Epileptic Seizures

All types of seizures are taking place within the feline population today.  There are grand mall seizures, petite seizures and "normal seizures". 

There is no such thing as a "normal seizure" as far as we are concerned.  Every seizure is a threat to your cat's life and it is telling us that there is something drastically wrong with the cat's system.  From our years of experience this "something" is that your cat's body is completely contaminated with an overload of toxins in its body.  These toxins have now reached the nervous system and brain.  Thus your cat is experiencing a seizure. 

If you have even witnessed a cat's behavior after it has eaten a poisoned and dying mouse, you would be able to see this first hand.  The poisons are now affecting the cat and causing the cat to go into convulsions. 

Are epileptic seizures genetic?  We say no to this question.  Our belief is that the mother passed these toxic substances (chemicals and heavy metals) onto her young while she was in gestation and while she was nursing the babies.  Her blood is what was circulating within the babies as she was carrying them.  If the mother's blood was contaminated, then the babies will be contaminated from the moment of conception.  These babies will become ill at a very young age unless their contaminated blood is cleaned.  Hence the proliferation of younger and younger sick cats as the years go on.

For more discussion on how to remove poisons and chemicals and other contaminants from your cat and how to get to the ROOT CAUSE of epileptic seizures, please CLICK HERE for a detailed discussion on how to proceed.






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