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Dear Fellow Rabbit Lover,

Has your rabbit been diagnosed with snuffles?  Is this your best show rabbit?  Is your rabbit's nose running?  Is it coughing?  Have you tried antibiotic after antibiotic and your rabbit is still sick?   Have you been told that your rabbit is "going to have to live with this problem.  Just keep it comfortable"?   Or worse yet, has your Vet told you that you need to "put your rabbit down" or it will infect all your other rabbits?    

If this sounds all too familiar to you, then, relax,  you have come to the right place on the internet for help with your little friend.  We don't think you have to kill your rabbit to kill a virus.  Why not just kill the virus and get your rabbit back to health?  Doesn't this sound more reasonable to normal  human beings?  The mere thought of killing a helpless little rabbit just because it has a virus (be it a cold virus or be it pasturella virus) is absolutely repulsive to us at the Rabbit Medicine Chest™.   This type of barbaric inhumane behavior towards God's little harmless creatures is uncalled for.   From the beginning of time, Mother Nature has provided plants and minerals for animals to heal themselves.  Why in the twentieth century when "man has become well educated" do we kill an animal to kill a virus?   As far as we are concerned, this is lunacy, the epitome of arrogance and ignorance and incompetent science.

What your rabbit needs is some help in overcoming a common virus.  All you need is to have someone to help you help your little rabbit without causing terrible stress for your rabbit and yourself, without causing any pain for your rabbit and without causing you to spend a lot of money in the process. 

Mother Nature has provided all the necessary ingredients to bring an animal back to health.  It has been up to man to learn which plant or which weed or which herb can help an animal  and how much of any particular ingredient is required in assisting a rabbit to kick a virus, a cold, a bacterial infection, a toxic substance and so on.  That is where the Rabbit Medicine Chest™ comes in.  Our professionals have over one hundred eighty years of combined experience in learning which plant or herb from Mother Nature's garden works best for a whole variety of rabbit health issues.  

Usually when one emails us or calls us they have been to their local veterinarian which of course we recommend.   Getting a good solid professional diagnosis from a veterinarian is an important place to start in dealing with any animal health issue.  Once you have a clear diagnosis, then providing your ailing rabbit with herbs, microbials, and nutritional support rather than toxic drugs, can be an extremely successful approach in dealing with Snuffles as well as other rabbit health problems.

When a rabbit has been diagnosed with snuffles, most people use antibiotics to try to solve this problem.  For a short period of time the snuffles may abate, but within two or three weeks here comes the condition all over again and usually with more of a vengeance than ever.  At this point is when most people agree with their conventional vet---put the rabbit down before it infects the rest of your herd.   What your vet fails to tell you is that antibiotics cannot help a viral problem.  Antibiotics help bacterial problems, but they cannot help viral problems.  In fact, antibiotics will make a viral condition even worse because they suppress the immune system at a time when your rabbit is in critical need of a strong immune system.  Additionally antibiotics kill off all the essential bacteria that an animal needs to digest its food.  Thus, antibiotics hinder your rabbits nutritional uptake just when it needs to eat to help its little body recover from its critical health condition.  

Snuffles can affect your rabbit at most any time of the year.  Most of the time, however, snuffles seems to appear at the changing of the seasons.  Spring to summer and fall to winter are the most prevalent times.  This is normally because of warm to hot days and cool to cold nights when the body hasn't fully adjusted to the climate changes.  Other causes maybe that your rabbit may have undergone some stressful situations, like showing too frequently which of course involves lots of travel.  Travel and unfamiliar surroundings are extremely stressful for our little friends just as they are to us people.  Crowded conditions in the rabbitry are another source of stress to a rabbit.   

