Hairball Problems

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Hairball problems generally begin with an imbalance of bacteria in the gut with resulting digestive difficulties that make a cat miserable after a period of time.  It is highly recommended that one keep the gut flora balanced on a two to three day a week basis.    

Hair Ball Aid™
Is a safe, all natural, powdered, combination of herbs developed to assist the longer haired feline with hair ball problems. Experience has shown these herbs to assist the feline who has trouble moving its bowels due to too much hair in the digestive system with resulting constant problems of regurgitation and/or constipation.  Aids in assisting with elimination for an elderly cat.

These powdered organic food quality herbs are best when added 1/8 teaspoon (more or less depending upon feline need and size) to the soft food serving morning and night.  Some of the herbs pull the food through the digestive system, while other herbs lubricate the digestive system to make movement easier.   This wonderful product of Mother Nature makes for a more problem free, stress-free, happier kitty.

Hair Ball Aid™ wholesales for:

Large  $25.00 for 20 ounces
Small  $15.00 for 2.5 ounces

A gentle, natural remedy developed specifically to aid the feline who is already constipated with hairballs or other foreign objects.  This liquid herbal remedy causes the intestinal walls to gently move and dislodge the compacted waste to facilitate a bowel movement safely in a short period of time.  This enables the cat to reduce straining thus preventing further complications such as a prolapsed anus or hemorrhoids and fissures.  This remedy is ideal for an elderly cat who is having difficulty moving its bowels.

Administered three to five drops directly in the cat's mouth with included eyedropper as often as necessary for immediate results. 

Once the obstruction is cleared, then one should sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon of Hair Ball Aid™ on top of the cat's food twice daily for two to three weeks to re-stabilize the digestive system, then once or twice weekly to keep obstructions from developing. 

Hair Ball Supplement L wholesales for:

Small: bottle  $18.00


Large:  bottle $52.00
ProBac Adult™
An immune system booster which is a highly potent microbial (probiotic) for the adult feline than enhances the natural bacterial activity in the digestive system which simultaneously boosts the immune system.  ProBac Adult™ improves the enzyme system within the digestive tract with 20 billion colony forming units per gram of good bacteria, therefore improving the cat’s nutritive uptake thus improving the cat’s immune system.  ProBac Adult™ is extremely helpful in balancing the flora in the gut to aid with a variety of health problems which are usually caused by an imbalance of flora in the gut.  

ProBac Adult™ is the keystone prevention product of the Feline Medicine Chest™ and is recommended to be used with all remedies for better results and quicker restoration of health.  This powerful excellent natural product has been used in the pet industry for over 130 years in Europe.

ProBac Adult™ is a powdered substance that has been used successfully in the feline industry in Europe since 1874 and does not require refrigeration.   Recommended dosage to be used 1/8 teaspoon per pint of water or soft food serving every day for thirty to sixty days in the food and/or water until your cat is back to health.   

Thereafter, 1/8 teaspoon per pint of water or in the soft food serving every other day will assist in keeping your cat in excellent health.

ProBac Adult™ wholesales for: 

Large: $40.00 for 20 ounces


Small: $20.00 for 2.5 ounces


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