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Dear Fellow Cat Lover,

Has your beloved best little friend just been given a "death sentence" with a cancer diagnosis?  Are you shocked at this diagnosis?  Does your cat have tumors and you don't know for sure at this moment if they are malignant or not?  Are you so upset that you can't really think straight right now?  If you are like the rest of us cat lovers, a discussion about cancer and your cat is NOT what you ever wish to have to do.   However, we are thankful you are here.

We want you to know that you have just arrived at the premier website that is just what you are looking for in seeking help with this devastating news.  We also want you to know that there is help available and there still may be time for hope.  

The Feline Medicine Chest™ has been dealing with serious cancer problems for many years now.  Most of the time we are able to help with a recovery.  All of the time we have been able to assist the last days of a critically ill cat to be more peaceful as it prepares to pass on to another life.

We have experience with tumors, lymphomas, skin cancers, leukemia and cancers of other types.  Unfortunately this disease is becoming rampant in our beloved Feline population.  What causes this condition?  For the past thirty some years, our doctors maintain that toxins in our environment cause this condition. 

There are toxins in the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat.  There are literally toxins in everything that we and our precious pets encounter.  Is it any wonder that one out of every 2.5 people in this country are dying and will die of this dreaded disease.  Did you know that in 1901 only one out of 8,000 people died of cancer (according to the United States Government's own statistics)?  

In the so called "War on Cancer", why are the number of cancer deaths going up instead of down in the number of deaths due to cancer?  How many of your friends and family members have succumbed to this dreaded condition?  The reason why we are asking you these questions is to get you to thinking and understanding that America is NOT winning its war on cancer anymore now than it did in 1972 when it was "declared".   Why do you suppose this is? 

These same questions can be asked of the American pet population.  How many of your family members and friends have pets that may have died or are dying of cancer?  Stop and think about it.  We don't know what the statistics are (or if they even exist), but we can assure you that there are thousands of beloved "four legged family members"  who are dying or have died of cancer.  We hear about it every single day.  Why do you suppose this is?  Could this have to do with their food, water and air or vaccinations?  Most definitely, and it is probably all four.


What is the normal recommended procedure that an allopathic (conventional) veterinarian recommends for a pet that has just been diagnosed with cancer?  You probably already know.  Yes, it is almost always chemotherapy and radiation just as it is for humans.  Rarely does a conventional veterinarian recommend doing any other course of treatment other than to send the cat home with advice to you to "keep it comfortable and when it gets really bad, bring it in for us to put it to sleep".  

Does chemotherapy have any side effects with a cat?  From our vast experiences, the answer is yes.  The cat can and usually does become very sick from this procedure.  It takes several hours to several days for the cat to recover, then it will be time for another treatment to make it sick again.  Is this really how you can make your cat well?  Not in our eyes.

What about radiation?  Does it have any side effects?  The best way we can describe what radiation does is this--have you ever put in a piece of meat into your microwave oven and then cooked that meat too long?  That is exactly how the internal organ looks after it has been zapped with radiation.  Do you think this is what you want for your cat?  Do you think this is humane and can really solve a problem by cooking the diseased organ?  Do you think maybe your cat just might need that organ to live?  If this is a tumor, then maybe this might be a consideration.  What happens if the radiation damages nearby organs?  Do you think this might be possible? 

Why all the questions?  Because we want you to start thinking and using your own instincts and your own judgment and innate intelligence concerning the welfare of your precious cat.  We want you to think and think long and hard about what course of action you need to take for the benefit of your cat.  Any truly intelligent thinking person knows there has to be a better way than poison and frying to remedy cancer. 

For thousands of years Mother Nature has provided her Earthlings with natural remedies for malignancies and all other ailments if they have the wisdom to use them.   It has only been in the last few years of the earth that humans have scoffed at the miracles of Mother Nature and succumbed to the "miracles of modern science".  If these so called miracles are happening, then why are deaths from cancer increasing?  Why are the incidents of cancer continuing on the upswing?


What would our recommended course of action be?  We would use only natural gentle herbal remedies that do not destroy or poison, but instead support the body's critical needs.  We would aggressively nutritionally support this cat with natural vitamin and mineral supplements and organic nutrition. Our recommended steps in a cancer protocol are the following: 

First, in all instances boost the immune system because the immune system is what heals.   Drugs don't heal and in fact herbs don't actually do the healing,  the immune system does the healing.  One needs to boost the immune system by giving it a jump start with herbs that accomplish this critical task.  

Second, aggressively go after the cancer with an herbal tincture that is an old time North American Indian herb recipe that has been used as a cancer and other ailments remedy for hundreds of years.  If a tumor is involved, then we would also incorporate tumor remedies.

Third, balance the flora throughout the entire body so that the body can more rapidly absorb the healing energies from the herbs.  This also aids in improving the immune system.

Fourth, home cook your cat's nutrition--organic beef, chicken, pork, lamb meats of all types in the form of a stew with all kinds of vegetables--carrots, beans, peas, broccoli, sprouts, corn, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, literally every single type of vegetable you can possibly add to the meats.  If the liver is damaged for example, then offer raw liver (organically only).  If you know which organ is bad, then if at all possible, go to a butcher shop and get that organ for your cat to eat.  This will help restore the organ in question.    NO PASTA unless your cat has lost a lot of weight.   Also add the darkest red wine you can find and add to your cat's food--a cup of wine to a quart of good food.  NEVER COOK your cat's food with a microwave as this will destroy the nutritional content of the food.  For ease of your cat's digestion, you may want to use a blender and blend your stew before you serve it.

Fifth, aggressively support your cat with nutritional supplementation with vitamins, minerals and especially trace minerals.  At this point, your cat's blood is contaminated with toxins of all sorts.  The blood can only carry so much.  Make sure the blood is carrying excellent wholesome nutrition and nutritional supplements to nourish the long deprived cells throughout its body.  These would be added to the food you cooked after it is cooked. 

If you think your cat has the will to live and you cannot imagine poisoning your cat or radiating its organs, then you and your cat may be candidates to prove the "experts" wrong. 

However, the most important equation in this formula is YOU.  YOU must make the decisions about your cat's health and welfare. You must do the cooking.  You must administer the herbs faithfully.  You must do the observing.  If you are up to the task and challenge of bringing your cat back to health, then CLICK HERE  for more details.  If not...........your cat's life is literally in your hands.   

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