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Dear Fellow Cat Lover,

Does your cat have a chronic case of diarrhea?   Does your cat now have "bloody scours" or blood in its stool?    Are you giving your precious little cat antibiotic after antibiotic or other drugs and the diarrhea just will not go away?   Or it does go away for a couple of weeks and then it comes right back?

Well, relax, you have just found the internets premier website with an answer to your prayers.    There really and truly is a remedy for this dilemma that will get diarrhea completely under control, and--if you are diligent--in a short time no less.

Diarrhea is not normally a fatal illness, but it sure can be if it continues and continues.  Continual diarrhea depletes your cat of essential nutrients, causes extreme discomfort physically and psychologically for your kitty and creates stress for you.    

Diarrhea is quite simply an imbalance of bacteria in your cat's gut   This serious imbalance can be caused by a whole host of situations such as emotional stress, physical stress, even weather stress, chlorinated water, among others.  However, the biggest culprit of all is the overuse or indiscriminate use of antibiotics.   

Antibiotics kill all of the bacteria in an animal's body, not just the bad bacteria that may have been causing an infection.   Thus leaving a "sterile gut".  All warm blooded animals need good bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in their gut in order to digest and absorb their food.  When antibiotics are used, they interfere with this absorption process causing further health complications such as yeast infections, ear infections, even hair ball problems, or other bacterial infections. 

The Feline Medicine Chest™ approach is to FLOOD THE GUT with good bacteria NOT TO KILL bacteria.   Our approach is the same as has been used for well over one hundred years in Europe--administer lots and lots of good bacteria and drive the pathogenic bacteria out of the body via the urine or feces with very potent microbials such as lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus lactis and others.  This leaves the gut with 100% full of good bacteria which will aid your kitty in its nutritional uptake and will help restore the immune system which is so desperately needed in times of stress. 

Studies have shown that the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria that is necessary for robust health and vitality is 80% to 85% good bacteria and 15% to 20% of pathogenic bacteria.  As we say here at the Feline Medicine Chest™, bad news travels faster than good news; well, so does bad bacteria.  It is not long and the body's flora is completely balance properly all the while your kitty is now able to eat and absorb what it is eating.

For a more detailed discussion about diarrhea problems and how to get relief for your cat once and for all, CLICK HERE        






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