Customer Testimonials / Case Studies

Sinus and Breathing

Many thanks to all of you for saving our rabbit, Hoati.  He was plagued with severe sinus and breathing problems through every season.  We clean regularly with no harsh chemicals and were taking him every other month to the vets who gave only antibiotics.  they did give us a four page printout on rabbit care.  This was more information than a friend of mine got for her daughter at the children's hospital where she was also making multiple trips so we were grateful.  We also knew we had to find a better solution for Hoati, who we knew could not sustain every-other-month antibiotics.  That's when we called the Rabbit Medicine Chest.  

I was skeptical but hopeful.  Well, within two weeks of taking your recommended dosages, Hoati was breathing normally, pink-nosed and clear eyed.  He's also very strong and full of a happy life that's normal.  He loves to spring from floor to couch and bed and down again, races happily in the hall, and jumps for joy.  What a change!   No longer listless and withdrawn, he's full of personality.  Thank you so much for saving this special rabbit.  --Leslie Weisner, Cincinnati, Oh.

Many thanks to all of you for saving our rabbit Hoati. He was plagued with severe sinus and breathing problems through every season. We clean regularly with no harsh chemicals and were taking him every other month to the Vets who gave only antibiotics. We knew we had to find a better solution for Hoati, who we knew could not sustain every-other-month antibiotics. 

That's when we called the Medicine Chest. I was skeptical but hopeful. Well, within two weeks of taking your recommended dosages, Hoati was breathing normally, pink nosed and clear eyed. He is also now strong and full of a happy life that's normal, loves to spring from floor to couch and bed and down again. Races happily in the hall, jumps for joy. 

What a change!! No longer listless and withdrawn, he's full of personality. Thank you so much for saving this special rabbit. I showed our Vet and he was impressed knowing our rabbit's health history. Many thanks for Hoati who's five now. Leslie W. Editor's Note--Hoati was given Systemajuv™, Sinus Supplement™, ProBac Adult™ and Fungus Supplement™.

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Snuffles, Respiratory, multiple infections

I was skeptical about the claims of your products, but my wife talked me into giving them a try. We have a rabbit we found running loose in the yard. He had multiple health problems...snuffles, respiratory problems, multiple infections. The vet cleared up some of the infections, but the result was severe digestive problems which put him near death. He never really recovered from that and has had monthly statis problems. 

I started him on Systemajuv and Probac Adult two weeks ago. After three days I noticed he was much more alert than normal and was eating much better and the size and quantity of his dropping has almost doubled. And then yesterday while grooming him I noticed that a severe skin condition he has had for two years has cleared up!  These were patches of flakey, itchy, bleeding skin about the size of quarters over his back and legs and they are gone completely.  We have tried lots of treatments with minimal results so I can not believe this is a coincidence.  Time will tell if the statis problems will be helped,
but we are hoping. We have another rabbit with fatty tumors and I am ordering Tumor A and Tumor F today and I hope for similar results. John F., Gainesville Florida

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Older Rabbits

I had a rabbit that I raised since she was a baby.  Fed her with a nose dropper, she was so small it was unreal.  She lived to be 13 years old.  Your company gave me that 13th year with your medicine.  She was a happy rabbit and my pride and joy.  

I gave her Systemajuv and Pro Bac Adult. You could see a difference in her.  She started getting around more, improved about 90%.  At the end both legs gave out and she could not get around no more and finally passed away in my arms.  My point, you have me one more year with her and I thank you so much for that. Again thank you so much.  Chris S., Durham, NC

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Fur Falling Out

I recently ordered some Oxyjuv and Pro Bac for my rabbit and while I noticed an immediate change I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.  His fur was falling out at an alarming rate, granted it's time to shed the winter coat, but he was shedding about one per day or something and getting bald patches. He's always been grumpy ever since I bought him. The first day after putting the stuff into the water the night before, his coat was softer and the next day I realized it wasn't falling out anymore. It took a week before he's started shedding normally, it actually stopped altogether for a few days.   Also, I didn't notice when this started, but he isn't that grumpy, testy bunny I've had for over six years!!!  He's is so sweet, and lets me pet him, actually comes up to me sometimes wanting to be held (which is the best thing).

