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This is where "Little White Paw's" Story Begins...

Blood Borne Parasites and Jaundice -                    case study

This case study starts in October when Sarah was dealing with her extremely sick little kitty named "Little White Paw". These are Sarah's emails and our responses as her kitty was being nursed back to health with herbs. This is quite detailed and we think you will enjoy reading all the emails concerning Little White Paw. 

October 9, 2003
Hi, I just bought Hemotox and Systemajuv for my very ill cat online. She is about 11 years old, and got very sick recently. I have brought her to vet and had all kinds of tests. They told me that she currently has liver problem and may be also blood parasite, but don't know what caused it. She has stopped eating and I am doing IV for her everyday at home. Her temperature has dropped to normal, but still doesn't want to eat. Her skin is still light yellow. Today I got your medicine, but it seems I need at least one more medicine Probac Adult according to your instruction. Should I order it right now or I can use the two that I have ordered already. Do you think it will work?

Thanks, Sarah

Editors Note---this is our experts response to Sarah on the same day by email:

Hello Sarah,
The two you have ordered already are wonderful remedies and are going to help. What the ProBac, will do is, restore good bacteria in the gut and allow the body to restore good nutrients that you are feeding. As soon as you can I would recommend you get the ProBac. If you have any further questions or need to order please feel free to do so on line or you can give me a call. Thank you very much for writing. Let us know if we can help you further. Crystal

October12, 2003
My vet says that my cat seems to have a possible blood parasite and fatty liver disease. Her skin had turned yellow (jaundiced). She was also losing weight and had some fever (103-104F). She was in the hospital for two days and got some IV and antibiotics. After taking her home from the hospital, we continued the antibiotic and IV medication. After searching around, I found your web site and ordered the herbal medicine.

I started giving my cat Hemotox and Systemajuv since last Thursday night. She has definitely showed signs of improvement in both her appetite and general responsiveness. When I started giving her your medicine, I stopped the medicine my vet gave to me. Most of the medicine that my vet gave to me were mainly antibiotics to treat parasites and fever.

I kept checking her temperature twice a day, morning and night and I noticed that when she was using the antibiotics, her temp was in the 100.8 -101.5F range. After I stopped administering antibiotics and started to use your medicine, her temp has been in the 101.8 - 102.2F range. Usually, her temp is higher in evenings but THIS EVENING (10/12/03) her temp as highest at 102.6F. Do you think this normal? Editor--yes, the cat was fighting
a serious condition)

Is this expected behavior of the herbal medicine?
(Editor--yes, sometimes for a short period of time)

Should I use antibiotics again? No, not recommended as antibiotics suppress the immune system right when the cat desperately needs a strong immune system.

Should we hang in there? Yes, definitely.

In addition, I also noticed that after four days of using Hemotox and Systemajuv, her yellow skin was getting lighter. In fact, her ear color has almost turned back to normal. She still needs me to hand feed her wet food through a syringe into her mouth, but she is now actually eating the food without spitting it out like before (good sign). Also, she is actually eating some ham (her favorite food) again without being force fed. The only thing now is to wait until she eats on her own without being coerced into it. Then, we will know that she's out of the deep end of the sickness. I will add ProBac Adult to her diet when it arrives shortly.

Any light on this subject matter would be most appreciated. She has been with me for so long now and I hope that she can make it. Thanks a lot!
Sincerely,  Sarah

(Editors Note--Sarah was quite conservative in how she was going to treat Little White Paw with herbs, so she initially only got the minimal requirements to help a cat in a serious crisis hoping her kitty would show improvement before she spent more money. Sometimes it is better to go after the condition aggressively, but Sarah is the boss concerning her kitty's health and we honored her wishes. So she got Systemajuv and Hemotox and then ProBac Adult a few days later).

