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You have just located the most important site on the internet for promoting the health and well being of your precious cat.  Obviously you are a person that is extremely interested in taking the best possible care of your little friend that you possibly can.  We are glad you are here to learn more.

Does your cat have bleeding gums?  Missing teeth or infected teeth?  What about tenderness in its mouth and resulting difficulty in eating solid foods?  Are you constantly administering costly drugs to your cat?   Are you sick of your cat being sick?  Have you done test after test after test and your cat is still sick?   Are you tired of the horrendous Vet bills and your beloved companion is still not well?  Have you finally decided to "take matters into your own hands" and do something worthwhile for your cat?

Welcome to the Feline Medicine Chest™.  At last you have discovered a site on the internet that can finally help you help your most cherished family companion.  We don't do drugs, we don't do blood testing, we don't do allergy testing, we don't mask anything, we don't hurt your pocketbook, and most importantly, we don't hurt your cat in any manner.  

We do the most important thing for your cat--we get to the root cause of your cat's health problem.  

Did you know that the root cause of almost all feline health problems including teeth and gum problems is a direct result of inadequate and poor nutrition?  Yes, but I feed my cat the very best food that money can buy and my cat is a good eater.  How can this possibly be?  You must be mistaken.  Might this be you talking to the screen?

Unfortunately periodontal disease is almost always a consequence of either unwholesome food, too little food, the cat's inability to eat or the body's inability to absorb nutrition.   Let us address each one of these possible reasons separately.

How is it possible that you could be feeding your cat unwholesome food when you buy all of your precious kitty's food from your local veterinarian?   Most dried and canned cat food cannot quite compare to a carnivorous cat catching their own fresh food in the form of a mouse or rabbit or bird in the wild as cats have done for eons.  This fresh prey that a cat captures contains essential enzymes and nutrients that are critical for the health and well being of the cat.  Almost any man made product cannot compare to what natural nutrition caught fresh by the cat provides the feline body.  In fact this is so complicated, that man still does not definitively know the nutritional requirements of the feline body.

Does this mean that you need to provide your cat with animals from the wild in order to be healthy?  Certainly not, but it might suggest to you that your cat needs fresher food in order to have all the nutrition that its little body is requiring.  You might investigate a raw food diet for your cat while you are researching on the internet and see what others have done for their cat's nutritional needs.  We also recommend cooking for your cat and feeding table scraps to your cat like your parents and grandparents and grandparents before them.  Prepared cat food in a bag or a can is actually a relatively recent convenience for cat owners--the word convenience being the operative word.

Sometimes a cat just refuses to eat the amount of food that is essential for its health and well being.  Normally a cat will do this if they are really unhappy with the food that is being presented to them.  Cats know when they don't like something or when the food is not agreeing with their little body.  It is very important to pay close attention to a cat's body language and behavior when this condition seems to happen.  They actually are trying to tell you something.   Start experimenting with different fresh foods, like cooked chicken or beef or pork or lamb.  You might mix whatever meats the cat likes with some pureed fresh vegetables.  Put some sprouts into the mix and see how your kitty responds as sprouts are loaded with natures blessings.  This may seem like some work to you, but frankly it will be excellent for your cat and good for you too as you will actually begin to see the fruits of your labor reflected in your cat's health..  Plus, this type of wholesome endeavor makes your powers of observation so much more keen.

If your cat is unable to eat due to poor teeth or even no teeth, then it would be best to get a food processor and puree into a liquid your kitty's fresh (key word being fresh) meat and vegetable ingredients.  This way you will be certain your cat is getting the freshness in its food that it needs.  Obviously if its food is in liquid form, it will be substantially easier for your toothless little friend and you will be reassured that your cat is getting some excellent wholesome nutrition. 

How does one deal with the cat's problem of being unable to absorb the nutrition that you are providing thus causing serious gum and teeth problems?  The gum and teeth problems are really what you can see.  What about the other vital organs of the body that are becoming malnourished.  Is it possible that hyper and hypo thyroid conditions, diabetes, arthritis and other complex health problems could occur as a result of the body's inability to absorb its nutrition?  Most definitely this could be the case.

There could be a myriad of reasons why your cat cannot absorb its food, thus producing chronic health problems that seem to go on and on.  

Bacterial Imbalance

First, your cat could have an imbalance of bacteria in its system due to the use or overuse of antibiotics or stress of some sort.  Antibiotics kill off all the flora in the cat's body and hinder digestive which results in the body's inability to absorb its food.  Please click here for a detailed discussion of this phenomenon,  CLICK HERE.

Impure Blood         

Second, your kitty could have so many impurities in its blood that the blood actually contains minimal if any nutrients necessary to replenish the cells in its body.   As you most likely know, all the cells in an animal's body need nourishment on a daily basis in order to rejuvenate these cells and keep the animal healthy.  