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel as if our relationship has grown, not just that he's feeling healthier. So, please note side affects for bunnies are that they grow more lovable! ha, ha       I look forward to a lasting relationship with your products.  Sincerely, Tonya M., North Olmsted, Oh

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Hi, I just wanted to write and thank you for helping my rabbit, Two weeks ago our holland had snuffles for almost 3 months. He had been to three vets and has been on many medications. Nothing has helped in the slightest. In fact, the Baytril seemed to worsen the condition and his health overall.  It ended up spreading to our entire herd. Most still show slight symptoms and our holland just couldn't shake it. He had had a runny nose, eye crusts and constant sneezing. The vets had said that he probably had a virus rather than the usual bacteria and that there wasn't anything they could do. They said he might even have a mild case for the rest of his life. 

Two weeks ago I saw your ad in the ARBA newsletter and saw that you had said your product could help with 'snuffles'. I was HIGHLY skeptical since it only contained natural ingredients and since it seemed to be a 'cure all'. I felt like an idiot even considering something that seemed so 'holistic'. I was out of ideas but we had noticed mild results with vitamins in his water so we decided to give it a try. We weren't home all day to give him a dose every 1/2 an hour as recommended. 

We gave him about 4 doses after work and another 4 or so the next day. Within 24 hours his nose was completely dry. Within 72 hours his sneezing had completely stopped and we could hear that his breathing had cleared.  We are ecstatic!  Thank you for offering a product that doesn't work against their immune system like the other antibiotics.  We are so pleased with his health and even seem to have eliminated the symptoms from the rest of our herd. Everyone gets a regular dose in their water now and everyone seems to have completely cleared their noses and eyes.   Thanks!  Sadie from Colorado

Thank you so much for your products! The snuffles medicine I ordered from you earlier helped my two rabbits to a great recovery, when antibiotics made it worse. Thanks again, Meera K., Westford, Ma

Since we started using ProBac Bunny and ProBac Adult, we have had a decrease in the problem with snuffles.  We would lose several rabbits each year due to snuffles, but the past year we only lost two.  

We have also noticed that our Californians kits grow faster and have nicer fur at fryer weight.  They also are reaching top senior weight by the time they are six months old.  They also see to be staying in prime condition longer.  Thank you for your great products, they really seem to help.  Thank you.  Dan F., Caledonia, Ohio.

Thank you for all your help with Tuffy.  I know that your product kept Tuffy alive.  Without your products, I believe the little guy wouldn't have made it this far.    I am a RN with a Masters Degree from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  I worked at Brigham and Women's Hospital and various other hospitals throughout my career.  My rabbit, Tuffy, was treated with antibiotics by the Vet for Snuffles.  Tuffy, was not improving and we had to go on another 14 day course of antibiotics.  My rabbit had been on antibiotics for a month with a running eye that wasn't improving.  

Thank God I discovered the Rabbit Medicine Chest just in time to save Tuffy's life.  You told me to put my rabbit on Systemajuv and ProBac.  I would administer the products by using a teaspoon of yogurt, mixing the products and drawing them up in a syringe for Tuffy.  I did this faithfully.  Tuffy improved within a week.  Today the little guy plays with his twin sister, Fluffy, and they are both well.  

I believe increasing the immune system, rather than suppressing it through the use of antibiotics is the method of my choice.  I still give Tuffy the products three times a month just to make sure his little system has the right stuff in it.  Maria K-D, MSN, RN, Centerville, Ma.  Editor's Note, you can see Tuffy and Fluffy in our Picture Gallery.