It has been a month since I wrote to you last time. Guess what? My cat little White Paw has survived! It is about almost two months from the time I ordered the medicines from your website. We have gone three cycles, my cat is alive again! Thanks God and thanks you!
She has gained a quite bit weight, eats by herself now (it was force feeding before). She can eat more than one can each day now. Every morning and evening, she is waiting at the door for her food. I am so so happy to see she becomes alive again. Thank you! I am will be very happy be your reference if you need me to. Just let me know.
Again, thanks for your wonderful help.  Sarah


12/2/03---------with pictures
Now I am so happy to let you know that after two months treatment, she is back to normal! She has gained about two pounds and her skin has turn to normal. Of course, she eats by herself now, and she takes one and half can a day! Here are two pictures of her. Notice her belly and legs are still shaved, but she is happily playing with me!

Again, thanks for your help, and thanks to all of your magic medicines!
Sarah Young and "Little White Paw", San Jose, Calif.

Editors Note--Sarah sent these pictures of Little White Paw with her 12/2 email. You can almost sense Little White Paw's joy in life now. 

June 14, 2004....Sarah's Update:        

We just invited some friends over for a BBQ today. Some of them had seen "Little White Paw" when she was sick and recovering over a half year ago.  When they saw her today, they told me that they couldn't believe how wonderful she looked! They couldn't believe it was the same cat they saw who was sooooo sick!  "Little White Paw" is now 12 years old, 13 pounds with beautiful, healthy, shiny fur! (Running and jumping around like a kitty again! :-)

It turned out that another friend at the BBQ today has a very sick cat herself. So, we showed her "Little White Paw" and told her that your medicine cured her. She was amazed.

So, after everyone left the BBQ, I went to your website again and searched some medicine for my friend. I then saw my past emails & pictures to you as a Case Study on your site and it brought back so many memories. I looked at the date when I first wrote to you. 

It's be en eight months since and my baby "Little White Paw" is totally healthy and recovered now. I still don't think I have thanked you, your staff and the MEDICINE enough in helping me save my cat.  Now, all of my three cats are taking Systemajuv, ProBac Adult, Concentrated Trace Minerals and Feline Vita Pak regularly.

Again and again, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Sarah, Young and "Little White Paw"                                            

I have a 6 month old kitten, who had gotten an upper respiratory infection about six weeks ago.  I had gotten some Amoxy drops and gave them to her, they helped and she was back to normal, playing etc.  Then about two weeks ago she stopped eating, so I started her on them again. Nothing, she just sat around, sneezing, runny nose, runny eyes, wheezing. I thought for sure she would die.

I then remembered getting some Pro-Bac Adult and Systemajuv drops and decided to find out if they would help her.  I emailed Crystal, and she told me the mixture to give her.  The Pro-Bac Adult would be okay, but I needed the Pro-Bac Kitty I ordered the other things, and started her on the two I had.  Within four days I could see a difference, she had started eating, her eyes and nose stopped running and the wheezing was less. 

Yesterday, (days after starting her) I saw a new kitten.  She was playing and growling at her sister, which she hadn't done for a long time. She is eating like a little pig.  What a relief.  I also put some of the Pro-Bad Adult in the water I have down for all the "House" cats to drink.
These products really work, I have ordered more for some other problems that I have, and I can't wait for my order to come. Thank You, Sally Crouse, Yuma AZ.  and of course,  Blondie

Editors Note--this email came five days later with Sally's update. Hi, its Sally Crouse from Yuma AZ. again ---Another success story.  Last Friday my husband brought a kitten ( 5-6 mos) in who was just about dead.  I started her on the Severe Case formula, and on Sunday she was much better, eating and grooming.  She has gotten better each day, last night, Tuesday, she was helping him put down tile in the hall.  She isn't wheezing, no runny nose or eyes.  

Your products are wonderful.  I have recommended them to several friends.  You have a loyal customer in me.  Plus, the kittens don't seem to mind taking the meds.  It was a struggle with antibiotics.  Blondie is just fine, her old self, running and playing and eating everything in sight.  Once again, thanks from Sally and all our cats.  

Hairball Problems Solved

I've been using your Hairball Remedy for my Himalayan's hairball problem for about four months now.  Prior to discovering your Web site, I was faced with a dilemma because my cat, Hunter, was constantly throwing up hairballs (several times a day) and was developing bowel obstruction problems. 

