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About six months ago I found a Persian cat who was in a very bad way. He had scratched and tore about 80% of his fur off and was covered from head to toes in fleas. I then took him to a vet where they immediately got rid of the fleas and started him on steroids etc. On the coarse of the next four months they were constantly injecting him with medicines but nothing would work. By then I had spent probably over $1500 trying to help him. 

They were also suggesting to run all kinds of expensive tests because they weren’t sure what to do to help him. Then I found your site on the internet and called and talked to your staff member. More.....I told her what problems he was having and she recommended to detox (clean his blood of contaminants) him and suggested more formulas for the other problems he was having. It was a hard battle detoxing him because he would sometimes get worse and I would get very discouraged. He would chew his stomach raw and would also scratch his back all the way to his tail and his skin would get very hot. I would call your staff member, Crystal, for help and she would tell me just what to do and encourage me to not give up. 

Anyway after about two months of using your products he is finally getting better. His skin is healing and the hot spots have gone away. Thank you so much for your great products. 

Also I would like to commend Crystal for her help and for the support she gave me in overcoming his problems. She is a very sweet wonderful lady. 

Thanks again, Danny C. and “Sammy” (my cat) from New Iberia, La.

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Liver Failure

Your products have saved my kitty's life! Literally saved her life when the medical world said there was nothing more to do than load her up with medication and a feeding tube and saying she was "medically ready".  At the end of a healthy perfect life for my fourteen-year-old cat to endure such a horrible end was beyond me. I know one day she will leave, but I feel now it will be a much more natural and peaceful transition.  
     It is a miracle I found your site days before she would most likely die.  In December 2002, my thirteen year old cat Chynna died of cancer (wish I had found you earlier) and it rocked our world sending my 14 yr. old cat Sparklits into a grief so deep that she would sit frozen unable to move and unable to eat. Suddenly I found my ten pound beautiful cat three pounds, kidney failure, becoming bald and jaundiced. Her skin was the color of a manila envelope. It was devastating. I tried to hand feed her.                       I went to a local holistic vet and he put her on remedies, one being milk thistle. At first it worked, but she hated it and severely foamed every time I gave it to her and began running and hiding from me. It wasn't worth seeing her like that, plus after a few weeks it seemed to loose its steam.  
     My dog Ivy was now getting very stressed too having lost one family member and now loosing another within two months. Her skin was acting up. Her arthritis was acting up. Her ear infections were acting up.  One day, I was doing some work on the computer.   Sparklits and Ivy were sleeping next to me. Somehow, and I don't remember really, but I found myself on your website. I think out of desperation and helplessness I searched "cat liver problems" in yahoo and your site came up.  
     As I began to read the information on your site all my negativity began to surface. It seemed too good to be true. I questioned the testimonials, as were they legit. I wondered if the products were simply a scam. I almost left the site, but something kept me reading. I decided to call. Leslie got on the phone. I was still really very skeptical, but went ahead and got Hemotox, Metaltox and Probac. Leslie suggested getting other things, but I didn't want to. After all if it was a scam, I didn't want to be out even more money and being ripped off. 
     Okay now, as soon as I got the product I made the remedies. I gave it to both Sparklits and Ivy. And by the next day, in 24 hours, I saw a difference in Sparklits! I kept looking at her and thinking it was too good to be true! In one week, my kitty was eating. She was up and exploring again and just being herself.  It has only gotten better every day.   
     It's been a month now as I write this thank you letter. She is almost back to a cats natural skin color. She's gained weight. I took her to the park the other day. A man came over to us. He thought Sparklits was a kitten. He commented on how bright her eyes were and how alert she was. My heart did back flips! When I told him how old she was and how sick she was, he was blown away. I sent him to your site.  
     Ivy is doing well too. It will be interesting to me if I don't ever have to give her antibiotics again because of her seborrhea and ear
medication. She's on MSM for her arthritis, which she'll most likely
stay on because she shows no signs of arthritis on MSM. However, I just ordered the rest of products. Let's see what happens next!  Think I'll take them too!  Thank you!  Joan Lauren, NYC

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Upper Respiratory Problems

Just wanted to let you know that my cats are doing better now after getting on the Virastem. Thank you for sending my order in a timely manner. I will be ordering more of the Virastem and the Systemajuv as my one cat had the upper respiratory infection and will probably have it every now and then as he just did several weeks ago and then my other three cats start sneezing.
     So I will have to keep your products on hand for those times when they show signs of getting sick, They all are on raw and natural diets along with supplements.  I am using the ProBac and Worm Out too.  So again thank you for your natural products that really work and for all of your help.  Peggy C., San Diego, Ca.

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Words cannot express how thankful I am to you and the Pet Medicine Chest for all your help, support and care regarding Dudley's illness with cancer.  When everyone else around us gave up hope, I found you, so you are like an angel set to us!  Again a million thank you's.  It has been a weary month for us.  I could not have made it without you.  Jennifer R. Stamford, Ct.  Editor's Note--Dudley is getting stronger three weeks later.

