Fleas and Fur Mites

It is relatively easy to keep fleas and fur mites at bay without using any chemicals or drugs by using the same product we use to clear your rabbits of worms--Worm-Out™.  Sprinkle generously on the rabbits fur weekly or more often as you feel necessary.  For those who have the rabbits in their homes, sprinkle this also on the carpet and let it work into the carpet for a week or so, then vacuum up as normal.  This aids in keeping everyone happy. 

Worm-Out - is an all-natural, poison-free, chemical-free, millions of years old fossilized, food quality, powdered, safe, product for the temporary relief of internal and external parasites. When mixed in your rabbit’s soft food daily for three weeks, Worm-Out™ has shown to completely eliminate all traces of worms while enhancing your rabbit’s diet at the same time.

When sprinkled on your pet’s fur on a frequent basis, Worm-Out™ has been known to eliminate all fleas and fur mites from your little friend without danger of any chemicals on its skin. It is a stress-free wonderful product and is an excellent source of trace minerals, thus enhancing the diet at the same time as getting rid of fleas and worms.

Worm-Out™ wholesales for 

Large: $30.00 for 48 ounces
Small: $10.00 for 2.5 ounces
Medium:  $20 for 20 ounces

Parastem™ is a natural remedy developed to rid the body of all types of parasites draining your pet's nutrition and energy.  These parasites include worms, giardia and protozoa.  This is an aid to Worm-Out™ in that it promotes the parasite releasing its grip on the rabbit's tissues.  Parastem™ is safe for all ages and all breeds of rabbits.  It is a liquid dispensed by included dropper.  Recommended to be used with the ProBac  Adult™ to aid in combating any stress that may result while ridding the body of parasites.

Large: $52.00 for 4 ounces
Small:  $18.00 for 1 ounce

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