For over forty-five years, the Canine Medicine Chest™ has been assisting dog owners whose beloved pet has acquired a tumor.  Some of these tumors are benign, some are cancerous, some are fatty, but all are scary.  

We have bundled our tumor remedies in an affordable package for our customers to get exactly what their pet will need to dissolve and completely eliminate the tumors.  

Dissolve and Eliminate the Tumors with this Package:

  • Dissolve the tumors with Tumor Supplement F and Tumor Supplement R
  • Attack any cancer that may be involved with Sarcoma Supplement
  • Boost the taxed immune system with Systemajuv
  • Re-balance the essential flora in the body with ProBac Adult

Large Tumor Package - $247
Should last from two to four months.


Small Tumor Package - $87
Should last from two to four weeks.


Tumor F, Tumor R, Sarcoma, Systemajuv and ProBac Adult Tumor F, Tumor R, Sarcoma, Systemajuv and ProBac Adult


Our years of experience has shown that if one is diligent about administering these natural remedies several times daily, we have seen remarkable results in a relatively short period of time.

For a quicker return to health, supplement your dog nutritionally..........add trace minerals and vitamins.

Large Canine Vitamin Package - $87
Should last 1-2 dogs 6-8 months

Small Canine Vitamin Package - $37 
Should last 1 dog  4-6 months

Once you have the tumor "under control" you should definitely begin a complete cleansing of your dog's internal body.  This procedure will eventually completely remove the source of the tumors.  A clean internal body prevents continued tumor conditions.

To Attack the Source of Your Dog's Tumors
Add These to Your Order:

HEMOTOX - a safe, gentle, all-natural herbal remedy developed to combat toxic chemical conditions in your dog’s body. Experience has shown this remedy to be a very gentle, a very quick and a very effective approach to eliminating chemical environmental and food toxins from the liver and kidneys. 

This liquid herbal remedy is administered either directly in your dog’s mouth three to five drops daily (or more depending upon the severity of the case) with the included dropper or ten drops in its daily water for two weeks. Then rest one week, and do another two to six more cycles.  

We recommend including Metaltox™ for removing metal poisons, ProBac Adult™ to restore the dog's flora, and Systemajuv™ to quickly improve the immune system.

Hemotox™ is absolutely safe and is an excellent product for restoring a "dead dog" back to life. We have "resurrected" hundreds of dogs with this remedy over the years.

Large: $52.00 for 4 ounces
Small: $18.00 for 1 ounce

METALTOX - is a safe, all-natural remedy developed to aid in removing heavy metal toxins  which are the basic foundation of most herbicides, pesticides, and other poisons used in spraying lawns, parks and in our water.  

Toxic poisoning results when the liver and kidneys are overloaded as a result of these heavy metals in the water, chewing on galvanized fencing resulting in zinc poisoning and other toxic environmental factors.  Best result when combined with the ProBac Adult™ and Systemajuv™ and Hemotox™.

Metaltox™ is a liquid herbal remedy dispensed with an included dropper in the exact dosage as Hemotox™. 

Large: $52.00 for 4 ounces
Small: $18.00 for 1 ounce
At first this seems like a lot to deal with.  However, once you get into a routine and then begin to see how quickly your dog will respond to the herbs and nutritional support, this will give you the impetus to continue on and bring your dog back to complete health and vitality.  

The rewards will be for both of you as you continue to enjoy your dog's healthy life, companionship and the fruits of your endeavors. 

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