In fact, if you think about it, most of the time your rabbit may experience snuffles, it has been after or during a very stressful event of some sort.  This is why your "best rabbit" is the one that suffers from snuffles the most.  He or she has been on the road to various shows, been exposed to other rabbits from other hutches,  has to get up early to get to the shows, its normal schedule of eating and sleeping is thrown off kilter and then we wonder why this one is the one that gets sick.  How come some of your others back at the barn don't get sick?  Stressful situations is the reason why.  How many times have you come back from a show with a cold or not feeling very good?  Or if you have traveled to unfamiliar locations, stayed in unfamiliar and close quarters with other people, did it ever affect your health?   Think about it, it's really pretty simple!!   Stressful conditions wear the immune system down and health problems result in animals and humans.


So what can you do?  To begin with, you need to try to prevent snuffles and other viral conditions from developing in the first place if at all possible.  You need to build your little rabbit's immune system so that the immune system has the ability to jump to your rabbit's defense in the event a virus or bacteria invades your rabbit.  You can do this in a couple of different ways.  

First, provide the best pesticide free, chemical free wholesome fresh nutrition you possibly can.  The fundamental key to robust health and vitality is excellent wholesome nutrition.  Good quality pellets along with top quality alfalfa and timothy hay and a variety of fresh vegetables to keep your rabbit interested are what most rabbit lovers provide.   Excellent nutrition which is fully absorbable by the rabbit's body are extremely important to building and sustaining a strong immune system.  

Second, you need to keep chemicals and toxic substances of all kinds away from your rabbits.  Your rabbits need to drink water that is free of chemicals such as chlorine or fluoride as these chemicals have known side effects.  Chlorine is a poison that is used to kill rats and mice.  Fluoride is known to cause serious bone deficiencies. 

Third, if you know your rabbit is undergoing frequent stress, then you might consider adding some herbs in its food or water that have been shown to aid in reducing stress in a rabbit's mind such as Calm Supplement™ which is made from flower remedies specifically for rabbits.   

Fourth, to quickly aid the immune system before and during times of stress, our professional's developed Systemajuv™ which contains a variety of herbs such as echinacea and golden seal among others which over the years have been shown to boost the immune system.    

Fifth, in addition to adding herbs to help with stressful conditions, it is very important to keep a rabbit's body bacteria balanced correctly in order to facilitate absorption of its nutrients.  The correct bacteria balance will help your rabbit to fight off viral as well as bacterial problems. 


You missed the boat on the prevention part and your rabbit now has a full blown case of snuffles and you are really concerned.   Here is what we recommend to quickly bring your little rabbit back to health:

First, you need to get our "remedy of choice" Systemajuv™ and squirt five to seven drops directly into your rabbit's mouth five to ten times a day for several days.  In addition you need to put ten to twenty drops in its daily water for two to three weeks. 

Many years ago our doctors formulated this herbal remedy called Systemajuv™ because it has been shown to rejuvenate the entire systems of the body. The herbal synergies of Echinacea, golden seal, poke root and others in this wonderful tincture have been shown to rejuvenate the body time after time, condition after condition.   Experience has shown these herbal energies to help with viral conditions, pneumonia, bacterial conditions, mild toxic conditions and to quickly aid in boosting the immune system.   We use Systemajuv™ for infections, colds, pneumonia, flu, viruses, bacteria problems, all kinds of health problems of all sorts.  

We use and recommend this wonderful herbal remedy to promote healing with almost every condition the body may experience. Years and years of successful experiences in using Systemajuv™ with colds, serious viral conditions of all sorts including snuffles, pneumonia, toxic conditions, bacterial infections and on and on have resulted in us using Systemajuv™ as our "remedy of choice".   After our customers have used Systemajuv™ a time or two for their rabbit's health problem and see the quick results with their own eyes, they too reach only for our herbal remedy--Systemajuv™.   They rarely ever touch antibiotics again.  

All of us know that pharmaceutical companies use rabbits to test all kinds of drugs on don't we.  Why is that?  The reason is, is because rabbits bodies tend to respond very quickly to whatever material is introduced to their body, be it vaccinations, toxic drugs, you name it.  

