Hair Ball Problems

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HAIR BALL SUPPLEMENT P - is a safe, all-natural, powdered, combination of herbs developed to assist the longer haired rabbit with hair ball problems. 

Experience has shown these herbs to assist the rabbit who has trouble moving its bowels due to too much hair in the digestive system with resulting constant problems of regurgitation or elimination problems due to lack of drinking enough water or because of age.  Hair Ball Supplement P is recommended as preventative.

These organic food quality herbs are best when added 1/8 teaspoon (more or less depending upon rabbit need and size) to the food morning and night.  Some of the herbs pull the food through the digestive system, while others help break down the hair.  Still other herbs lubricate the digestive system to make movement easier. 

This wonderful product of Mother Nature makes for a more problem-free, stress-free, happier long haired rabbit.

Hair Ball Supplement P wholesales for:

Large: $25.00 for 20 ounces
Small: $15.00 for 2.5 ounces

A natural remedy developed specifically to aid the rabbit who is already constipated with hairballs or other foreign objects.  

This liquid herbal remedy causes the intestinal walls to gently move and dislodge the compacted waste to facilitate a bowel movement safely in a short period of time.  This enables the rabbit to reduce straining thus preventing further complications such as a prolapsed anus or hemorrhoids and fissures.  This remedy is ideal for an elderly rabbit who is having difficulty moving its bowels.

Administered three to five drops directly in the rabbit's mouth with included eyedropper as often as necessary for immediate results. 

Once the obstruction is cleared, then one should sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon of Hair Ball Supplement L on top of the rabbit's food daily for two to three weeks, then once or twice weekly to keep obstructions from developing. 

Hair Ball Supplement L wholesales for:

Small: bottle  $18.00
Large:  bottle $52.00

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