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Our kitty "Mel"
The Feline Medicine Chest™

Melissa adopted us, then left us to return a month later in very bad condition.  We nursed "her" back to health with Systemajuv and ProBac Kitty and it was then we discovered Melissa was a boy.  So he is now known as Mel.                       

"Stoney" , the beloved extremely toxic kitty of Sue and Mal Youngquist from Stratford, Conn.  Stoney was diagnosed with  congenital hepatitis and given up with no hope by conventional veterinarian medicine.  We recommended the Toxic Poisoning remedies for Stoney.   It took eighteen months, but Stoney is now "out of the woods" and as impish as ever.

Yang - about 4 years old.
Never sick since birth.

Minnie - small little girl.
Always slept on top of 
Donn's coffee pot

Stella - seven years old.
Found in cold January.  Had a frostbitten tail & ear.  A dear kitty!

Homey - the movie star


Sassy - about four years old.
Always healthy and onery.


Gussie - (black one) - 
movie start in infomercial
Jamie - very high strung female.
Use Calm Supplement with her.


Left to Right:
Flossie - long hair kitty - used 
Hair Ball Supplement L for her.
Bootsie - healthy since birth.
Mell - long hair kitty - need
Hairball Aid for him occasionally.
Homey (top) - movie star featured
in infomercial two years ago.

Donn at International Cat Show 
Kansas City, MO

Princess, the adorable little girl kitty of Sue & Bill Bowland of Calif.  Princess loves the strangest places to call home.  The dryer, the top of the medicine cabinet.  She doesn't need her catnip, but she loves it anyway and then really is a bundle of energy!!

This is Romeo.  And Romeo is his "daddy's boy".  Whenever Bill is packing his suitcase to take a business trip, Romeo gets right in there too and wants to go along.  He can't wait for Daddy's return.  Meantime, he tolerates Mom taking care of him.  Romeo has had his share of illnesses, but now he is back to health and onery as ever.  

          Tiger---Chris's kitty--ready for dinner. 

 Chris is a 9 year old young man from Island Park, N.Y.  His kitty Tiger was diagnosed with colitis and there was "nothing that could be done".  Well that was wrong.  Tiger was given ProBac Adult and Systemajuv and Concentrated Trace Minerals and after 30 days was substantially better and now is on the road back to robust health using Mother Nature's remedies, not toxic drugs.  

Tiger and Chris sleeping.

Chris found out about the Feline Medicine Chest on the internet.  He was bound and determined that his kitty was not going to have to be put to sleep.  Thankfully for Tiger's sake, Chris is a little tiger himself when it comes to his kitty Tiger and his dog Rascal who is pictured on our Canine Medicine Chest site.  Chris and his mom--Gail-- are determined to keep their pets healthy using herbal remedies now that they have seen for themselves how well herbs work. 


The "Now Recovered" Smokey hanging out in his playhouse, "son" of Lorna & Bob Barrie from New York.  Smokey started with us in March '99.  Took over a year, but he is healthy now

Smokey waiting for his 
order from Feline Medicine Chest
. This time it probably includes Hemotox .  He was very toxic and now is the picture of health.

Smokey's roommate "Patches"

Smokey's roommate Kaci


All Smokey's pals share in his daily heath regiment and it shows in energy level and general health.

Smokey's cohort in crime 
and  #1 sidekick "Kismet"


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