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Dear Fellow Rabbit Lover,

Are you looking for vitamins for your rabbit?  Maybe minerals?  Are you doing a fresh raw diet  for your rabbit and in need of some digestive enzymes?   Or maybe you wish to build your rabbit's immune system?  Or you just want to know how to maintain your rabbit's health by using natural means.

If you are the caring "parent" of the "most beautiful rabbit in the world", then you have come to the right place on the internet.  

For your rabbit's sake we are happy you have finally arrived at the number one rabbit health site on the internet.  We don't recommend drugs; we don't recommend chemicals for parasites or cleaning or anything else.  We just recommend you keep your rabbit healthy by prevention, prevention, prevention.  Build the immune system, build the body, provide good wholesome nutritional food.  These are the secrets of health, not drugs as most of you who are here reading this already know.  In this discussion you will learn what we think are the fundamental basics in achieving maximum health and robust vitality for your best little furry friend.

The Rabbit Medicine Chest™ is America's first all-natural rabbit health products company.  The Rabbit Medicine Chest™ has incorporated Mother Nature's own bounty in their products that have been specifically formulated during the past forty years for the challenging needs of  the rabbit body.   


First and foremost, whenever a person thinks about health maintenance, they almost always think of vitamins.  This is part and parcel of what our first recommendation is.  However, we feel that the most important step you can take to insure your beloved pet has excellent robust health begins with the good wholesome nutritional food you are providing for your rabbit. 

Daily we have people ask us "What foods do you recommend?".  Quite frankly we recommend that you provide fresh foods for your pets the same as you would for your family.   Fresh chemical free hay, vegetables, fruits, and some sprouts are what we use and would recommend for any rabbit.  Variety is paramount for their diets.  Think about how a rabbit in the wild roams from one area to another to feed.  Variety is definitely the spice of life for rabbits if you study what and how they like to eat while in the wild.  Vary your rabbits' menu when they are small and continue all throughout their life for a truly happy bunny. 

Rabbits will eat greens and vegetables of all kinds--lettuce, kale, carrots, peas, beans, corn, potatoes, tomatoes.  We have given them cooked or uncooked oatmeal, given them cottage cheese, yogurts, ice cream.  Just about anything clean and wholesome you eat can be given to your rabbit.   

When we determined exactly what the costs were in providing fresh food for our rabbits, we found it was actually less expensive than buying the pellet rabbit food that a variety of companies provide at a high cost.  On top of the food savings, we also found our rabbits were extremely healthy and vet visits became almost nonexistent.  

One of the distinct advantages of offering fresh foods is that you can add vitamins, trace minerals, probiotics and any remedies that may be necessary to bring a rabbit back to health or to keep your rabbit healthy without your rabbit even knowing that he/she is eating it by offering it in gravies.   Our experiences show this to be a great time saver and a stress reliever not only for you, but for your rabbit.  


Second step in promoting excellent health.   Did you know that without the proper bacterial balance in the rabbit's gut, your rabbit cannot absorb the food and nutrients you are giving it?  All warm blooded animals need approximately 80% to 85% good bacteria in their gut in order to have proper digestion in their system.  The remaining 15% to 20% is comprised of pathogenic bacteria that is equally essential for the nutritional uptake of your rabbit. 

Without this correct bacterial balance in your rabbit's body, it cannot achieve robust health because it cannot digest or absorb its food properly.   An imbalance of bacteria causes multiple health conditions such as yeast problems, bad breath, skin conditions, poor fur quality and a whole myriad of other health problems that can begin merely with a simple bacterial imbalance.  

To prevent all of these conditions and more, we use and recommend that three days a week you add a good powerful probiotic (good bacteria enzymes) to your beloved rabbits' meals.  We use a probiotic that was originally formulated for the rabbit body in Europe over 128 years ago.  Our experience over the years has shown that these probiotics not only help with the nutritional uptake, but they also help build the immune system and protect our rabbits from health problems.    Probiotics are one of our two foundation supplements that we use and recommend for our pets.  It is vitality important to have a body that is bacterially balanced because if the body is not balanced correctly, the body cannot nutritionally function properly, thus its inability to feed the organs, blood, nerves and tissues of the body creating ongoing health problems. 

