Bacterial Problems

Dear Fellow Rabbit Lover:

Has your veterinarian tried antibiotic after antibiotic trying to clear up some kind of inexplicable  infection in your rabbit?   Is your little friend getting worse and worse?  Has your rabbit been diagnosed with yeast infections?  Fungus infections?  Other bacterial infections?   Are you worried  and don't know what to do next?  You've exhausted everything you know and everything your veterinarian knows and your rabbit is still is poor health.  Well relax, help is on the way.  We are thrilled you arrived at our door.  This means to us that you are a caring, concerned rabbit lover, one who puts their best friends' health and well being at the top of their priority list and our type of special people. 

Bacteria conditions in rabbits are extremely common. From yeast problems, to fading away syndrome, to fungal conditions such as ring worm, to digestion problems, even to elimination problems. The root cause of these conditions is a bacterial imbalance in the body.  What causes this imbalance?  As is true in most health conditions, many things can trigger this imbalance.  Stress from your rabbit's living conditions--like bringing in a new family member (animal or human) or moving to a new location, or having another rabbit nearby and they don't get along, going to shows, traveling, people prodding and looking at them.  Rabbits are just as emotionally involved when it comes to a new environmental situation as people are. The stress on the little rabbit who doesn't know what is going on can be just as great as it can be for you.   

Weather changes are an especially stressful time for rabbits.  Extremely hot weather as well as extremely cold weather can and will have a stressful impact on your rabbit's health at times.  The sudden changes in temperature from cold nights to hot days and from hot days to cold nights always seems to have an adverse affect on your rabbits' health triggering bacterial and viral conditions.  Especially the rabbits who live out doors.  The body is constantly making adjustments which takes a toll on the entire systems of the body.

Your Systemajuv™ and ProBac Adult™ are the finest products we and our customers have discovered.  They are so good and go such a long way, it is truly amazing!  We are glad you are here at last.  Thank you so much for all your personal assistance too.
Ginger, Mini Critters, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Some symptoms of a bacterial imbalance in your rabbit can be: not eating or eating very little, sneezing or coughing, runny eyes, runny nose, chronic ear infections, puffed up and standing in a corner of the cage, antisocial all of a sudden, very bad breath, chronic yeast infections, chronic infections of all sorts, any kind of infection that your rabbit may have that your vet would prescribe an antibiotic. 

Another symptom--your rabbit may be eating, eating and eating, but is getting thinner and thinner and more and more ill. The reason for this is that the gut is shutting down due to a lack of proper flora (among other causes) and the body is not able to absorb any of the food the rabbit is eating. 

Digestion requires a balance of good bacteria and pathogenic (bad) bacteria in the gut in order for the body to be able to absorb. The balance of good to bad bacteria is approximately 80% to 85% good bacteria. The remaining balance then would be from 15% to 20% which is bad bacteria that is essential for good digestion of the food your rabbit is eating. All too many times the wide and indiscriminate use of antibiotics contributes greatly to the bacterial imbalance of your rabbit's entire body, not just the gut. 

Whenever an antibiotic is prescribed, it will indiscriminately destroy all the good bacteria right along with the pathogenic bacteria in the body, thus causing digestion problems and compromising the body's nutritional uptake. Additionally antibiotics suppress the immune system just when your rabbit needs a very strong immune system to help it combat whatever infection may be present. Antibiotics KILL bacteria, both good and bad, and leave the body in a sterile environment, thus making the body vulnerable to more and more bacterial invasions.  This is why and when yeast infections really begin.  The yeast begins as a bacteria problem then escalates into a full blown fungus which is what yeast is.

We took an older Holland Lop doe to our County Fair.  She loves attention but after 5 days of being poked at and teased through the cage wire, she was worn out.  When we took her home, I was afraid it had just been too much for her.  I didn't know if she would last long, she was very lethargic and just wasn't herself.  Started her on Systemajuv immediately (we had never used it before, had ordered it "just in case we would ever need it") and I could tell a big difference by the next day.  By the third day she was back to her old self, coming to the front of the cage and expecting her nose to be rubbed each time you walked past!  Needless to say, we keep Systemajuv on a shelf by the food and put some in the water at the first sign of anything unusual. Thanks,Mary Jane B. Greensburg, IN

Well, if I shouldn't use an antibiotic, then what am I to do to help my ailing rabbit?  My rabbit has been sick off and on for ages. Now, my pet even has a yeast infection in its ears, private parts, under the stomach.  What am I supposed to do?  You probably have tried every antibiotic that your Vet has recommended. The problem goes away for a couple of weeks, then your rabbit is sick again and  is right back to where you started and sometimes with more of a vengeance than before.   

