Liver Problems

Experience has shown that the root cause of liver and kidney problems is generally a consequence of toxins from the environment and from the unnatural preservatives in the food. The kidneys and liver all need to be cleared of toxins before true healing can take place. 

For either the liver or the kidneys can return to health, these filters need to be cleaned.  Just as any filter that is clean, the filter can now do the job it was designed to do--keep the blood clean in order for the blood to provide good nutrition to all the cells throughout the body.  Please read a customer's story below the product descriptions.

The products we recommend to bring any age kitty back to health and wellness are:

Is a safe, gentle, natural remedy developed to combat toxic liver and kidney conditions in the feline body.  Experience has shown this remedy to be a very gentle and affective approach to eliminating environmental and food toxins from the liver and kidneys.

This liquid herbal remedy is administered either directly down the cat’s throat three to five drops for two weeks with the included dropper or place five drops in its daily water for two weeks.  Then rest your cat’s body for one week and do another two or three more cycles.  It is important to make sure your cat is getting this remedy several times during the day for quicker and better results.

A very toxic cat will tend to sleep more during this detox program because its little body is working overtime and bringing the toxins into the digestive tract where they are flushed from the body via the urine or feces or both.  When directions are followed properly, this is not harmful in any manner and is in fact necessary to restore excellent health to your cat.  Usually you will see an improvement in your little friend’s health within a week or two.  It is usually necessary to do two or three or even four cycles of the above procedure to insure the body is clean. Once your little friend is returned to vibrant health, then it is important to maintain its health by detoxing for two cycles once a year if you feel it is necessary.   Unfortunately, in today’s toxic environment, it is usually necessary.

Hemotox™ wholesales for:

Large  $52.00 for 4 ounces
Small  $18.00 for 1 ounce
A natural remedy developed to aid in removing heavy metal toxins in the felines system.  Metal poisoning is closely associated with chemical poisoning because most chemicals have a metallic base when they are manufactured.  Metaltox™  assists detoxing as a result of metal compound poisoning.   Administered in the water or soft food.

Best when combined with the ProBac Adult™. 

Melaltox™ wholesales for:

Large $52.00 for 4 ounces
Small  $18.00 for 1 ounce

A highly potent combination herbal remedy developed to completely rejuvenate the body’s entire systems, which may be infected by bacteria, viral, or toxic organisms.  Systemajuv™ helps rid the body of bad bacteria without “killing the good bacteria too” by flooding the body with good bacteria and pushing out the pathogenic bacteria via the urine and/or feces, rather than killing.  Systemajuv™ also mildly detoxifies the body and builds up the white blood cell count helping fight infections all at the same time.  This product is recommended as a remedy for both adult cats and kittens as well  If you see your kitty is droopy, lethargic, refusing to eat, and generally not feeling well, Systemajuv™ has been shown to turn the cat around in a matter of days and gets them going again.

Systemajuv™ is administered by putting three to five drops directly in the mouth (or down the throat) four to six times daily for the first two or three days (more if necessary) as well as four or five drops in its soft food for another five to ten days to make sure your cat is restored to good health.  Systemajuv™ can be administered indefinitely to quickly improve the immune system and to nurse a feline back to health quicker.

Restoration of excellent health can be achieved more quickly when Systemajuv™ is paired with the ProBac Adult™ as this balances the flora in the gut quickly and facilitates a greater absorption of the herbal remedy and your feline’s nutritive uptake.

Systemajuv™ is a liquid dispensed by included dropper.

Systemajuv™ wholesales for: 

Large: $62.00 for 4 ounces


Small: $18.00 for 1 ounce


Systemajuv™ is the keystone health remedy product of the Feline Medicine Chest™ and is usually recommended to be administered with the other special remedy products because of its high potent immune boosting powers.  This natural product has been shown to aid in restoring health more quickly.
ProBac Adult™
An immune system booster which is a highly potent microbial (probiotic) for the adult feline than enhances the natural bacterial activity in the digestive system which simultaneously boosts the immune system.  ProBac Adult™ improves the enzyme system within the digestive tract with 20 billion colony forming units per gram of good bacteria, therefore improving the cat’s nutritive uptake thus improving the cat’s immune system.  ProBac Adult™ is extremely helpful in balancing the flora in the gut to aid with diarrhea problems which are usually caused by an imbalance of flora in the gut.  ProBac Adult™ is the keystone prevention product of the Feline Medicine Chest™ and is recommended to be used with all remedies for better results and quicker restoration of health.

