End  Your  Dog's  Skin  Problem

Yes, count me in!  

I want to take control of my dog's scratching and chewing of toes!  I want hot spots to be a thing of the past.  I want him to have beautiful fur.  Most of all, I want a healthy and happy dog.

What can you expect?

If you follow directions diligently, in a matter of weeks, You should expect to see:

  • No more scratching, itching and toe chewing

  • The skin sores will heal

  • Your dog will be more alert

  • It will be lots more active

  • The liver and kidneys will function better

  • Boundless energy and vitality will result

  • Your little friend will finally be well.  

There is only one way to stop your dog's misery. 

  • First, remove the toxicity in your dog's body--the chemicals and heavy metals.  

  • Second, strengthen the immune system.

  • Third, balance the flora throughout your dog's body. 

Help Your Precious Little Dog Now!

Act immediately and you will receive these bonuses.

Since its 100% in your dog's benefit to act right away, we are sweetening the pot and giving you every possible reason to say YES today.  If you respond immediately you will receive the following:

Free bonus 1:
All the back issues of our Canine Medicine Chest newsletter--"Natural Notes and Antidotes".  This $49.95 value is yours FREE.

Free bonus 2:
A surprise FREE Gift for you--the anxious "parent" of a very sick dog.

Free bonus 3:
As many FREE Phone Consultations as you feel is necessary to make sure your dog is given the best possible care and things are progressing as they are supposed to during our normal business hours.

Free bonus 4:
FREE Email Consultations seven days a week twenty-four hours a day to discuss any concerns and the progress of your dog's condition.

Money Back Guarantee

You have a twelve month money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your products and your bonuses are yours to keep.  

What else do you get with your dog's order?

  1. You will receive detailed written dosage/ administration instructions with your dog's order.  

  2. You will directed to a Customers Only FAQ page with specific dosage/administration recommendations shortly after you place your order.


Your Dog's Skin Saver Package Includes:  

Large Size Package--$197

ProBac Adult, Hemotox, Metaltox, and Systemajuv
This large package should last two to four months for one to two dogs.

Small Size Package--$69

ProBac Adult, Hemotox, Metaltox and Systemajuv
This large package should last two to four weeks for one dog.


If Your Dog has Skin Lesions, Add:   
Heals from the outside.  Experience has shown this natural remedy to aid in the healing of skin problems (cuts or hotspots) by increasing the amount of oxygen to the wound or hotspot.  

Coupled with Systemajuv™ and ProBac Adult™ aiding healing from the inside and Oxyjuv™ helping to heal on the outside, it has been shown that hot spots and wounds heal much more quickly.    Can be applied directly or diluted with spring or distilled water. 

Oxyjuv™ comes in a four ounce bottle.

Oxyjuv™ wholesales for $12.00 for 4 ounces



Get your best friend back to 100%  health more quickly................add:  

Nutritional Support Package                    



Large Canine Vitamin Package - $87

Concentrated Trace Minerals & 

Canine Vita Pak
Should last 1-2 dogs 6-8 months

Small Canine Vitamin Package - $37

Concentrated Trace Minerals & 

Canine Vita Pak 
Should last 1 dog  4-6 months


The body's cells have been so depleted of nutrients because of the toxicity flowing within the blood stream, that it is essential to nutritionally support your dog with natural supplements to jump start it's little body's recovery.

Without micro and macro minerals, the body cannot fully absorb vitamins.  This nutritional supplement package is essential for a dog's complete and rapid recovery.  Add directly to your dog's food and/or water or both in this critical time.

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