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Cappuccino, a male Netherland dwarf, was an otherwise healthy rabbit except for chronic diarrhea followed by GI stasis problem. The latter was not due to any forbidding treats/food. Visits to the vets and medications prescribed only exacerbated or prolonged his condition. It would take well over ONE WEEK for Cappuccino to get back to his normal self. When I discovered Pet Medicine Chest-and what they had to offer, my initial thought was this is too good to be true. As a believer in naturopathic medicine, I decided to try Systemajuv, ProBac and Constipation Remedy for Cappuccino. I was absolutely surprised at the results! He always recovered within one or two days at most! The Constipation Remedy flushed his system out leaving him jumping around with a full appetite.

Speedy, my female Netherland dwarf, developed chronic weepy eyes. The vets had put her on antibiotics, however this only made her extremely sick.
After administering Systemajuv for several days along with ProBack, her eyes eventually cleared up. Time to time they will recurr, as this is normal in such species easily stressed. However, rather than pull out the antibiotics, I administer Systemajuv for several days. I then began to purchase additional products. ProBac and VitaPak became a part of their diet. I noticed a dramatic difference in my buns after a few weeks on the latter two products. Their coats were extremely shiny and soft, they were bright eyed and rarely got sick. Although I purchase the products all the way from CANADA- and knowing what our dollar is like (haha)- I still have saved hundreds of dollars and trips to the vets. I want to personally thank Pet Medicine Chest for caring so much about our little creatures which bring us so much joy and unconditional love. I especially want to thank you for extending Cappuccino's life by reducing all the pain and suffering which came with his chronic GI problems.

Cathy, Cappuccino & Speedy.


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