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Missing Fur/Heart Problems

Hello, my bunny is looking better and better.   I am SO thankful to have found your website! My little bunny is doing so much better! I got her as a stray that someone tossed out or luckily the bunny got out. I found her. Anyway, her fur is growing back and the heart condition seems to be totally gone! The rabbit vet was very impressed with the way I am taking care of my bunny. I am now going to start giving my bun the vitamins and trace minerals I just received from your company. I expect to see "Super Bun" hopping high buildings in a single bound, etc. Ha! ha! Look out, it's "Super Bunny"! YOUR COMPANY HAS WONDERFUL PRODUCTS!!!  Sincerely, Christine B. from Mobile, AL

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Babies and weaning

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Systemjuv I ordered.  Our first litter of  Hollands were weaned on a Sunday, and on Tuesday they were both sneezing and sniffling.  We've never had a case of snuffles in our rabbitry, had no new rabbits, and hadn't been to a show in two months.  I went online to look for some answers and stumbled upon your website.  The cause of stress leading to snuffles seemed to fit the problem, so I ordered Systemajuv.  Two days before my order arrived another of our does kindled.  All four kits were born dead, but the worse part was the the doe had bled profusely.  She was listless, not eating, not drinking, even refusing treats of parsley.  I figured I would lose her.  On the second day of treatment on the sick Hollands I decided to try some of the Systemajuv on the doe - it couldn't hurt.  To my amazement she seemed perkier the next day.  She was drinking a little.  By the third day she was drinking normally, and eating some hay.  By the end of a week she was back to normal.  I'm keeping Systemajuv on hand at all times.  Oh yeah, the Hollands are doing  fine, too. Thank you, Jeri Z., Bromley,Ky

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Serious Eye Problem

I also wanted to thank you for helping me with my rabbit's eye problem. He has glaucoma and his eye pressure was up to 36 in one eye. Normal is 25. The medication and eye drops he was not on was not helping him. I asked for your help and he is now taking the ProBac Adult, Concentrated Trace Minerals, and Vita Pak along with Systemajuv. I went back to the Specialist six weeks later and his eye pressure was down to 18. I still can't believe that it may have been your products, however I will continue and not stop. Thanks again for saving his eye! The specialist wanted to remove the eye, but I wanted to try your products first and they worked! Diane G., Commack, NY

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Lingering Colds and Show Stress

I recently saw one of your ads in my rabbit magazine and decided to try one of your products. One of my show Jersey Wooly bucks had a slight cold that just wouldn't go away. He had had it for about two months. It wasn't really bad but I couldn't show him and had to keep him away from my other rabbits. I had tried Vet RX but it didn't work. He was still eating fine, but the cold wouldn't 
go away. I bought your Systemajuv and used it for only one week and I couldn't believe it but the runny wet nose disappeared. 
Then after going to a show one of my Jr. does went off her feed for 5 days and she also got diarrhea. She wouldn't eat anything at all. I gave her bread, oats and hay along with horse food mixed in with her pellets, all the things she loved to eat, but she had no appetite. She was dropping a lot of weight. She was a bag of bones. I decided to try the Systemajuv.  
Within two days her appetite was back and now she is eating like a pig and putting back on the weight. I just wanted to say Thank You for a wonderful product. I told a friend about your products and she now has brought some and I'll keep spreading the word about how good they work." Gayle B. Crystal Lake, Il

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Chronically Sick

I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your products for saving my little bunny's life this past year. Without your products I am sure he would not be here this holiday season. He is only two years old and was really sick in April when I first found your site. It took a lot of time and persistence on my part, but with Systemajuv, ProBac, Trace Minerals and Vitamins, he is once again healthy and happy. Happy holidays to all at the Rabbit Medicine Chest! Gale O. Easton, Pa.      Editors Note--diligence and persistence is extremely important.