Whenever a person uses an antibiotic for their rabbit, they will often notice the rabbit's appetite diminishes or, conversely, the rabbit will eat and eat, but will lose weight.  The reason for this is that the antibiotic kills off ALL of the bacteria that is in the body, both pathogenic and good and leaves the rabbit with what is known as a "sterile" gut.  A sterile gut means there is no bacteria of any kind left in the digestive system.  Now the body cannot absorb any food, because it needs both good and bad bacteria for digestion and absorption.  Just when the rabbit needs as much nutritional substance as it can get, the antibiotics thwart this natural process.  

For this reason alone, we never use antibiotics.  We only use probiotics to bring a rabbit back to health.  A good probiotic administered several times a day will FLOOD (not kill) the body with good bacteria and push the pathogenic bacteria out of the system via the feces or urine.  Thus a powerful probiotic will leave the body with 100% good bacteria.  In a day or so, the pathogenic bacteria that is essential will rebalance to its normal 15% to 20% level.  Is there such a thing as giving your rabbit too much good bacteria?  No.  It doesn't take long to rebalance the gut, bad bacteria is like bad news, it always seems to find a way to quickly arrive whether you want it to or not.     

Our philosophy is to prevent health problems by having a well balanced bacterial body and consequently a strong immune system.  Keep a strong immune system and let it do what nature planned for it to do--protect your rabbit.   A strong immune system in and of itself will help minimize health problems and subsequent Vet bills.   


Third, about those vitamins you were thinking about for your rabbit.  Did you know that without trace minerals and macro minerals in your rabbit's diet, that your rabbit's body cannot fully absorb the vitamins as well as other nutrients you are giving it?  In essence you are wasting your money.  Minerals, particularly trace elements, are absolutely essential for vitamin absorption.  For this reason alone, we give our rabbits one or two drops of specially formulated concentrated trace minerals in our pets' food on a daily basis.  

Another reason we give our pets the second fundamental key to health--Concentrated Trace Minerals--is because no matter what food you give your pet, trace minerals are missing from that food.  In the 1930's, the Congress of the United States was advised that trace minerals are lacking in 60% of the soils in the United States.  In 1997, in a study that was conducted by the World Health Organization, it was determined that the soils of the United States of America are 100% devoid of any trace elements that are so essential to the health and well being of all living creatures within the United States borders.  In fact, the United States ranked right down there with third world countries in this study.   If there are no trace elements in the soils, then the plants that grow in that soil cannot contain trace minerals, thus, the foods that come from these soils do not contain trace minerals. 

Studies done by thoughtful scientists in our country have tested the lack of various minerals and the resulting affects on mice and have found that without trace minerals in their diets, debilitating diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions, mental problems, and on and on are a direct result of a lack of trace minerals in the diet.  Now you know why our own rabbits get trace minerals on a daily basis.


Fourth, with this in mind, we do give our rabbits all-natural vitamins three to four days a week.  Usually on a schedule like Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  The most important part here is that our rabbits must have natural vitamins, not synthetic vitamins.   Most people say, "I thought all vitamins were natural, what is this synthetic vitamin business??!!!"  The sad part of this answer is that most vitamins sold in today's market are synthetic and are not natural at all.  It is critical to use natural vitamins as the body cannot absorb synthetics.  However, the body can store synthetics in the tissues of the body with the distinct possibility of causing a toxic build up in the stored organs causing health problems later in life.  Even worse, synthetic vitamins have a reverse polarity to them which draws OUT of the body the actual vitamin that is supposedly being added in.  Quite a paradox to say the least.

Natural vitamins which are derived directly from botanicals are the source from which we prefer to draw our vitamins for the benefit of our rabbits' health.  Natural vitamins are completely absorbable by the body and are without danger of toxic build ups.  If the rabbit's body does not require a specific vitamin on a given day because of eating certain foods, then the excess vitamin is urinated or excreted out.  There is virtually no danger of a toxic problem with natural vitamins and natural vitamins have a positive polarity which is essential to the body's ability to utilize vitamins.

One would like to think that our rabbits would get all the vitamins and minerals that their body needs from the foods we prepare.  Unfortunately this is not the case today simply because the soils do not contain the nutrients that would then be made available to the plants and then to the foods animals eat.  Thus the necessity of supplementing our pets several times a week or even daily with natural vitamin supplements.


