Feline Tips

Kathy, our Herbalist and confirmed cat lover (she has 22 cats--yes, she knows her cats), suggests when administering our products or to get a kitty to eat in a difficult situation to disguise them either in mixed up raw eggs or raw hamburger or ice cream or shakes and see how well that works.

When she really has a sick kitty, she will make a baby cereal with ProBac, Trace Minerals, Vita Pak and Systemajuv and give it by syringe into the kitty's mouth.  It isn't long until the cat is back on its feet and playing.

Let us know what your tricks are in fooling those smart little balls of fur when they need some help and refuse to eat.  We would love to put your idea on the internet too.  Email us at:  cathelp@petmedicinechest.com


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Feline Tips

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