My lovely bunny Snuggles is a Mixed English Spot I rescued. I had just gotten her a small male mixed English spot to keep her company "Patches". She was never very lively and mostly just sat around and hid a lot. The male DID help her mood. She would sit with him and let him groom her and even go exploring with him. Then I had a disaster---my little male stopped eating. I took him to the Vet who said he was in stasis (Editor's note--he had a hair ball obstruction in his bowels) and told me to force feed him, as well as the other stuff he gave him (shots of reglin, Vit B, etc.). He choked on the force feeding. I'm sure if I had the stuff I have now from The Rabbit Medicine Chest, he would still be with us. Snuggles started to go off her feed and was shedding smaller poops. She went off her hay & lettuce & would only eat occasional pellets.  
I got another bunny, had him spayed & sped up the bonding process to try to help her not mourn and start eating. She was so sad and stressed. Then I learned of the stuff from Rabbit Medicine Chest, ordered it and started giving the 4 things I ordered...Concentrated Trace Minerals, ProBac, Vita Pak & Systemajuv. In only days she started eating better, went back to her hay & lettuce. It's about one month and her poops are almost back to normal but the dramatic change in her amazed me. She is now running around with her new buddy Velvet and exploring the house. She is acting like she is a youngster again! 

I can't say enough about the stuff from Rabbit Medicine Chest. The change is so dramatic I can hardly believe it. I'm still sad I lost Patches to such a treatable situation because of my ignorance and lack of
knowledge. I apologize every day to him for being such a bad mom. I'll never be a bad mom again...I have the Rabbit Medicine Chest to thank for that. From The Broken and then Fixed Heart, Connie K. Los Angles, CA

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I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Your medicines really worked! It took about two weeks but then the cyst just kind of broke off and it is healing just fine and Bun Bun is doing great. 

Your medications did not leave bad effects like antibiotics would. I will never give them those again- I will always contact you first. Thank you and have a great holiday!!! Sincerely, Bev E., Webster, N.Y.

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Ear Problems

I would like to thank everyone at the Pet Medicine Chest who make the business possible. I had recently ordered your products for my cats and rabbits. My one rabbit that I have had for eight years now had trouble with his ear, he would run with his head sideways and it bothered him so. I would touch the ear and I know something was wrong. Well I have been using your products for less then one week and he is completely healed! My other rabbit had like a small growth on her chin since she was a baby and I noticed last night that is completely gone. I am also treating my cats who have been ill for sometime and there is also improvement in all of them!  
I am so happy that I found you.........Thank you ever soooooo much!
God Bless each and every one of you. Robin A-S, Chesapeake, Va.

Three weeks ago, you sent me a recipe to follow for my Bunny's Ear Mites.  Bunny Bunn's left inner ear was bloody, brown and crusty.  The rim of his ear was inflamed and very pink, and he had a pink inflamed patch just outside the bottom of his ear. I followed your recipe and healing began happening by the second day.  It is now three weeks, and I have just stopped the treatment, and his ear is entirely healed in and out (and with no more signs of inflammation).

Thank you for your quick response and help.  Your products are quite remarkable and just as important (safe).  In my dealings with the Pet Medicine Chest, all the staff has been so attentive and compassionate.   Thank you for being there to help our beloved pets.  Cecilia C., Oceanside , NY

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5/23... Received the medicine and have applied it....matter of time I suppose before we see a "perk up". Will let you know how things turn out. Thanks for the speedy service. 
5/24...Well good news - we checked the rabbit in question (Velvet) this morning and discovered "she is feeling much better". Best indication was, for the first time in nearly two weeks, she finally ate what was in her tray (rabbit pellets). Before that all she would eat was hay and drink a little water. Her stool even improved from the one dose we gave her of the Systemajuv. Thank you very much. Frank H., Oneida County, NY

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I wanted to update you on the sick bun I had. He had runny eyes and was refusing to eat or drink. The vet said he had a form of pasturella and put him on antibiotics and eye drops. The breeder I got him from recommended your company and the Systemajuv and ProBac. After 3 days of no food or water I was worried about him. I started giving him the medicine (stopped the medicine from the vet) Friday evening. By Sunday morning he was eating, drinking and wanting to come out of his cage to play!! I've also been giving my other buns the same medicine in their water bottle and so far they are all healthy! Thank you!!! Shadow is special to me and I'm glad he is doing better! Debra, Overland Park, KS