Vaccinations--We do not vaccinate nor do we recommend vaccinating rabbits for ANY so called "threat to our rabbit's health".  Most farm people we know who have rabbits do not vaccinate their rabbit for anything and the vast majority of these rabbits are extremely healthy.  In contrast with this, "city" rabbits or strictly house rabbits that we know seem to have more and more health problems stemming from vaccinations for all kinds of "conditions".  This is in direct contradiction to what most of us have been led to believe.  

Vaccinating an animal introduces foreign matter into the body that the immune system now has to work overtime in trying to combat.  Now the immune system is focusing on the problem that you introduced, thus stressing the immune system.  Whenever the immune system is compromised, your rabbit is vulnerable to other invading organisms.  Additionally, yearly vaccinations force the immune system to continually be on the defense stressing the immune system causing auto-immune dysfunctions and stressing the entire body.   If this isn't bad enough, the by products of the vaccinations lodge in the filtering systems of the body such as the liver or kidneys or lungs causing health complications with these vital organs as your rabbit ages.  

What if you have already vaccinated your rabbit and now you want to get those poisons out of your rabbit's system?  Can it be done?  Yes, indeed.  CLICK HERE to learn how to clean your rabbit's interior body.

Poisonings (chemicals)  for parasite control--We never ever place a toxic chemical on or in our rabbits to get rid of fleas, tape worm, fur mites, ticks, worms, hookworm or any other type of parasites nor would we ever recommend it.  We use centuries proven natural means of getting rid of parasites.  These toxic chemicals that are so widely used today are lethal to our pets.  In order for these toxic chemicals to work, you have to almost kill your beloved friend to get rid of a parasite.  

We think this is barbaric, dangerous and inhumane perpetrated upon the unknowing American public as to "be in the best health interest of their rabbits" .  These poisonous chemicals lodge in the tissues of the body causing hair loss, epileptic seizures, liver damage, kidney failure, heart failure, asthma, disorientation, shortened life span and on and on.  If toxic chemicals were the only choice in eliminating parasites from a rabbit's body, that may be a different matter.  But it's not.  Organic farmers have been using natural means to get rid of parasites in and around their animals for over seventy-five years.  We use and recommend the same proven natural approach.  CLICK HERE for a more detailed discussion about eliminating parasites without using poisons.  


Quarterly or semi-annual interior cleanup (de-toxing)--because of our extremely chemically polluted environment both in the home and outdoors, rabbits are prone to a diagnosis of allergy conditions as their symptoms appear to be allergic in nature.  From our vast experiences allergies are not the culprits, toxins are.  Past experiences has led us to believe that cleaning a rabbit's blood, liver, kidneys and other tissues of the body of toxic substances with natural means from Mother Nature two to four times a year (depending upon your home's location) has tremendous beneficial results in a rabbit's health.  For more on this detailed discussion, please CLICK HERE.


Your best little friend is completely dependent upon you for everything.  His/her whole life is you.  From the time you both get up in the morning until the time you both go to bed, your beloved rabbit is there for you.  Isn't it time you gave back the love and devotion your rabbit gives you.  You will be amazed at the little amount of time it takes you to get really good healthy eating habits established for both of you.   Begin your commitment of cooking fresh wholesome food for your little friend.  Add in:

  • Good Bacteria three days a week

  • Trace Minerals on a daily basis

  • Natural Vitamins three or four days a week

  • Build that immune system

  • Develop a strong body

  • Eliminate inexplicable illnesses and Vet bills

  • De-tox your bunny regularly

To learn more details, CLICK HERE.

If you are fed up with giving chemicals to your rabbit and watching horrendous side effects as a result, because your professional caregiver "doesn't know anything else", then CLICK HERE  to order or call us to order or have a FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION at (712) 644-3535.  Call us during normal business hours from 8:30 to 5:00 Central Time in Logan, Iowa.  Your rabbit's length and quality of life may very well depend upon this phone call.


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Stop your rabbit's suffering now, let us help you help your best friend, call now or CLICK HERE  Your rabbit depends on you.  Show him/her you can be trusted to take good care of him/her.  Both of you will be happy you did.

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Click to go to our Frequently Asked Questions Page if you have detailed questions about how to administer herbs, dosage, storage, etc.

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