It is of course best to prevent distemper by building the immune system from the time your cat was a kitten which is the philosophy of the Feline Medicine Chest.   If this has not been possible until you recently learned of us and your feline does in fact have distemper, then these are the recommended remedies:
ProBac Adult™
An immune system booster which is a highly potent microbial (probiotic) for the adult feline than enhances the natural bacterial activity in the digestive system which simultaneously boosts the immune system.  ProBac Adult™ improves the enzyme system within the digestive tract with 20 billion colony forming units per gram of good bacteria, therefore improving the cat’s nutritive uptake thus improving the cat’s immune system.  ProBac Adult™ is extremely helpful in balancing the flora in the gut to aid with diarrhea problems which are usually caused by an imbalance of flora in the gut.  ProBac Adult™ is the keystone prevention product of the Feline Medicine Chest™ and is recommended to be used with all remedies for better results and quicker restoration of health.

ProBac Adult™ is a powdered substance that has been used successfully in the feline industry in Europe since 1874 and thus does not require refrigeration.   Recommended dosage to be used 1/8 teaspoon per pint of water or soft food every day for thirty to sixty days in the food and/or water until your cat is back to health.   Thereafter, 1/8 teaspoon per pint of water or in the soft food every other day will assist in keeping your cat in excellent health.

ProBac Adult™ wholesales for: 

Large: $40.00 for 20 ounces 


Small: $20.00 for 2.5 ounces



A highly potent combination herbal remedy developed to completely rejuvenate the body’s entire systems, which may be infected by bacteria, viral, or toxic organisms.  Systemajuv™ helps rid the body of bad bacteria without “killing the good bacteria too” by flooding the body with good bacteria and pushing out the pathogenic bacteria via the urine and/or feces, rather than killing.  Systemajuv™ also mildly detoxifies the body and builds up the white blood cell count helping fight infections all at the same time.  This product is recommended as a remedy for both adult cats and kittens as well  If you see your kitty is droopy, lethargic, refusing to eat, and generally not feeling well, Systemajuv™ has been shown to turn the cat around in a matter of days and gets them going again.

Systemajuv™ is administered by putting three to five drops directly in the mouth (or down the throat) four to six times daily for the first two or three days (more if necessary) as well as four or five drops in its soft food for another five to ten days to make sure your cat is restored to good health.  Systemajuv™ can be administered indefinitely to quickly improve the immune system and to nurse a feline back to health quicker.

Restoration of excellent health can be achieved more quickly when Systemajuv™ is paired with the ProBac Adult™ as this balances the flora in the gut quickly and facilitates a greater absorption of the herbal remedy and your feline’s nutritive uptake.

Systemajuv™ is a liquid dispensed by included dropper.

Systemajuv™ wholesales for: 

Large: $62.00 for 4 ounces


Small: $18.00 for 1 ounce


Systemajuv™ is the keystone remedy product of the Feline Medicine Chest™ and is usually recommended to be administered with the other special remedy products because of its high potent immune boosting powers.
Fungus Supplement™
A safe, all natural, non-invasive, gentle, herbal remedy to aid in clearing the lungs of oxygen depriving debris such as mucus or fungus and allow for a greater capacity of oxygen necessary to pull through this physical crisis.  Fungus Supplement™ and Systemajuv™ together have been shown to aid in breaking the fever which usually accompanies distemper.

Fungus Supplement™ is a liquid remedy which is dispensed directly down the throat with an included dropper several times daily during a crisis.

Fungus Supplement™ wholesales for:

Large  $52.00 for 4 ounces


Small  $18.00 for 1 ounce



The recommended dosage of both Fungus Supplement™ and Systemajuv™ is three to five drops six to eight times daily (or more if deemed necessary) for two to five days depending upon response.   Then at least three to four times daily for the next ten days until your feline is returned to good health.  ProBac Adult™ needs to be included in the dosing (made fresh each time) by mixing a 1/16 teaspoon in 1/2 ounce of water and using an eye dropper putting this directly down the cats throat along with the Fungus Supplement™ and Systemajuv™ each and every time.

The Feline Medicine Chest's™ procedure is to mix all three together in a very small jar, shake all together, then using one eye dropper put that amount down the kitty’s throat six or more times daily during this crisis.  Can you overdose---No. Can you underdose---Yes.  It is always better to do more often than less often in the first two days.  Remember our rule of thumb with using these natural products---it is not how much you give your cat at one time, but a lesser amount more frequently is the key to quickly restoring your little friend to health.

Your kitty will sleep an excessive amount it seems and will get into a very very deep sleep once the fever is broken which, in most cases is normal as the body is healing during this sleep.  Our experience with rescue cats with their many and varied ill stages of health has taught us a lot about how cats respond to Mother Nature’s remedies work with very sick cats.  These three above remedies really work and work well.  With distemper, there isn’t much time left so one needs to act and act quickly.