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TERRA CLEANSE - for those of us who don’t have the time to daily clean the rabbitry. An all-natural organic liquid concentrate cleanser. Use on floors, walls, ceilings, hutches, nest boxes, soil.  Can be sprayed directly on your rabbit, on their food or in their water without ever worrying about hurting them in any manner.  Hence, there is no need to remove your rabbits at any time.   Terra Cleanse™ saves a tremendous amount of time in cleaning your rabbitry and providing a safe, clean, chemical-free environment for your little furry friends.

Experience has shown that when mixed with water or any other non-formaldehyde product, the microorganism enhances and enzymes in Terra Cleanse™ increase microbial activity, nutrient availability, and mineral content which accelerates the breakdown of organic matter necessary to clean your rabbits’ waste, decreasing bacterial, viral, and fungal growth.

Terra Cleanse™ is a valuable means of helping attain the essential levels of oxygen which help inhibit disease causing pathogens and organically cleans up the environment for your rabbits thus aiding in reducing respiratory problems caused by ammonia. Can be misted daily to help prevent coccidiosis and other pathogenic bacteria or viruses.

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Terra Cleanse™ to twelve ounces of water in a spray bottle or mix one teaspoon to one gallon of water in a hand pump sprayer and mist. Make only enough to be used within 48 hours for maximum potency benefits.  Use as frequently as you would use any other cleaning product.  This product has been used in the organic farming business since the 1940's.  

Quart: $24.00
1/2 Gallon: $44.00
Gallon: $75.00

For those who want to avoid feeding pesticides and chemicals to their precious rabbits.  Developed by a bio-chemist, physicist, medical doctor and organic farmer specifically to remove toxic chemicals from the fruit and vegetables his family was buying at "off season" times.

Veggie-Cleanse™ is concentrated and is added one capful to one gallon of water.  Soak all fruits and vegetables for ten or fifteen minutes, then rinse in fresh water and serve or refrigerate.  An added benefit has been shown that vegetables and fruits last longer in the refrigerator.

Veggie-Cleanse™ wholesales for:

One Quart for $28,  One half gallon for $45 , or one Gallon for $78

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