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Dear Fellow Rabbit Lover,

You have just reached the most important site on the internet for promoting the health and well being of your beloved rabbit companion.  Undoubtedly you have been searching the internet for a solution to your rabbit's health problem--tumors. 

Does your rabbit have tumors?  Does it have cysts?  Does your rabbit have odd looking little growths in various parts of its body?   Has your beloved friend been diagnosed with a death sentence?  Are you scared to death and sick to your stomach that your little pal is beckoning at death's door?  Does your little friend look at you with those eyes as though he/she is saying "Can't you help me somehow?  Can't you do something about this tumor?   Can't you do something without having me cut open?.  Can't you do something without bombarding me with drugs and chemicals?   Can't you just do something that Mother Nature has provided since the beginning of time?"  

Well, now you can.  You can actually do something to help return your rabbit companion to health.  You are now taking a pro-active approach by searching the internet and finding serious help for your cherished furry companion and we are thrilled you found us.  The Rabbit Medicine Chest™ professional's have been bringing rabbits back to health for over forty-five years with the exclusive use of Mother Nature's herbs.  All total, our people have over 180 years of experience dealing with all kinds of rabbit health conditions.   Our philosophy here is to diagnose your rabbit using conventional veterinarian procedures (blood tests, urine tests, scans, x-rays, etc.) and learn what is going on with your rabbit's body.  When it comes to treatment, however, we believe in using the herbs that Mother Nature has provided rather than administering toxic drugs with their horrible side effects. 

Why do Tumors Happen??

Tumors are a manifestation that something serious is wrong in the rabbit's body.   Lots of rabbits have fatty tumors.  Other rabbits have "regular tumors".  Others have malignant tumors.   What is the reason for this to happen?  Is it because my rabbit is eating too much?  Is it eating the wrong kind of food?  Is it not eating enough?  Almost everybody feels guilty as though it is something they are doing wrong that is causing these tumors to develop.  No, it is not something that you are entirely responsible for.  Our entire environment is loaded with toxic substances and just being alive--breathing, eating and drinking--in today's world means your rabbit has absorbed more toxic substances than its little body can handle.  Thus tumors and other maladies develop in our rabbits as their bodies' try to push the foreign matter out.    

Tumors do have a root cause just like every other ailment known to man and animal has a root cause.   From our professionals' vast experience, growths in and/or on the body are a clear indication that some pathogenic substances have found a weakness in certain tissues of the body.  As these substances grow or mutate this weakness permits a growth to occur and expand until it is visible to the naked eye.  Normally this is when the average person notices a tumor.  It has started internally and now is pushing out through various organs of the body.  Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, it reflects the vast majority of tumors as the body is desperately trying to push this foreign matter out of the body.   At last we see what is going on.  Now we become alarmed and off to the local Vet we go. 

As most of us know, conventional veterinarian practice dictates cutting this tumor out and/or off.  This may or may not get all of the tumor.  For certain, cutting the tumor out or off the organs to which it was attached does NOT get to what actually caused the tumor in the first place.  In fact, it isn't long before another tumor grows close to that same spot.   Additionally, when a tumor is cut out, the skin is cut, muscles and other tissues are cut, anesthesia will have to be used of course, antibiotics are normally used and continued use is recommended.  If the tumor is malignant, then chemotherapy or radiation is recommended.  All in all these measures are quite difficult, painful, expensive and extremely stressful for a little animal to endure.  Your rabbit does not have to suffer through these barbaric procedures.  Your rabbit can be returned to health.  

What is Rabbit Medicine Chest™'s Approach? 

In sharp contrast to this allopathic procedure, the Rabbit Medicine Chest's approach to treating tumors is vastly different.  We at the Rabbit Medicine Chest™ work exclusively with a natural approach using herbs that have been used and proven for hundreds of years to:    

  • get rid of that tumor using only Mother Nature's remedies 
  • clean the body of toxic matter that may be the root cause of the tumor 
  • re-boost the immune system so that the immune system is strong and can aid the body in returning to full robust health 
  • re-balance the essential bacterial balance in the body
  • re-nourish the body with nutritional support  

In order to restore your rabbit to robust health and vitality, we recommend you administer herbs that history has shown to aid the body in reducing both fatty tumors and "regular" tumors.  Tumor Supplement F™ was formulated for fatty tumors and Tumor Supplement A™ was formulated for other types of tumors that develop specifically in the rabbit body.   What you would do would be to squirt ten drops of each remedy in your rabbit's mouth 3-5 times a day until the tumor is completely gone.  When you think it is gone, then you squirt for another two to three more weeks to make sure the root of the tumor is gone internally as well.  Verifying your observations with your local Vet is recommended at this juncture.