The reason the problem continues to resurface is because antibiotics push the infection deeper and deeper into the body. An antibiotic may help mask the problem for a week or so, but the body is absolutely determined to push that infection OUT, thus the problem resurfaces again and again. This yoyo situation will continue to go on until you decide to take control of your rabbit's health and well being. You need to get the problem OUT OF YOUR RABBIT'S BODYYOU NEED TO BALANCE THE BACTERIA THAT IS IN ITS SYSTEM.

How do you get the infection out of your rabbit's body once and for all?                                

         With  a  probiotic and herbs!!       Not an  antibiotic!      Not Drugs!!

As foreign as it may seem to you and the vast majority of American's--use a probiotic or microbial as they are now known.  In fact, we think that probiotics are the best kept secret in America's animal health care.   

What is a probiotic?   A probiotic or microbial is good bacteria.  The animal body contains good bacteria and bad bacteria.  What you do when you use a probiotic is flood the body with good bacteria which saturates the gut with l00% good bacteria pushing the pathogenic bacteria out of the body.  This is in sharp contrast with an antibiotic which KILLS ALL the bacteria in the body thus opening the door to other possible health problems and pushes the infection deeper and deeper into the body.

The power of a probiotic is one of the best kept secrets in the United States. In fact the extremely powerful microbial that we use for our animals has been used successfully in the rabbit health field for over 127 years in Europe.  

By using a probiotic, you will flood the body with good bacteria and PUSH the pathogenic bacteria OUT of the body via the feces and urine. ProBac Adult would then leave the body with 100% good bacteria in its gut. The balance needs to be 80%-85% good, so now the pathogenic bacteria will re-establish itself in a short time? Like we say here at the Rabbit Medicine Chest..."bad news travels faster than good news doesn't it? Well, so does bad bacteria". It isn't long before the body's bacteria is completely in balance, but in the meantime, the pathogenic bacteria has been flushed from your rabbit's system 

  • without stress 
  • without pain 
  • without suppressing the immune system
  • without "KILLING ANYTHING"
  • without harmful side effects of any sort 

Most of the time you will smell really bad smelling feces and urine. This is the pathogenic bacteria being expelled by the body. This is exactly what is supposed to happen.  This is how a good probiotic works.  It flushes the infection causing bacteria right out of the body. 

How long does it take before your rabbit will be well?  Of course it depends upon the severity of the situation and how deeply imbedded the problem is in your rabbit. The longer your rabbit has had the infection and the longer you have been using antibiotics, the longer it takes to really really get the pathogenic bacteria out of the body. It could be two days or two weeks or even two months, but normally two to three weeks is pretty standard.

Then what do you do?   Keep giving your rabbit the good microbials to rebuild the bacterial balance in its body. You would not only be building the flora in its entire system, but you would be assisting your rabbit in its ability to absorb nutrients to the maximum possible.  At the same time you would be assisting the body to rebuild its immune system.   For these reasons alone, we give all of our pets a small amount of the ProBac at least two to three times a week in their food or water whichever happens to be easier.

Can I hurt my beloved rabbit?  Can I "overdose" my rabbit with a probiotic like can happen with toxic drugs and antibiotics?  The answer is no to both questions.  In fact, in a time of health crisis, you can "under-dose" your rabbit, but never overdose and harm your rabbit in any manner.   If the body does not require the good bacteria, then it is not absorbed, it is merely flushed from the body via the feces and/or urine.

