Heart Problems

Dear Fellow Rabbit Lover,

Have you just been told by your Vet that your rabbit has a serious heart condition even heart failure and may not last much longer, just keep him/her comfortable?  Can this be possible?  Can rabbits really experience heart problems just like people do?  Your rabbit has a murmur?  Or even your rabbit has had a heart attack and is not long for this world.

You are searching the internet for answers and you are bound and determined that you are not giving up on your little beloved companion.  Relax, you have just found the right site to help you help your best friend.

Yes, it is true that a rabbit can have heart problems just like people do.  No, this is definitely not a death sentence.  If you have acted in time, it may be merely a warning to get your rabbit's veins and arteries cleaned of plague and debris in order to give your rabbit a new lease on life.  Yes, you can build the heart.  It is a muscle isn't it?!  

What can you do?  First examine your rabbit's diet.  Is it eating lots of fats or other foods containing fat?  Peanuts, potato chips, pasta, corn, corn chips and other fat containing foods add a lot of fat to the rabbit's exterior body and internal body that the naked eye cannot discern.  This fat will accumulate in your rabbits arteries forming plague that restricts blood flow and possibly causing heart attacks.  Yes, rabbits have heart attacks too!  

If this is the case, obviously a change in your rabbit's diet is absolutely essential.  Your rabbit needs fresh greens, vegetables, fruits, sprouts.  At this point dry commercial rabbit food may not be the best for your rabbit.  Fresh, fresh, fresh, organic greens and vegetables are what your rabbit needs.  Not processed foods if at all possible, just fresh foods along with chemical free spring or filtered water.  

You need to get busy cooking for your rabbit just like you would for a sick child.  As the Greek philosophers once said, "let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food".  In periods of a health crisis, this is especially important.  There is NOT SUBSTITUTE for fresh wholesome food.  A combination of some raw and some home cooked food is really an excellent combination to help bring a rabbit back to health. 

What can we at the Rabbit Medicine Chest™ do to help your rabbit?  Mother Nature has provided a whole host of natural remedies that have been shown to help clear the arteries and veins of plague and debris that has built up over the years.  In addition, Mother Nature has also provided a great number of herbs and enzymes that have been shown to help bring an ailing  heart back to health.  No, these are not new remedies.  In fact these natural heart remedies have been used in Europe and other countries for the past two centuries and longer. 

In Europe and in some isolated locations in the USA, there is a medical remedy for dissolving and removing plague from the arteries and veins, thus sometimes even precluding open heart surgery and angioplastia.  This is known as "Chelation Therapy".  Chelation Therapy consists of specially formulated natural substances that are known to dissolve fats, plague and calcium deposits.  Usually this process is accomplished by a person being given these minerals and other natural products in an intravenous manner.  Normally in about sixty days to six months of this therapy, a person has much cleaner veins and arteries and is usually on the mend. 

Now, of course, we do not deal with human beings as far as our remedies are concerned. However, the principles are basically the same.  There are "roto-rooter" minerals for animals just like there are for people and this is where we can help your little rabbit clean up its circulatory system.  

Many years ago, our Doctors formulated specifically for rabbits, a heart, vein, and artery cleansing remedy (chelation therapy).   This remedy has been shown to help all types of circulatory problems by dissolving plague and buildup in the veins, arteries, and capillaries thus allowing the rabbits blood to reach the smaller cells throughout its body.  As you know, clean (non-toxic), freely circulating blood containing wholesome nutrition will nourish all the tissues of the body including the heart.  This, of course, enhances your rabbit's overall physical and mental health, well being, vitality and longevity.

As the blood begins to more freely circulate to areas of the body that have been nutritionally neglected, it is important to begin to nutritionally revitalize these long deprived tissues.  Not only does your rabbit require fresh, free- of- toxic substances food, but supplementing natural minerals and vitamins and herbs has been known to be a great asset in a rabbit's recovery.  

We recommend at the same time while you are cleaning the circulatory system of plague and debris, that you re-nourish the heart with specifically formulated herbs and enzymes that Mother Nature has provided specifically for the heart These herbs would be used in addition to trace minerals and natural vitamins and minerals and have been known to support an ailing heart.   

If you have an older rabbit or the rabbit you may have rescued has been fed such a poor diet that its heart is not functionally properly and its circulation is poor, then let Mother Nature help your beloved  friend.  A combination of your culinary skills and diligence along with some specific natural remedies that Mother Nature has provided for heart ailments can bring your rabbit back to robust health and vitality.  CLICK HERE  for more detailed information.  

When you, the caregiver, are diligent and dedicated to restoring your rabbit's health by providing the freshest cleanest possible foods and with the aid of Mother Nature's remedies, then you are very likely to be able to see positive signs of your rabbit's improvement within two to three weeks.  It usually takes six months to a year to fully restore a rabbit's circulatory system to the way it was as a relatively young rabbit.  After all these years, it is still a thrill for us to see how well herbs and natural minerals and vitamins will bring a little rabbit back to health.  If your rabbit has been diagnosed with a bad heart or with poor circulation and "there is little you can do, it is just old age", you most definitely have an alternative.  Old age does not automatically mean sickness  CLICK HERE to read more about your rabbit's alternative remedies.

Once your rabbit is pretty much restored to health, is it necessary to keep on with the "heart herbs".  It certainly wouldn't hurt especially for an older rabbit.  Having a strong heart pumping clean nourishing blood to all cells within the body will certainly help reduce or even eliminate chronic health conditions of all kinds.  For a more detailed discussion about clean toxic-free blood, CLICK HERE.

If you are ready to begin your sickly rabbit's journey back to robust health and vitality, then  to order CLICK HERE or call us to order or have a FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION at (712) 644-3535.  Call us during normal business hours from 8:30 to 5:00 Central Time in Logan, Iowa.  Your rabbit's life may very well depend upon this phone call.


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Stop your devoted older rabbit's suffering now, let us help you help your beloved friend, call now or CLICK HERE NOW.   Your rabbit depends on you.  Show him/her you can be trusted to take good care of him/her.  Unconditional devotion, love and trust is not a one way street   Both you and your devoted rabbit will be happy you took the time to study and call.

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