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Feeling Miserable

Well....Systemajuv has done it again! Several nights ago, my son noticed that our beloved Dilbert (4 1/2 yr old Holland Lop buck) didn't seem like himself. I immediately went to see for myself, and sure enough, he looked bad...seemed weak and 'wobbly'. He hadn't been eating well for awhile, but we just attributed it to the hot weather and hadn't worried too much until now. We gave him Quaker Old Fashioned Oats and some of the powdered Botanical food coated with Systemajuv and he ate some before we went to bed. I tried to prepare us for the worst - I thought Dilbert was going downhill fast. Unbelievably, he seemed a little better by the next morning and has continued to improve every day. We are still giving him the botanical food, oatmeal and Systemajuv, plus he is eating his regular food much better. Of course, he likes the oatmeal the best and is starting to get very spoiled with all the extra attention!  Dilbert is such a wonderful part of our family, I can't even begin to tell you how much we would miss him. I will NEVER be without Systemajuv as long as I have rabbits. I truly do believe in your products. I work in a chiropractic office and we see proof everyday: if our bodies are at their optimum level of health, they can take care of themselves....sometimes they just need a little boost! HEALTH COMES FROM WITHIN! Thanks once again!  Mary Jane, Greensburg, Indiana

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Cavies and Your Products

Hi!  Rabbit Medicine Chest-- thanks for your help once again!
My cavy has stopped sneezing -- yeah!!   I recalled a post about increasing the Systemajuv™ -- which I did. I truly believe that by using the Systemajuv™ + ProBac combo with my show pigs, I have averted more serious problems from arising!  Cosmic's Allegro is doing great and getting ready for his next show.  I am so glad Susan (C./Bluemoon Caviary) introduced me to the Medicine Chest's products at the Ohio convention!  Sandra B., Bryan, Tx.

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Thank you for the information & advise on the medicine (Hairball Remedy™) for our Rabbit "Morgan" - we got it the next morning promptly - we gave it to him for 2 days & now he is a changed bunny.  He had been sick for almost a week & he was not eating & was just "Bones."  Now he has plumped up again & he is eating well & begs for treats like crazy.  Thank You so much.  It saved his life. Sharon & Steve N.,  Port Washington, N.Y.

I really love that Systemajuv that you people have. It saved a very old and a very good buck this winter. He is even doing his “thing” this spring. We are thrilled! A trick I am passing on to you and your customers--coat raisins with the Hairball Aid and it will clean them out in no time. It really works well. Thank you so much for your wonderful products.
Martha M., Valley Mills, Texas

Sharon and Steve N. from Port Washington, N.Y. wrote:  Thank you for the information and advice on the medicine for our Rabbit "Morgan". we got it the next morning promptly - we gave it to him for 2 days and now he is a changed bunny.  He had been sick for almost a week, he was not eating and was just "Bones."  Now he has plumped up again and he is eating well and begs for treats like crazy.   Thank You so much.  It saved his life.  Editors Note--Morgan had a serious hair ball lodged in his intestines and he was given Hair Ball Remedy (cost $18).

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Ear Mites

You must think I'm nuts because I have been ordering so many of your products lately.  My Pumpkin had ear mites a couple of weeks ago and I didn't want to use any kind of treatments that I have seen in the stores, did you ever read any of those warnings on the bottles?  Pretty scary if you ask me.. Don't get any of solution on your skin!! Where do you think I am going to put it on my bunnies? On their toenails??  Can cause skin irritation! Rabbits skin is more sensitive than humans!! Why would I want to use it my babies?                               

