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our bassett hound

Carolyn Cotterill 
from New York

Max - wild dog that Kathy tamed & saved.  Was deathly afraid of men who abused him. ( 2 years ago).  Now a real well adjusted dog and likes Donn

Max -- in the house now 
and Snookims the cat.  
They are great pals!

Donn and Kathy

Merry -- 
Lab, Chow, Hound & Rottwieller cross.  Loves to chase birds and tease Max.  Had serious viral infection which was remedied with Virastem, Systemajuv and ProBac.

Donn and Kathy

Rascal -------the beloved best friend of Chris and Gail and Richie from Island Park, N.Y.  Rascal is taking the same natural remedies that his house mate, Tiger the kitty, is taking as they drink from the same bowl.  ProBac Adult, Systemajuv and Concentrated Trace Minerals.  Rascal is 13 years old and after being on the herbs for only two weeks, he is acting like a puppy again according to his "Mom" Gail and his "Dad" Richie.                                                   


Rascal--a 13 year old German shepherd/Husky mix catching a ball in mid air.  Gail said "When he 1st turned 13, he aged very quickly and we figured it was just his time. You know how they say "you're as young as you feel"? Well, Rascal must be 10 years younger now! And we are glad to have him back. Thank you from my whole family. Gail and Richie from New York."


Peggy's Pup in Hawaii



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