ProBac Adult™ is a powdered substance that has been used successfully in the feline industry in Europe since 1874 and thus does not require refrigeration.   Recommended dosage to be used 1/8 teaspoon per pint of water or soft food every day for thirty to sixty days in the food and/or water until your cat is back to health.   Thereafter, 1/8 teaspoon per pint of water or in the soft food every other day will assist in keeping your cat in excellent health.

ProBac Adult™ wholesales for: 

Large: $40.00 for 20 ounces


Small: $20.00 for 2.5 ounces


Concentrated Trace Minerals™
These aid in the digestive system being able to absorb the food and vitamin nutrients you are giving your feline.  Without minerals, particularly trace minerals, the gut does not fully absorb the vitamins you are administering and in fact the lack of trace minerals can cause the gut to shut down completely causing your feline to slowly “waste away”.  This problem is becoming more and more prevalent with felines today, particularly the elderly feline.

Nutritionists now maintain that the lack of trace minerals in the diet is the primary cause of chronic illnesses such as arthritis and diabetes in felines today.  Fortunately the Feline Medicine Chest™ has found an economical and easy way to solve this problem.

Our Concentrated Trace Minerals™ are a highly concentrated colloidal liquid dispensed by included dropper. Five drops per gallon of water is all that is necessary for excellent health.

Concentrated Trace Minerals
wholesale for:

Large $55.00 for 4 ounces
(will treat 1,200 gallons of water)


Small $25.00 for 1 ounce
(will treat 300 gallons of water)


This is from a customer who is a self described "skeptic": 

About Liver Failure in an Older Kitty:   Your products have saved my kitty's life!   Literally saved her life when the medical world said there was nothing more to do than load her up with medication and a feeding tube and saying she was "medically ready".  At the end of a healthy perfect life for my fourteen-year-old cat to endure such a horrible end was beyond me. I know one day she will leave, but I feel now it will be a much more natural and peaceful transition. 
     It is a miracle I found your site days before she would most likely die.  In December 2002, my thirteen year old cat Chynna died of cancer (wish I had found you earlier) and it rocked our world sending my 14 yr. old cat Sparklits into a grief so deep that she would sit frozen unable to move and unable to eat. Suddenly I found my ten pound beautiful cat three pounds, kidney failure, becoming bald and jaundiced. Her skin was the color of a manila envelope. It was devastating. I tried to hand feed her. I went to a holistic vet and he put her on remedies, one being milk thistle. At first it worked, but she hated it and severely foamed every time I gave it to her and began running and hiding from me. It wasn't worth seeing her like that, plus after a few weeks it seemed to loose its steam. 
     My dog Ivy was now getting very stressed too having lost one family member and now loosing another within two months. Her skin was acting up. Her arthritis was acting up. Her ear infections were acting up.  One day, I was doing some work on the computer.   Sparklits and Ivy were sleeping next to me. Somehow, and I don't remember really, but I found myself on your website. I think out of desperation and helplessness I searched "cat liver problems" in yahoo and your site came up. 
     As I began to read the information on your site all my negativity began to surface. It seemed too good to be true. I questioned the testimonials, as were they legit. I wondered if the products were simply a scam. I almost left the site, but something kept me reading. I decided to call. Leslie got on the phone. I was still really very skeptical, but went ahead and got Hemotex, Metaltox and Probac. Leslie suggested getting other things, but I didn't want to. After all if it was a scam, I didn't want to be out even more money and being ripped off.
     Okay now, as soon as I got the product I made the remedies. I gave it to both Sparklits and Ivy. And by the next day, in 24 hours, I saw a difference in Sparklits! I kept looking at her and thinking it was too good to be true! In one week, my kitty was eating. She was up and exploring again and just being herself.  It has only gotten better every day.  
     It's been a month now as I write this thank you letter. She is almost back to a cats natural skin color. She's gained weight. I took her to the park the other day. A man came over to us. He thought Sparklits was a kitten. He commented on how bright her eyes were and how alert she was. My heart did back flips! When I told him how old she was and how sick she was, he was blown away. I sent him to your site. 
     Ivy is doing well too. It will be interesting to me if I don't ever have to give her antibiotics again because of her seborrhea and ear medication. She's on MSM for her arthritis, which she'll most likely stay on because she shows no signs of arthritis on MSM. However, I just ordered the rest of products. Let's see what happens next!  Think I'll take them too!  Thank you!  Joan Lauren, NYC