Your Worm-Out works great!! Pumpkin doesn't have ear mites any more and her ear hair is growing back in slowly!!  Poor Pumpkin is all black and her ears are pink now because of those awful ear mites.
Also I wanted to tell you about the Sinus Supplement™..  I have a French Lop with respiratory problems and allergies, I have found that the Sinus Supplement™ really works great for his nose, he sounds like he has a stuffy nose, the vet told me not to use any kind a decongestant, I was very concerned for Scout and I didn't want him to suffer, Also the Allergy Supplement™ works great to for him,  Scout is slowly getting better.
I have also used the Virastem™, ProBac, and Systemajuv™, they work great too especially for diarrhea it takes it right away. And Thumper my dwarf had a scare over the weekend he had a very bad stuffy nose and yucky stuff was coming out of it he was gasping for air and I gave him all 3 products together, 3 doses in all in about 45 minutes. He was back running around in no time like nothing ever happened!! I think it scared me more than my bunny.  Thanks a lot guys. Your products are great and I'm not worried about harsh chemicals or side effects on my bun buns. Believe me that takes off a great stress right there.  Kim P., Lancaster, Pa

Lynda S. from Harlem, Georgia sent us the following letter in Dec. 2000:    "I just wanted t take a moment of my time to express my extreme pleasure with your products.  I have four house rabbits whom I love very much, and strive to provide the best I can.  

I have one mini lop that has had no hair under her ears since I purchased her in July of 1999.  She has been treated on five different occasions for ear mites, twice orally, and three times with injections, only for the mites to return weeks later.  

Well after only one week of using your products---Worm Out and Parastem---the scratching stopped and after only two weeks the hair started to grow back.  I also began using your suggested vitamin therapy---ProBac, Trace Minerals and Rabbit Vita Pak and have seen an increase in energy in all four of my rabbits.  Thanks for marketing such a great line of products.  I look forward to ordering some more of them in the near future and will definitely tell everyone I know about your great products.  Thanks again!"

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Not knowing what is wrong

Yet another success story!! Two days ago, I woke to find my 1 year-old Holland Lop ill. He had a very pained expression, his coat looked rough and patchy, he was lying in strange positions, and totally off all food and water - Having seen "death" many times before in my life, I really felt the rabbit had maximum of one day to live. I had lost his litter mate about a year ago, a grisly painful death of unknown causes, and this rabbit looked in the same shape... I don't know what was wrong, but something seriously was. Naturally, it was the weekend, so no "professional" help around (vets), but maybe that was good!

I rushed to get my Systemajuv and Probac - forced some Systemajuv drops down his throat two times that evening, and made up a jug of both for his water. Went to bed, and got up early, fully expecting him to be dead, and wishing to bury him before my kids woke up. Much to my shock and surprise...  There he was - no more pain in his expression, hopping around, full of energy.  I noticed he drank A LOT of his water solution in the night. He is still not 100% eating, but I feel he soon will be! Its unreal!

Still, that one particular original French Lop I have does not seem to do well with the herbals, but I feel they have literally saved two of my other rabbits, who were seriously ill, each with a different unknown calamity of sorts!!  Yeah!! Thanks again!  Former skeptic,  Laurie W., Forked River, N. J

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Diarrhea and Snuffles

I use Systemajuv and Pro Bac Adult for clearing up snuffles and diarrhea in five or less days. This stuff really works. I really love that ProBac because it makes my rabbits reach full-grown two weeks faster than before. They really are thriving.
Charles L., Woodsboro, Maryland

Lily and Indy the Minilop wrote " I just wanted to write and say 'Thank You' for your natural remedies for bunnies. I have a 4 1/2 yr old Mini Lop(Indy) who was suffering from Snuffles/Diarrhea off/on for the past 4 months. After countless trips to the vet, I went surfing on the net and discovered your web site. After reading your information about natural herbal remedies for bunnies, I decided to give it a try. I fed my bunny the remedies of Pro Bac for adult rabbits, Systemajuv, and Virastem as directed on the site and Indy was back to his normal happy self within 2 days. I'm still giving him his daily dose for preventative care, but I now can say I'm a firm believer in natural remedies for bunnies. Keep up the great work."