About Tumors and Cysts:   Dorothy P. from Meriden, Ct. sent us the following about her rabbit this past winter:  "I know I should have given you an update on our rabbit along time ago, but we have a rabbit about 6-7 years old.  He is a lop ear, brindle color over the last couple of years we had him operated on several times for what seemed to be hard cysts.   He had developed another one and you had recommended us to try several remedies on him (Tumor Supplement A, Tumor Supplement F, ProBac Adult and Systemajuv).  

I must say that the cyst dried up and eventually formed a small scab and fell off, to date he is doing well.  He normally is an outside rabbit, but this winter we have decided to keep in the cellar, as we have been having much colder weather and snow this year than the last couple of years, so we just thought it would be safer for him, especially because he is older and also to keep a better eye on him.
Thanks for the help and I am continuing to give him the remedies about once or twice a week."

What can you do for a malignant tumor?

What if your rabbit has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor?  What can you do for your beloved little companion now?  As odd as it might sound to you now, a cancerous tumor is NOT a death sentence in our eyes.  Over the many years we have dealt with hundreds, perhaps thousands of cancerous tumors with our product called Sarcoma Supplement™.   

Sarcoma Supplement™ has an interesting history.  This herbal remedy comes from an old North American Indian recipe using herbs that are indigenous to our country.  All are "weeds" that have been shown to rid the body of cancer for well over l00 years.  Originally the North American Indians' "Medicine Man" discovered what weeds work and what weeds don't work in ridding the body of cancerous substances.  More modern herbalists have improved upon these herbal remedies over the past seventy-five years.  Most of these herbs are still found on American farms that do not have chemicals applied to the soil.  This liquid tincture is squirted directly into a rabbit's mouth three or more times daily right along with the other tumor remedies until the cancer is gone and then some just to make sure.   

Diligent application of Sarcoma Supplement™ along with Tumor Supplement A™ and Tumor Supplement F™ have shown excellent results in combating all kinds of tumors in all ages and breeds of rabbits.  The best part of all is you can get relief and health for your rabbit and you don't need to be cutting his/her body.  You don't have to cause any kind of physical discomfort or harm.  You build the immune system, not suppress it which promotes better health in and of itself.   

Now, get to the Cause of that Tumor!!         

Meanwhile and at the same time (depends upon the rabbit's age), we recommend that you clean your rabbit's filtering systems (liver, kidneys and lungs), blood and all other body tissues of pathogenic toxic substances.  

For this essential step, you would use Hemotox™ to clear out the chemicals in its body and Metaltox™ to clear out heavy metals which are the foundation of almost all toxic substances.  This procedure is equally safe, gentle and easy to do.  You merely squirt seven to ten drops in your rabbit's mouth three to four times daily for two weeks in two week cycles resting your rabbit for three to five days between cycles.  This normally takes three to six cycles depending upon the rabbit's age.  The older the rabbit, the longer it takes because the more toxins are embedded within its systems.  A good rule of thumb is two weeks for every year of your rabbit's age is necessary to thoroughly clean its body of all toxic substances.   In other words, if your rabbit is eight years old, it will usually take eight two-week cycles of cleaning the blood before your rabbit is thoroughly cleared of toxic substances in its body.

Nutritional Support in this time of serious need is crucial.

While you are treating for tumors and cleaning your rabbit's body, it is also recommended to be nutritionally supporting your rabbit.  For months and possibly years, the blood has been circulating contaminants throughout the body, NOT good clean wholesome nutrients which are so essential for good health.  These contaminants will have lodged in the joints of the body causing arthritis and/or joint dissolution along with a huge variety of other ailments like diabetes, cushings disease, addison's disease, auto immune disfunction and on and on.  In order to bring your rabbit back to health so that it can live a normal life span without pain and illness, you will need to add natural trace minerals, vitamins and minerals as well as balance the flora in its entire body.