Lily and Indy the Minilop wrote " I just wanted to write and say 'Thank You' for your natural remedies for bunnies. I have a 4 1/2 yr old Mini Lop(Indy) who was suffering from Snuffles/Diarrhea off/on for the past 4 months. After countless trips to the vet, I went surfing on the net and discovered your web site. After reading your information about natural herbal remedies for bunnies, I decided to give it a try. I fed my bunny the remedies of Pro Bac for adult rabbits,
Systemajuv, and Virastem as directed on the site and Indy was back to his normal happy self within 2 days. I'm still giving him his daily dose for preventative care, but I now can say I'm a firm believer in natural remedies for bunnies. Keep up the great work."

Yes, but my rabbit has been very sick a really long time, is it possible to accelerate its return to health?  Yes, definitely. In addition to the good bacteria that you are using, you can and should also use herbs to help restore your rabbit's health.  Mother Nature has a whole bounty of herbs to help her little creatures stay healthy.  Yes, but I don't know which herbs work for rabbits and which won't.    Our doctors solved that problem for us too. 

Many years ago our doctors formulated an herbal remedy called Systemajuv™ because it has been shown to rejuvenate the entire systems of the body. The herbal synergies of Echinacea, golden seal, poke root and others in this wonderful tincture have been shown to rejuvenate the body time after time, condition after condition.   Experience has shown these herbal energies to help with bacterial conditions, viral conditions, mild toxic conditions and to quickly aid in boosting the immune system.   We use Systemajuv™ for infections, colds, flu, viruses, bacteria problems, all kinds of health problems of all sorts.  

We use and recommend this wonderful herbal remedy to promote healing with almost every condition the body may experience. Years and years of successful experiences in using Systemajuv™ with bacterial infections, colds, serious viral conditions of all sorts including snuffles, toxic conditions and on and on have resulted in us using Systemajuv™ as our "remedy of choice".   After our customers have used Systemajuv™ a time or two for their rabbit's health problem and see the quick results with their own eyes, they too reach only for our herbal remedy--Systemajuv™.    Never again do they reach for an antibiotic.

I have been giving  my Missy the Rabbit ProBac Adult and Systemajuv now for several weeks and it has improved her health a lot.  She is still very sick but is back to eating a handful of pellets which is an improvement.  Missy still continues to have good and bad days, but all I can say is I'm glad to have found the Rabbit Medicine Chest because I really believe that your herbs are  helping Missy.        Aloha, GAYLE M., HONOLULU, HAWAII.  

We always recommend using the ProBac in conjunction with the herbs because the body will absorb more of the remedies much more quickly. Over the years, it has been shown that an animal will return to robust health and vitality if you use the resources that Mother Nature has provided. 

Another beautiful advantage of using Mother Nature's bountiful pantry is that it is virtually impossible to over dose your pet with her herbs.  All of us have been so conditioned by the toxic drug industry that you need to be very careful in using medications. And rightfully so. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association published in June 2000, pharmaceutical drugs kill over 200,000 human Americans every single year. Who knows how many of these toxic pharmaceutical drugs kill our pets each year. 

In fact, when administering Mother Nature's remedies to your pet who is in very poor health, it is actually much better to use less of the remedies and administer them more frequently. The healing energy of the herbs are what the body needs. As the energies wane, then it is best to give another amount to keep the energies going and going.  Frequency of administration is the key to quickly restoring health and vitality.

In really serious cases such as the time seven out of seventy of our very expensive ostrich chicks came down with pneumonia just after we had met our Doctor who had formulated these remedies over the past 45 years.  We took his Systemajuv and gave it to each rabbit every waking hour for three days.  In fact, we didn't even put it in their mouths because we didn't want to stress them, we put the drops of liquid on their skin under the feathers on their back.  This worked well because the skin is the largest organ of the body and it is also the most absorbable.  After the three intense days, we then put the Systemajuv in their drinking water daily for the next thirty days.  We are proud to say that every single bird survived and thrived.   No one can tell us that herbs do not work for animals.  Our own hair raising experiences defy anyone to tell us otherwise.  We would have lost in excess of $35,000 if our babies had died.

Hundreds of our customers have had similar life threatening experiences and have saved their rabbits lives too.   If your rabbit looks to you with those sad pleading eyes and begs you for help, you too can save your rabbit.  If your friend is as important to you as you are to him/her, then and bring your rabbit back to health. CLICK HERE to order at our secure site.