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Shipping/Traveling Stress

Before I ever ship any rabbits to Japan or anywhere else, I give them Calm Supplement, the ProBac Adult and Systemajuv and I advise my customers and friends to continue to use these products upon their arrival for at least a week. So far, all the rabbits I have shipped are really doing well. Thank you so much for your wonderful products. By the way, the Hairball Aid and ProBac Adult really took care of one rabbit who was having a problem with hair balls.
Satomi W., Portland, Oregon

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For Bunnies???

Without the ProBac Bunny, I know I would have lost two of my prized babies. They are now showing and doing really well. Thank you for having these wonderful bunny products available.
Stacie D., Creston, Indiana

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Show Stress

We took an older Holland Lop doe to our County Fair.  She loves attention but after 5 days of being poked at and teased through the cage wire, she was worn out.  When we took her home, I was afraid it had just been too much for her.  I didn't know if she would last long, she was very lethargic and just wasn't herself.  

I started her on Systemajuv immediately (we had never used it before, had ordered it "just in case we would ever need it") and I could tell a big difference by the next day.  By the third day she was back to her old self, coming to the front of the cage and expecting her nose to be rubbed each time you walked past!  Needless to say, we keep Systemajuv on a shelf by the food and put some in the water at the first sign of anything unusual. Thanks,   Mary Jane B. Greensburg, IN

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Tumor and Cysts

Dorothy P. from Meriden, Ct. sent us the following about her rabbit this past winter:  "I know I should have given you an update on our rabbit along time ago, but we have a rabbit about 6-7 years old.  He is a lop ear, brindle color over the last couple of years we had him operated on several times for what seemed to be hard cysts.   He had developed another one and you had recommended us to try several remedies on him (Tumor Supplement A, Tumor Supplement F, ProBac Adult and Systemajuv).  

I must say that the cyst dried up and eventually formed a small scab and fell off, to date he is doing well.  He normally is an outside rabbit, but this winter we have decided to keep in the cellar, as we have been having much colder weather and snow this year than the last couple of years, so we just thought it would be safer for him, especially because he is older and also to keep a better eye on him.
Thanks for the help and I am continuing to give him the remedies about once or twice a week."

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Slow Poisoning

In the fall of 2001, our little friend Callie, a 9 1/2 yr. old Netherlands dwarf rabbit, became ill. She lost her appetite, was lethargic, seemed to be in pain at times and was starting to lose the use of her back legs. After a worthless and expensive trip to the vet, we brought her home much worse for wear. From the way she looked and acted we thought the best we would be able to do for her would be to make her last few days with us as comfortable as possible. 

Then we remembered a magazine ad we had seen for the Rabbit Medicine Chest. After e-mailing the nice people there we started her on Probac and Systemajuv at their recommendation. And after doing some research on the Internet ourselves we ordered Parastem for her too. Her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. She is bright eyed and alert and has a fantastic appetite. 

She went from barely being able to move around her pen, to standing on her back legs begging for favorite treats and to be petted! Thanks for your great products and much needed advice. We have also enclosed a photo of her on her 10th birthday!  Editor's Note---Systemajuv has herbs that contain mild detoxing properties which apparently little Callie needed.

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Wry Neck

I had a Grand Champion Jersey Wooly buck that had gotten wry neck a few months ago. I emailed you on what products you would suggest I use.   You recomended Probac and Systemajuv. 

I used them and in a matter of a few days my buck was better. I couldn't believe it.  I had a mini rex that had gotten wry neck and had to be put down.  I also know of several friends' rabbits that have gotten wry neck and purchased medicine from a vet and still ended up putting their rabbit down. I have heard many breeders say that there is nothing that can be done for your rabbit when it gets it.  

Well I'm proof that there is something that can be done for the problem. My buck is doing so well now that he will be going to a show this weekend. He looks great now and has put some weight on that he lost while being sick. This is the 4th time I have used your products now and the 4th time they worked for me. So hats off to your products and Thank you. Gayle B., Rolling Hills Rabbitry

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