

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