Because he is so young, I knew that the problem would be ongoing and I'd be faced with monumental expenses because of surgeries to treat the bowel obstructions.  The vet could offer no compromise to surgery, so I did a search for natural solutions.  Thankfully, I found your site and read about the great products you have to offer.  I immediately ordered the Hairball Aid (a preventative) and Hairball Remedy (for emergencies). 

I have only had to use the Hairball Aid so far, because it has been so effective in treating my cat's vomiting and constipation.  He rarely ever vomits (perhaps once a month now), and he has had no repeats of the bowel obstruction problems.  I am now confident that if a problem does arise, I can use the Hairball Remedy to help him overcome any obstruction. 

Thank you SO much for helping my cat live a normal, healthy, and happy life.  His personality, coat, and attitude have changed drastically since getting his medical problems under control.  He's never been better, and I would like you to know how much I appreciate a natural option for resolving my cat's problems.  I have already recommended your products to numerous friends and plan to purchase your products again in the future. 

A big thank-you, too, from Hunter! Laura H. from Oakley, California

I just wanted to let you know, I believe your products saved my cats life and my wallet. My cat, Gal, is elderly at 13 yrs. now. She was having health problems you have talked about, like mysterious bacterial infections that cost several hundred dollars to treat at the vet and nearly killed her several times. She was getting skinny and losing her fur. I started giving her the multiple vitamins, Parastem, and Systemajuv 4 times a day in a dropper down her throat.

She gained her weight back and her fur and she's really looking and feeling good. I also give her the Worm-Out for parasite control in her food (tape worms also nearly killed her). I watched the Worm-Out kill ear mites in my big orange four year old tom cat, Orange, a couple of times now. The money I spent on your feline medicine has been well worth it. I'm sure my credit cards would be loaded with vet bills trying to save my cats life by now if I hadn't given my cats your medicine.

Just wanted to thank you for your products. I was a skeptic.  Sincerely, Colleen Wilhelm from Port Angeles, Wa.

Dear Friends at Pet Medicine Chest:

We were asked to cordially submit an attribution of a testament to medicines provided by Pet Medicine Chest and how it benefited our cat Fluffy (age 15 years old).

In all due respect and appreciation to the kind help and advice we received from individuals at Pet Medicine Chest, here is our personal testimonial as it relates to our relationship with Pet Medicine Chest and the owners of Fluffy.

We bring our cat, as well as other pets, to our favorite veterinarian, The Village Vet Clinic for annual check ups. Fluffy has gotten some of the best treatment from the staff at this clinic over the years (12 years) and we’ve gotten good advice not to mention, excellent care for our cat through them. These same vets saved our dogs life, not once, but twice and we swear to that. She was bleeding internally from something she ate outside, both upper and lower intestines.

Fluffy’s last visit, about 6 months ago, came up with bad news about her health. The discovery by the vet was that there was an imbalance in her hormones, seemed she had an over active thyroid which was causing her to loose weight. He felt this was caused by a tumor next to her thyroid gland. This all came about, the discovery, upon a routine thyroid check due to her age and the fact she had lost weight. Best referred to as Feline Hyperthyroidism.  The alternatives offered by the clinic were as follows:

(1) She could be placed on medication which would consist of one pill per day at a very low dosage along with periodic blood checks which can determine if she needed more medicine or if the treatment was working properly. Total cost: pills $30 / office visits and blood work $85.00.

2) Surgery could be performed to remove the tumor but no guarantee that another tumor wouldn’t form on the other gland and the fact surgery vs., age was of concern.

3) Arrangements could have been made with Cornell University and we, at our own cost and transportation, could bring her there and a treatment called Radioactive Iodine, at a cost of $900.00 + could be carried out. Fluffy would have had to remain there for no less than one week. The trip alone was about 300 miles one way.

We thought about Feline Medicine Chest and from all that we read at their web site decided to submit our problem to them via cathelp@petmedicinechest.com

Almost immediately we were advised and this was the exact email . . . quote . . . .
“Wow, what a situation. O.K., this is what I am going to suggest. ProBac, to restore good bacteria. Systemajuv, to rid the body of bad bacteria and build the immune system. Feline Vita Pak and Trace Minerals to boost your pet’s nutritionally. We would also add Tumor Aide and Tumoreze.” Unquote

We read up, at their web site, on all these medicines being thrown at us and our concern for Fluffy who had to ingest them. After reading everything it satisfied us logically and we ordered same from Pet Medicine Chest.

