Fertility Problems

Yes, fertility can be a problem even for rabbits.  Generally it is the rabbit with the best genetics in the hutch that seems to have the problem.   For the serious breeder, these two recommended products are just the ticket. 

Fertility Supplement - designed to induce and aid fertility in both the male and female rabbit or cavy Using known botanical vitamins and minerals of your rabbit’s natural diet, experience has shown this all-natural product to help fertility in both rabbits and cavies. In both the mother and the father, it aids mineral utilization, i.e. calcium, phosphorus, phosphate. An equally important side effect is the embryo bunnies and kits are stronger and healthier at birth. For best results use 45 to 60 days before, during and after breeding season along with the ProBac Adult™. A powder.

Large: $40.00 for 20 ounces
Small: $17.00 for 2.5 ounces
Kindling Supplement:  an all-natural, readily absorbable combination of herbs, minerals and amino acids that have been shown to help the mother rabbit with muscle impulses and contractions while delivering her kits resulting in less strain.  Aids in quickly healing any torn tissues during the birthing process. 

Also aids in colostrum and milk production which helps her kits get off to a running start.  Recommended to be given to the mother daily from before breeding to weaning of her kits.  

Also recommended to be used in conjunction with the ProBac Adult™, Fertility Supplement™ and Concentrated Trace Minerals. Add 1/8 teaspoon with water or food twice daily.         

Large   $25 for 20 ounces     Small  $15 for 2.5 ounces

PRO BAC ADULT™ - an immune system booster is a high potent microbial (probiotic) for the adult rabbit and cavy than enhances the natural bacterial activity in the digestive system which simultaneously boosts the immune system. ProBac Adult™ improves the enzyme system within the digestive tract with 20 billion colony forming units per gram of good bacteria, therefore improving the rabbit’s nutritive uptake thus improving your rabbit’s immune system. ProBac Adult™ is extremely helpful in balancing the flora in the gut to aid with diarrhea problems which are usually caused by an imbalance of flora in the gut. ProBac Adult™ is the keystone prevention product of the Rabbit Medicine Chest™ and is recommended to be used with all remedies for better results and quicker restoration of health.

ProBac Adult™ is a powdered substance that has been used successfully in the animal industry in Europe since 1874 and thus does not require refrigeration. Recommended dosage to be used 1/8 teaspoon per pint of water or soft food every day for thirty to sixty days in the food and/or water until your rabbits are back to health. Thereafter, 1/8 teaspoon per pint of water or in the soft food every other day will assist in keeping your rabbit in excellent health.

Large: $40.00 for 20 ounces


Small: $20.00 for 2.5 ounces

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