What is surprising to most everyone except us is how quickly and how well a rabbit's body will respond to Mother Nature's healing herbs.  We have seen time after time that if a person is diligent in giving their rabbit specific herbal remedies, a rabbit can very quickly return to robust health and vitality.  Over the years, our professional herbalists and doctors have tried a great many varieties of herbs that have been known to boost the immune system, solve viral problems, aid in removing toxins from tissues of the body and a whole host of other physical ailments.  Systemajuv™ is the culmination of years and years of research and development that has been shown to really help with serious snuffles and other healthl conditions.

Second, if you have a serious ongoing snuffles/viral case, you also need to include Virastem™ in your quest of returning your rabbit to health.  Virastem™ is a natural formulation from Mother Nature's bounty that has been specifically formulated for aiding serious viral conditions in rabbits.   Usually Systemajuv™ is all one will need, but if you really have a serious virus problem, then you most definitely want to squirt five to seven drops of Virastem™ directly in your rabbit's mouth three to five times daily in addition to putting ten drops in its daily water for two weeks.   

Do you use Systemajuv™ and Virastem™ at the same time?  Yes, you will want to use both Systemajuv™ and Virastem™ together in the same water at the same time for serious unforgiving, ongoing, difficult snuffles cases.  When you stop with Virastem™, you will want to continue to use Systemajuv™ to make certain your rabbit is on the road back to health.   If it should happen to go backward after three of four days, then add in Virastem™ again for another two week cycle.  Normally, this is all the time that will be required to drive a virus out of your rabbit's body.  Herbs really are truly amazing in what they will do for rabbits.

Third, in order to facilitate greater absorption of the remedies Systemajuv™ and Virastem™, you need to add ProBac Adult™ or ProBac Bunny™ (depending upon your rabbit's age) to your rabbit's daily food and/or water.  Most of the time, rabbits seem to go off their feed when they aren't feeling well.  ProBac will help stimulate their appetite and keep them eating so they can keep up their strength in fighting off this illness.   The 20 Billion colony forming units of good bacteria in the ProBac will help keep the body properly balanced to keep other bacterial problems at bay.  These four benefits from the ProBac are critical in quickly turning around a rabbit and getting it back on its feet again.  

Like most small animals who are "at the bottom of the food chain" rabbits don't show they are sick until they are pretty darn sick.  In order to survive in the wild, rabbits have had to become "masters of camouflage".  They can't be seen as sick or weak or the fox, wolf, badgers and other animals will attack it.  Years of instinctive hiding prevents you from seeing your rabbit is ill almost until it is too late.  

You don't have time to fool around.  Get your rabbit back to health quickly and without great expense.  Learn more details,  CLICK HERE.    

Until the past ten years or so, almost everyone waited until they had spent thousands and thousands of dollars on their rabbits health problems. They waited until their vets exhausted all their expertise and had given up on their beloved little companions before they would call us.  At last, people realize they need to take charge of their little precious furry family member’s health and welfare just as they do for themselves and their children.  Now you can!  The Rabbit Medicine Chest™ is here to help you and your rabbits  CLICK HERE TO GET GOING.  Your rabbit's health and well being is in your hands.  You can solve this problem.

If you are fed up with fighting an ongoing battle with snuffles problems?   Fed up with spending lots of money and time trying to get your rabbit healthy?   Now is the time your rabbit can have a fighting chance.  Mother Nature provided all that your rabbit needs to rebuild its health.  Our doctors did the research, now at long last, you can take care of your rabbit the way Mother Nature provided.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER.


If you prefer, call us during normal business hours 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time in Logan, Iowa for a Free Private Consultation at (712) 644-3535.  


FREE if you act today.  Within the next few days, you will receive a Free Bonus Subscription of our Rabbit Medicine Chest - "Natural Notes and Antidotes" our Customers Only benefit.  Learn the inside secrets of herbal remedies for your rabbits every health need.  Discover the true difference in natural health products and why they work so well.  This is a $39.95 value which you receive free with your very first order.  Four of the most recent back issues will be included with your order until supplies run out.  You will automatically be added to our "Customers Only"  Natural Notes and Antidotes newsletter sent via regular U. S. Postal Service.