The treatment commenced immediately after receiving the items and continued and continued for a period of several months with periods (as directed) we gave her nothing but her regular food. Throughout, we often sent mini-emails back and forth mainly about direction or indications of how Fluffy was reacting to the treatment.

Eventually, and not too long after the treatment began, maybe a good week to 10 days, we began to see and witness immense improvement in Fluffy’s weight, appetite and over all disposition. She stopped throwing up for starters, she drank a lot of water, her weight was evident by picking her up, we fed her less but more times per day and even her vocal noise began to quiet down. We continued the treatment for roughly 3 months but lessened the dosage more and more until we finally stopped about 1 month ago.

It is our laymen opinion, as the owners and observers of Fluffy, that she is in excellent heath as it pertains to her original health problem of the imbalance of her hormones, the over active thyroid and the tumor (totally gone).

We sincerely thank, with the utmost gratitude, the total support and confidence given us by Crystal (and the rest of the staff at Pet Medicine Chest).  Regards, Frank and Arlene Hendricks, Town of Westmoreland, New York 


Cat Liver Problems

Your products have saved my kitty's life! Literally saved her life when the medical world said there was nothing more to do than load her up with medication and a feeding tube and saying she was "medically ready".  At the end of a healthy perfect life for my fourteen-year-old cat to endure such a horrible end was beyond me. I know one day she will leave, but I feel now it will be a much more natural and peaceful transition.  

It is a miracle I found your site days before she would most likely die.  In December 2002, my thirteen year old cat Chynna died of cancer (wish I had found you earlier) and it rocked our world sending my 14 yr. old cat Sparklits into a grief so deep that she would sit frozen unable to move and unable to eat. Suddenly I found my ten pound beautiful cat three pounds, kidney failure, becoming bald and jaundiced. Her skin was the color of a manila envelope. It was devastating. I tried to hand feed her.                      

I went to a local holistic vet and he put her on remedies, one being milk thistle. At first it worked, but she hated it and severely foamed every time I gave it to her and began running and hiding from me. It wasn't worth seeing her like that, plus after a few weeks it seemed to loose its steam.  

My dog Ivy was now getting very stressed too having lost one family member and now loosing another within two months. Her skin was acting up. Her arthritis was acting up. Her ear infections were acting up.  One day, I was doing some work on the computer.   Sparklits and Ivy were sleeping next to me. Somehow, and I don't remember really, but I found myself on your website. I think out of desperation and helplessness I searched "cat liver problems" in yahoo and your site came up.  

As I began to read the information on your site all my negativity began to surface. It seemed too good to be true. I questioned the testimonials, as were they legit. I wondered if the products were simply a scam. I almost left the site, but something kept me reading. I decided to call. Leslie got on the phone. I was still really very skeptical, but went ahead and got Hemotox, Metaltox and Probac. Leslie suggested getting other things, but I didn't want to. After all if it was a scam, I didn't want to be out even more money and being ripped off. 

Okay now, as soon as I got the product I made the remedies. I gave it to both Sparklits and Ivy. And by the next day, in 24 hours, I saw a difference in Sparklits! I kept looking at her and thinking it was too good to be true! In one week, my kitty was eating. She was up and exploring again and just being herself.  It has only gotten better every day.   

It's been a month now as I write this thank you letter. She is almost back to a cats natural skin color. She's gained weight. I took her to the park the other day. A man came over to us. He thought Sparklits was a kitten. He commented on how bright her eyes were and how alert she was. My heart did back flips! When I told him how old she was and how sick she was, he was blown away. I sent him to your site.  

Ivy is doing well too. It will be interesting to me if I don't ever have to give her antibiotics again because of her seborrhea and ear medication. She's on MSM for her arthritis, which she'll most likely stay on because she shows no signs of arthritis on MSM. However, I just ordered the rest of products. Let's see what happens next!  Think I'll take them too! 

Thank you!  Joan Lauren, NYC

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