During the development of a tumor, be it malignant or not, your rabbit has been circulating not only contaminated blood, but also blood that is lacking in nutrients.  For this reason, you need to nutritionally supplement your rabbit with natural minerals (most essential) and vitamins.   To assist in vitally needed nutritional support, we recommend you give your rabbit ProBac Adult™ which will do double duty--balance the bacteria in the body which then promotes: 

1.  a greater absorption of nutrients and 

2.  more absorption of the remedies your rabbit is taking.    

Concentrated Trace Minerals are absolutely necessary to rebuild and maintain any rabbit's body regardless of age or breed.   In fact, without trace minerals present in the body, vitamins are NOT readily absorbed by the body.  With this in mind, you still need to supply your rabbit with an all natural vitamin supplement called Rabbit Vita Pak™.   

Why all natural?  Aren't all vitamins all natural?  No, most vitamins on the market are made from synthetics.  Synthetics are not absorbable by the body and are in fact a waste of money.  The body can only absorb natural vitamins such as those found in the Rabbit Vita Pak™ that are formulated specifically for the rabbit body.  

What about my rabbit's food? 

What do we do and recommend regarding your rabbit's food?   Cook for your rabbit or give raw food to your rabbit like your grandparents did for their rabbit.  Give your rabbit all the good wholesome vegetable table scraps you can give it.  Vegetables of all kinds including potatoes, oat meal, fruits, berries are excellent for a rabbit.  Literally anything and everything you eat, your beloved rabbit will eat.  If he won't eat it, you better re-think what you are eating yourself.  Fresh, wholesome, non-prepared raw food is the very best thing you can do for your rabbit regardless of what any one tells you.  

About a Cyst:  I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Your medicines really worked! It took about two weeks but then the cyst just kind of broke off and it is healing just fine and Bun Bun is doing great. Your herbs did not leave bad effects like antibiotics would.  I will never give them those again- I will always contact you first. Thank you and have a great holiday!!! Sincerely, Bev E., Webster, N.Y.

Get rid of that tumor, now!!

Spare your rabbit from pain and suffering and spare your wallet too!!.  Your rabbit looks to you for its comfort and reassurance that he/she will get well.  Your rabbit trusts you to take good care of it.  Now you finally have the knowledge to go forward and help your beloved little companion become well.  Take control of your best friends health and well being.  Take action now and get your trusted loyal companion on the road to health and vitality. CLICK HERE  to order your tumor remedies and put your rabbit's smile back on its face.

Choke off the tumors source of life blood.

We most definitely recommend you clean your rabbit's filtering systems while removing those tumors.  Get to the source of the problem.  Clean your rabbit's blood.  Your rabbit needs you to take a "pro-active" approach to its health and well being just like you or any thinking person would for yourself or your child.  This cleansing approach will give your rabbit the opportunity to enjoy its life to the fullest.   Your taking these simple, inexpensive, non-stressful, and proven steps towards your rabbit's health will increase its longevity and quality of life.   Bring your rabbit back to the playful pal he was not so long ago.  CLICK HERE to order the Metaltox™ and Hemotox™ to purge the body of toxins.

If you don't want to stand by and "watch your rabbit just die" without doing all you can,  without giving chemicals to your rabbit and watching horrendous side effects  because your professional caregiver "doesn't know anything else about getting rid of tumors", then  CLICK HERE to order or call us to order or have a FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION at (712) 644-3535.  Call us during normal business hours from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time.  Your rabbit's life may very well depend upon this phone call.


As an added bonus, as long as our limited supplies last, we will send you the back issues of our FREE NEWSLETTERS along with your order, so don't delay, call or email your order today.  In this $39.95 value which you receive for FREE, you will learn the secrets about the different herbs for various rabbit health problems.  Discover tips from other rabbit lovers about how to raise happy healthy bunnies.  Understand the importance of good wholesome nutrition for your rabbit and where to get that good nutrition.  Learn how to stop worms before they even start and much much more.

Stop your rabbit's suffering now, let us help you help your best friend, call now or  CLICK HERE NOW.  Your rabbit depends on you.  Show him/her you can be trusted to take good care of him/her.  Both of you will be happy you did.

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