  • Learn the inside secrets about the different herbs for various rabbit health problems.  
  • Discover tips from us and other rabbit lovers about how to raise happy healthy babies.  
  • Understand the importance of good wholesome nutrition for your rabbit and where to get that good nutrition.  
  • Learn how to stop bacterial infections before they even start and much much more.

Stop your rabbit's suffering and learn about herbs for rabbits at the same time.   Let us help you help your little friend.   Call immediately or CLICK HERE NOW.  Your rabbit's health depends upon you.  Show him/her you can be trusted to take good care of him/her.  Both of you will be happy you did.

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Click to go to our Frequently Asked Questions Page if you have detailed questions about how to administer herbs, dosage, storage, etc.



I use Systemajuv and Pro Bac Adult for clearing up snuffles and diarrhea in five or less days. This stuff really works. I really love that ProBac because it makes my rabbits reach full-grown two weeks faster than before. They really are thriving.
Charles L., Woodsboro, Maryland

We took an older Holland Lop doe to our County Fair.  She loves attention but after 5 days of being poked at and teased through the cage wire, she was worn out.  When we took her home, I was afraid it had just been too much for her.  I didn't know if she would last long, she was very lethargic and just wasn't herself.  Started her on Systemajuv immediately (we had never used it before, had ordered it "just in case we would ever need it") and I could tell a big difference by the next day.  By the third day she was back to her old self, coming to the front of the cage and expecting her nose to be rubbed each time you walked past!  Needless to say, we keep Systemajuv on a shelf by the food and put some in the water at the first sign of anything unusual. Thanks,   Mary Jane B. Greensburg, IN

Thank you for all your help with Tuffy.  I know that your product kept Tuffy alive.  Without your products, I believe the little guy wouldn't have made it this far.    I am a RN with a Masters Degree from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  I worked at Brigham and Women's Hospital and various other hospitals throughout my career.  My rabbit, Tuffy, was treated with antibiotics by the Vet for Snuffles.  Tuffy, was not improving and we had to go on another 14 day course of antibiotics.  My rabbit had been on antibiotics for a month with a running eye that wasn't improving.  Thank God I discovered the Rabbit Medicine Chest just in time to save Tuffy's life.  You told me to put my rabbit on Systemajuv and ProBac.  I would administer the products by using a teaspoon of yogurt, mixing the products and drawing them up in a syringe for Tuffy.  I did this faithfully.  Tuffy improved within a week.  Today the little guy plays with his twin sister, Fluffy, and they are both well.  I believe increasing the immune system, rather than suppressing it through the use of antibiotics is the method of my choice.  I still give Tuffy the products three times a month just to make sure his little system has the right stuff in it.                                 Maria K-D, MSN, RN, CENTERVILLE, MA.    [PS.  You can see Tuffy and Fluffy in our Picture Gallery] 

Lily and Indy the Minilop wrote " I just wanted to write and say 'Thank You' for your natural remedies for bunnies. I have a 4 1/2 yr old Mini Lop (Indy) who was suffering from Snuffles/Diarrhea off/on for the past 4 months. After countless trips to the vet, I went surfing on the net and discovered your web site. After reading your information about natural herbal remedies for bunnies, I decided to give it a try. I fed my bunny the remedies of Pro Bac for adult rabbits, Systemajuv, and Virastem as directed on the site and Indy was back to his normal happy self within 2 days. I'm still giving him his daily dose for preventative care, but I now can say I'm a firm believer in natural remedies for bunnies. Keep up the great work."

Since we started using ProBac Bunny and ProBac Adult, we have had a decrease in the problem with snuffles.  We would lose several rabbits each year due to snuffles, but the past year we only lost two.  We have also noticed that our Californians kits grow faster and have nicer fur at fryer weight.  They also are reaching top senior weight by the time they are six months old.  They also see to be staying in prime condition longer.  Thank you for your great products, they really seem to help.  Thank you.  Dan F., Caledonia, Ohio.

Stop these snuffles once and for all!  Get the remedies that have proven themselves time and time again.  CLICK HERE NOW  

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