Puppy Remedies

The greatest gift you can give your puppy is to provide your new little friend with all the building blocks that every cell in its little body needs to achieve robust health and vitality.  

 Start with the finest freshest, cleanest (meaning without chemicals or preservatives of any kind), most wholesome food ingredients that you can buy.  In our previous discussion, you learned that the soils in our country are depleted of so many essential nutrients, that supplementation is absolutely recommended for puppies and dogs of all ages.  

The following  absolutely all natural products are what we use and recommend for all puppies and sometimes for a very sick adult canine.  

PRO BAC PUPPY™ - is for the initial stimulation of the puppy’s immune system. This all-natural water/food supplement formulated specifically for puppies contains 20 billion colony forming units of live naturally occurring microorganisms and imunoglobulins. ProBac Puppy™ contains stimulating factors, vitamins, nucleotides, enzymes and various non-imunoglobulin components that aid in naturally destroying disease causing microorganisms during your puppies first vulnerable sixty to ninety days when the immune system is not fully developed.

ProBac Puppy™ helps in balancing the bacteria in the digestive system to aid in preventing diarrhea.  Essential the first thirty to sixty days after weaning for optimum health.  Excellent for any stress related conditions.

ProBac Puppy™ aids in getting your pups off to a running start in fighting diseases by helping digestion therefore enhancing their nutritional uptake. ProBac Puppy™ is also recommended to be given to the mother two weeks before giving birth and four weeks after birth to enhance the mother’s immune system capabilities she passes on to her pups in their first few days of life.

ProBac Puppy™ is essential for the mother dog if she is a poor milk producer and/or she has too many pups for all of them to be nursing at the same time. This fortifies her milk production and takes the stress off of her body. For the orphan puppy and for a newly weaned puppy, ProBac Puppy™ is absolutely essential to provide the puppy with the proper immune enhancing nutrients. Should be added to a soft food formula to get the puppy going. Recommended for use from one day to nine months if necessary.

ProBac Puppy™ is a powdered substance and is mixed with the soft food of a puppy or put into its water along with the Super Vita Puppy™v and Concentrated Trace Minerals™ twice daily for best results.

ProBac Puppy™ is an excellent appetite stimulant and aid to the stressed immune system for a very sick adult canine.  Recommended to be used in combating all serious diseases or illnesses such as viruses, cancer, diabetes etc. 

ProBac Puppy™ wholesales for 

Small:  $39 for 30 grams
Large:  $70 for 250 grams

SUPER VITA PUPPY - gets your puppies off to a faster stronger start. By adding these all-natural vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes with your puppies daily water intake, they help build stronger legs, muscles and bodies faster. A stronger puppy is also attained through additional calcium, magnesium, phosphate and phosphorus contained in the Super Vita Puppy™ which aids in bone formation and helps red and white blood cell counts. Super Vita Puppy™ helps develop the liver function to aid in faster absorption of nutrients. Puppies of all breeds will benefit from this all-natural supplement.

Super Vita Puppy™ along with the ProBac Puppy™ provided to the pups aid in taking the stress off the mother dog. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of this powdered supplement to every quart of water or sprinkle on the puppies food for the first twelve months of your puppies’ life for a vibrant, healthy, playful puppy.

Super Vita Puppy™ wholesales for:

Small:  $20 for 2.5 ounces
Large:  $40 for 20 ounces

CONCENTRATED TRACE MINERALS - these aid in the digestive system being able to absorb the food and vitamin nutrients you are giving your dog. Without minerals, particularly trace minerals, the gut does not fully absorb the vitamins you are administering and in fact the lack of trace minerals can cause the gut to shut down completely and your dog can slowly starve to death if this should happen. 

For breeders of specialty dogs, this is an extremely important consideration for the mother dog. Puppies from mothers who have been fed trace minerals in their diets consistently produce extremely healthy, robust puppies with excellent genetic confirmation. 

This product is a highly concentrated colloidal liquid dispensed by included dropper. Five drops per gallon is all that is necessary for excellent health. Trace minerals in the body has been shown to ward off chronic debilitating illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis.

Large: $55.00 for 4 ounces
Small: $25.00 for 1 ounce

SYSTEMAJUV - by using this highly potent combination herbal remedy you will completely rejuvenate the body’s entire systems, which may be infected by bacterial, viral, or toxic organisms. Systemajuv™ helps rid the body of bad bacteria without “killing the good bacteria too”, detoxifies the body, and builds up white blood cell count, helping fight infections all at the same time. This is recommended for both adult dogs and for puppies as well. If you see your dog is droopy, lethargic, gone off feed and generally not feeling well, Systemajuv™ seems to turn the dog around in a matter of days and gets them going again.

Put 7-10 drops directly in the puppy's mouth four to six times a day for two or three days (more if necessary) as well as put 7-10 drops in its water and/or soft food. Continue in its water or soft food for another five to ten days to make sure the dog returns to health. Systemajuv™ can be administered indefinitely to quickly improve the immune system and to nurse a dog back to health quicker.

Restoration of excellent health can be achieved much more quickly if Systemajuv™ is paired with the ProBac Puppy™ as this facilitates a greater absorption of the herbal remedy in addition to helping to stimulate the appetite.  Systemajuv™ is a liquid dispensed by included dropper. 

Systemajuv™ wholesales for:

Large: $62.00 for 4 ounces
Small: $18.00 for 1 ounce
If you want happy, bouncing, playful, healthy puppies, then we recommend to add ProBac Puppy™ and Super Vita Puppy™ and Concentrated Trace Minerals to their daily food or water intake.   A growing little body that is receiving all the nutrients that is necessary will have optimum robust health and vitality.  You will see the mirror of health in their little eyes.

If your little one is suffering from skin problems, or allergy conditions, GO HERE.  If it is a parasite infestation, GO HERE.   For other difficult conditions, feel free to contact us HERE for a FREE CONSULTATION.  

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