I use Systemajuv and Pro Bac Adult for clearing up snuffles and diarrhea in five or less days. This stuff really works. I really love that ProBac because it makes my rabbits reach full-grown two weeks faster than before. They really are thriving.
Charles L., Woodsboro, Maryland

Until the past ten years or so, almost everyone waited until they had spent thousands and thousands of dollars on their rabbits health problem. They waited until their vets exhausted all their expertise and had given up on their beloved loyal companion before they would call us.  At last, people realize they need to take charge of their little precious furry family member’s health and welfare just as they do for themselves and their children.  Now you can, CLICK HERE to get going.  Your rabbit's health and well being is in your hands.  

Thank you for all your help with Tuffy.  I know that your product kept Tuffy alive.  Without your products, I believe the little guy wouldn't have made it this far.    I am a RN with a Masters Degree from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  I worked at Brigham and Women's Hospital and various other hospitals throughout my career.  My rabbit, Tuffy, was treated with antibiotics by the Vet for Snuffles.  Tuffy, was not improving and we had to go on another 14 day course of antibiotics.  My rabbit had been on antibiotics for a month with a running eye that wasn't improving.  Thank God I discovered the Rabbit Medicine Chest just in time to save Tuffy's life.  You told me to put my rabbit on Systemajuv and ProBac.  I would administer the products by using a teaspoon of yogurt, mixing the products and drawing them up in a syringe for Tuffy.  I did this faithfully.  Tuffy improved within a week.  Today the little guy plays with his twin sister, Fluffy, and they are both well.  I believe increasing the immune system, rather than suppressing it through the use of antibiotics is the method of my choice.  I still give Tuffy the products three times a month just to make sure his little system has the right stuff in it.                                             Maria K-D, MSN, RN, CENTERVILLE, MA.                                                [PS.  You can see Tuffy and Fluffy in our Picture Gallery] 

Don't wait.   If you love your rabbit, don't make your rabbit suffer one more miserable day.   Click Here and order ProBac Adult and Systemajuv directly from our secure ordering page.

Since we started using ProBac Bunny and ProBac Adult, we have had a decrease in the problem with snuffles.  We would lose several rabbits each year due to snuffles, but the past year we only lost two.  We have also noticed that our Californians kits grow faster and have nicer fur at fryer weight.  They also are reaching top senior weight by the time they are six months old.  They also see to be staying in prime condition longer.  Thank you for your great products, they really seem to help.  Thank you.  Dan F., Caledonia, Ohio.

If you are fed up with the ups and downs of fighting a losing battle and your poor little rabbit now has on-going yeast infections, then act now and stop your rabbit's misery. Yeast infections are a fungus.  They begin life as a bacterial imbalance, but at maturation, a yeast infection is a fungus.  

If your rabbit has an ongoing yeast infection, then your little one needs to get that fungus out of the body once and for all.   Order Fungus Supplement along with Systemajuv and ProBac Adult.  Get that fungus out of your rabbit's body and get your beloved little friend back to a normal healthy life.  Is is easy and inexpensive to accomplish.  

Without the ProBac Bunny, I know I would have lost two of my prized babies. They are now showing and doing really well. Thank you for having these wonderful bunny products available.
Stacie D., Creston, Indiana

If you prefer, call us during normal business hours 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time in Logan, Iowa for a  FREE Private Consultation at (712) 644-3535.  


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Stop your rabbit's suffering and learn about herbs for rabbits at the same time.   Let us help you help your little friend.   Call immediately or CLICK HERE NOW. now.  Your rabbit's health depends upon you.  Show him/her you can be trusted to take good care of him/her.  Both of you will be happy you did.

Before I ever ship any rabbits to Japan or anywhere else, I give them Calm Supplement, the ProBac Adult and Systemajuv and I advise my customers and friends to continue to use these products upon their arrival for at least a week. So far, all the rabbits I have shipped are really doing well. Thank you so much for your wonderful products. By the way, the Hairball Aid and ProBac Adult really took care of one rabbit who was having a problem with hair balls.
Satomi W., Portland, Oregon

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