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Overall Health

Our little ones are doing fine thanks to you guys.  Please never give up this battle to inform the public of your great products.  Without them, my pets would have died a long time ago.  They not only lived longer, but in better health than they ever had.  I mean ever!!  Thank you, Gail H. and family, New York.

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Bladder Stones

I had asked a few questions about a month ago concerning my cat. He had a re-occurring bladder stone problem.    Since I've been treating him with the products he has been fine. I still can't believe what I am seeing. His litter box problems have disappeared and he's doing great.  I was a day away from having to get more x-rays and another operation.    I have become a true believer in your products.  Thanks so much,  Joy.   Editor's Note---Joy used Renal Supplement K (dissolved the stones), Renal Supplement P (helped him urinate the stones out without pain) and Systemajuv and ProBac Adult. This took five weeks to remedy.

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Brain Tumor

I have used your wonderful products since last April when my dear "Mama Kitty" became seriously ill with a brain tumor. Having limited income, I could not afford surgery and chemo so I surfed the net and looked in Cat Magazines for holistic approaches as I had some serious health problems in the past and all natural foods and holistic medicines (plus prayer!) brought me back into good health.  I knew we were all God's creatures and what worked for me would work for the animals.
Unfortunately, the tumor was very far advanced and the vet gave only 3 - 6 mos. at most with the tortuous surgery and chemo.  But by using your products (she used Tumor Supplement A, Tumor Supplement F, ProBac Adult, and Systemajuv 'editors note'), my dear one was given 5 months of quality life until the very end.  The vet was even impressed that until the last 2 weeks at how well  "Mama" was doing.  She continued to eat and seemed happy and her old self until the tumor caused seizures the last two days of her life.  The vet had prognosis of rapid decline without surgery, so we know the medicines changed this.  It was too bad I did not know of your products until it was an advanced problem.   I have now recommended your products to a friend, Dawn B., for her dogs and she has ordered for them.  I will continue to recommend your fine products and use them!  Thank you so much.  Rebecca H.,  Slidell, La.

My l3 year old Calico cat was diagnosed with diabetes a year and a half ago.  Shortly after, I started giving her your Probac Adult, Hemotox, and Systemajuv.  Last weekend she was accidentally overdosed three shots at 10 times her dosage and was near death.  I rushed her to an emergency pet clinic and the doctor said they would do all they could, but there really was no hope.  I was devastated.  I brought her in at 6 on a Sunday night.  By 9 they were amazed she was hanging on.  At ll:00 they said there was improvement and she raised her head to look at them.  By l  A.M. her tests came back very improved.  At 7 they released her to our regular vet for glucose adjustment.  I brought her home at 5 on Monday, and she is rapidly recuperating.  On Monday night the doctor from the emergency clinic called to ask how she was doing.  I told him she was resting and getting better.  He told me when I brought her in there wasn't one person working on her who thought she would live.  He said they were calling her their "miracle cat."  I told him I attributed her recovery to your products.  He said, "Ordinarily, I would pooh, pooh this idea, but there is no other explanation for the miracle I saw."  Thank you, thank you, for your wonderful products!  I will continue to use them faithfully.
Norma, Antioch, California

Our fifteen year old kitty is feeling like a kitten again it seems after using the Systemajuv™ and ProBac Adult™ for the past two months.  She is so much healthier and has so much more energy.  Thank you very much.
Sara B., Minneapolis, MN.

We have used the ProBac Kitty™ and the Super Vita Kitty™ for the past year with our kittens and they seemed to grow stronger without getting any kitten problems when their mother weaned them.  They are really thriving and full of mischievous energy like they are supposed to be.  Thank you very much for having these wonderful natural products available to us cat lovers.
Kathy H., Newton, Iowa

My cat had a very serious liver problem which was not able to be fixed by our local vet after doctoring her for over three months.  I tried your Hemotox™, Systemajuv™ and ProBac Adult™ as you know.  Within only two weeks there was a big improvement in her health and now after six months, she is 100% back to excellent health.  I am writing to say thank you and to let you know how wonderful these products really are.
Tina K., Topeka, Kansas

Thanks so much for your great products and terrific service!  My foster kittens are thriving thanks in large part to ProBac Kitty™.   They have recovered from colds and diarrhea in record time and will be going up for adoption a week ahead of schedule!  Kani, my siamese, continues to do well----I believe the ProBac™ and Systemajuv™ are keeping much of the inflammation from his chronic stomatitis at bay and giving him a better quality of life with less pain.  His appetite has also increased and his coat looks much better.  He is enjoying grooming again!  Keep up the good work!
Dustine A. and fourteen kitties too, Kapolei, Hawaii

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Kidney Problems

I ordered all the products to detox my ailing cat that was diagnosed with kidney problems along with blood clots in his urine.  I saw the bloody urine specimen with my own eyes.  I had him under prescribed drugs for a month and Tyler kept getting worse.  I did research on the internet and saw your products and decided to give them a try.  Within an hour of giving him your natural products, Tyler threw up like heck, but within a few weeks he seemed to improve and took him back for tests and everything was back too normal.  I still can’t believe it – it was too easy!   Thanks so much and I’m glad there are people like you that know how to do it right!!!!  Rachel, Descanso , CA

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