Your question might be--how on earth can my cat's blood have so many impurities in its blood that the blood can no longer carry nutrition to the cells?  Unfortunately, in today's toxic, chemical laden environment, this is extremely common.  

The functions of the filtering systems in the body--liver, kidneys, lungs--are to remove toxic impurities from the blood.  The filters enable the blood to then flow through the digestive system, latch onto the nutrients your cat is digesting, then circulate throughout the body and nourish the little animal's cells.  If any one of these filters become clogged, then the cat's health will start to deteriorate.  This is when allergies will surface, arthritis, diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney failure and on and on.

If you think about this concept with some common sense logic and compare your car's oil filter with your cat's filters, then this is a little easier to understand.  If you change the oil in your car and forget to change the filter, the oil becomes very dirty in a short period of time.  If you continue to change the oil and not change or clean the filter, then your car's motor can be affected and the performance of your car is hindered.  

So, are you suggesting to change my cat's blood?  Not at all.  Our suggestion is to clean your cat's filters and get your cat back to health by supplying nutrition to all the cells.  This will take some time depending upon the age of the cat, but it can be done.   Once the cat's filters are clean, then clean those filters again every four to six months for two weeks.  For a complete in-depth discussion about cleaning the impurities from your cat's blood and filters in order for the blood to carry nutrients, please CLICK HERE.        


Third, bleeding gums, loose or missing teeth are a clear indication that your cat is not getting the nutrition its body requires.  It is not getting the calcium it needs to keep the teeth strong and healthy.  It is not getting the other minerals or vitamins or trace minerals that are so essential for the health of an animal. 

Our fundamental premise is that excellent, wholesome nutrition is the keystone of good health for any animal in the universe.  Without excellent nutrition, any animal's body will go downhill.  You are actually witnessing  the manifestation of poor nutrition if your cat has teeth and gum problems.   This condition can be corrected quickly if you supplement your cat with natural vitamins, minerals and probably most important of all--trace minerals. 

What minerals and vitamins are lacking in my cat's diet?  Frankly no one knows for certain.  Our premise is to provide natural minerals and vitamins versus synthetic vitamins and minerals to make sure these nutrients are "available" to the cat's body.  If the cat needs a particular mineral or vitamin, then the body will call for it and absorb it if it is "available" or absorbable.  Synthetics are not absorbable by the animal body.  For a complete detailed discussion on feline health maintenance and what we recommend to provide a feline on a weekly and daily basis, please CLICK HERE.

What do we recommend?

Three are several factors to consider when one is facing gum and/or teeth problems.  The most important consideration is the age of the kitty.  The older a kitty, the longer malnutrition has taken place. 

  • First, it is important to clean the kitty's blood in order for the blood to carry nutrients.  If one attempts to "clean" an older kitty too quickly, it will most likely stress the body too much.  Hence, we would recommend beginning a cleaning process, but would use Systemajuv™ instead of the other more potent cleaning herbals that you read about in the above discussion about regarding removing impurities in the blood. Systemajuv™ is more gentle and has herbals that have been shown to help in boosting the immune system.  Thus we would build up the body while gently cleaning the blood for thirty days, then include the other cleaning products after that.

  • Second, we would highly recommend balancing the flora in the kitty's body and facilitate a greater absorption of the nutrients you are providing with an extremely potent probiotic--ProBac Adult™.

  • Third, we would support the kitty with nutritional supplements beginning with highly concentrated trace minerals and natural vitamins and minerals.

  • Fourth, several times a day we would mist the kitty's mouth with Oxyjuv and water in order to help heal the bleeding and gums from the outside in.  The other ingested remedies will help heal from the inside out.  Oxyjuv is a wonderful product we use on all wounds for help with the healing process. 

  • Fifth and equally important is your personal contribution of your little friend's health--begin to feed your kitty fresh wholesome meats (cooked or uncooked depending upon your cat's wishes), lots of vegetables, eggs, oatmeal, cottage cheese, fish, tuna and whatever else your kitty will eat as long as it is fresh food and not processed food.  Processed food is really left-overs if you think about it and they contain preservatives which ultimately affect the filtering systems even further.

From our vast experience, if one were to follow this protocol, a cat's health can be restored.  As you might know from your research, Mother Nature's herbs work differently than drugs.  There is no such thing as an overnight quick fix.  It took quite some time for your cat to become this malnourished and it will take some time to get your cat back to health.  However, if you are diligent and dedicated, your kitty can and will return to excellent health.  At the same time, your kitty will have the opportunity to teach you some very interesting and wonderful things about Mother Nature's remedies for all her little animals.  

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